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Aug 3, 2018
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What is AFFILIATE RAID and how does it work? 
The Money is in the List…
And Here Is How You Get That List.

See, we all need to be building our lists, in order to profit online.

If we aren’t getting optins into our list, we can’t grow our profits. It’s simple math.
So, we sat back recently and discussed how traditional “free” optins usually offer a PDF report or something that most people skim at best, and at worst, never open up (including your email newsletters). Sure, they were “hot” when they grabbed it, but the value dropped away and the subscriber jumped onto something new. No perceived high-value was given.
This is Human Nature that if something is not of value, it’s left behind
… and, yes, it’s frustrating.
But In That Frustration Lies The Solution.
People stay interested if there is a perceived higher value.
Value = People Sticking Around, And Appreciating What You Have To Offer
Affiliate Raid allows you give away of solution-based highly-converting high-value lite versions of software (using our Affiliate Raid Backend Cloud-Based Software) for FREE… with a stealthy-and-legal tactic to get their email address.
Now Wait A Moment… How Is Giving Away Something Going To Build My List Every Day With Better Optins, You Ask?
Let Me Ask You A Question First: Have you ever downloaded software?
Statistics show that most people that download software, ones looks valuable to their online business or life, install it within 1 hour of less of downloading it. This shows a perceived higher value over sometimes boring reports, pdfs and manuals.
The SECRET SAUCE of Affiliate Raid

3 Steps + Unlocking Our List-Building “Give-aways” =

Build Your List on Auto-Pilot!


SALE PAGE | Price: $67

Affiliate Raid – Richard Fairbairn: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1.3 GB


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