Andre Chaperon’s $77K Affiliate Email Case Study

Aug 8, 2015
Marketing, Sale
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Between now and Friday August 21st, I want to give you an opportunity to purchase this case study to learn from it.

In it you’ll see how I achieved over a $100 EPC for part of the launch:

187 clicks … 40 sales … almost $20K in commissions (which was just a fraction of the total I earned).


If you want the PDF, purchase it here…

It’s $95. Which is just stupid low for what you get.

I’m pulling this when I get back from traveling, because I’ll be adding this asset to one of our backend funnels.

So I won’t be selling it on the front-end like this again. And certainly not at this price, either.

SALE PAGE | Price: $95

Andre Chaperon’s $77K Affiliate Email Case Study: Videos, PDFs | Size: 6.64 MB


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