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Sep 6, 2019
NLP, Hypnosis
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​Gym Launch Secrets is built for the gym owner aspiring to launch their business into the atmosphere.

This course could absolutely assist in solving your problems whether you’re trying to increase profits or just get more people exercisin’ in your gym.

Alex Hormozi “launched” this program a little while back in hopes of helping fell gym owners to blow up their businesses.

Once you’ve read a handful of the testimonials on Alex and his course, you’ll quickly find plenty of very satisfied gym owners sharing their results since going through his program.

He’s got a proven track record so if you do decide to launch yourself into the program, you can rest assured that the results will be there if you follow the process that many have before you.

What’s Alex Hormozi’s Background?

Not only does Alex develop courses, he’s also very experiences fitness person himself.

With his direction, Gym Launch has soared to beyond $50 million in sales in not even 2 years.

He’s incredible with sales too. He’s a high-ticket sales coach and he’s been effective in the space for years. 1,000.

That’s how many gym owners he’s helped over the years. Over that number actually.

Helping them to more than double their revenue prior to working with him.

He’s a big believer in the use of ClickFunnels as well as certain social media marketing concepts when it comes to exploding a gym’s popularity.

He does a ton of podcasting and running webinars on top of that.

Alex is an individual in high demand for those that are looking for help with marketing their business.

Like I said before, he has a lot of first hand experience when it comes to running a gym and what it takes on a daily basis.

He was in charge of six separate gyms in the southern part of California.

Gym Launch Secrets

If you’re a gym owner that’s been looking for something that can explode your business to heights never seen, look no further than Alex’s course.

You don’t actually have anything to do with getting more gym members yourself.

If you simply listen to what Alex says, you will see the results.

The following are a few key things you’ll get with the course but there are others:

  • Having Alex by your side to help grow your gym
  • Sales funnel designed specifically for your business
  • How to increase business in your gym while remaining as profitable as possible
  • Helps you know what your potential gym members are looking for from you

The fact that Alex has worked in the industry for so long and run multiple gyms at once makes him an ideal coach in my eyes.

He’s had many gym owners come through his program and he’s helped them find success. The results are out there and very attainable with his help.

He’s built a fantastic process. All you have to do is take his advice and apply it if you’d like to increase your sales.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better fit if that’s your goal making the cost of investment more than worth it.



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