Advanced Network Engineering by Bruce Hartpence

Feb 24, 2018
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Ready to push your networking knowledge beyond the configuration of small networks? This class is for anyone with a pretty good handle on networking basics who wants a deeper understanding of switching, routing, management and virtual networking.

The course concentrates on the concepts, equipment, and protocols used in the Layer 2 (data link), Layer 3 (network), and Layer 4 (transport) components of the OSI networking framework. Youll learn advanced techniques for managing and troubleshooting the infrastructure of wired and wireless networks; gain a greater understanding of the physics of wireless signals and the role of the FCC in regulating those signals; explore techniques for safeguarding your networks; and come away with hands-on skills through demonstrations and packet captures.

– Explore the Cisco Discovery, Link Layer Discovery, Spanning Tree, and Rapid Spanning Tree protocols
– Discover the critical role of VLANs and Trunks in communications architecture
– Learn to build network redundancy using link aggregation and the link aggregation protocol
– Learn about wireless controllers and access point control protocols
– Understand the SNMP, NAT, IPv4, IPv6, RIP, and OSPF protocols and management tools
– Learn to support remote users with VPNs and Generic Routing Encapsulation tunnels
– Review the use of subnetting, supernetting, and route aggregation in managing routing tables
– Connect telnet, ssh, http, and https network devices using techniques like Secure Shell
– Understand the use of TCP, UDP, and port scans in transport flow control
– Explore the use of virtualization and hypervisors in building networks

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