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Jan 21, 2016
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Name Product: Andrew Dymski – Let’s GamePlan (Build a More Profitable Inbound Agency) COST: $2997 Size: 700 MB Sale page: http://blankrefer.com/?http://www.doinbound.com/lets-gameplan-training-course

A successful inbound marketing engagement begins with a detailed strategy. This strategy is called an Inbound Marketing GamePlan.

The Let’s GamePlan Course gives you the training, tools, and templates to sell, build, and deliver amazing Inbound Marketing GamePlans for your clients.

Inside the Let’s GamePlan course, you will be able to access over 40 lessons, video tutorials, and template downloads that will guide you through the process to build and deliver detailed Inbound Marketing GamePlans. Not only will this GamePlan help you deliver an amazing results for your client, it will also help you frame the way you deliver your services.

The Four Sections of an Inbound GamePlan

1) In-Depth Self-Assessment
The goal of this section is to unite the team with a focus on the customer. You dig into questions like:

–    What is the company’s current situation?
–    How many leads come through the website?
–    What percentage of leads are qualified?
–    What is the value of a lead?
–    What is the competition up to?

You can gather this information through the GamePlan On-Boarding Process. Then use the Inbound GamePlan Discovery meeting to better understand the metrics.

2) Detailed Buyer Personas
The goal of this section is to create a laser-like focus on the customer.

–    Who are your most profitable customers?
–    What similarities do they share?
–    What does a day in their shoes feel like?
–    What are their common questions?

Here you will build detailed buyer personas using a repeatable template. The key points of focus are the persona questions. These questions will serve as the backbone of the content strategy in steps 3 and 4.

3) Build the Engine
Here you want to illustrate the power of personalization and marketing automation. Tools like HubSpot are only as powerful as the content within them.

This is where you build your automation and nurturing strategy. You do this by digging into the Buyer’s Journey:
–    What questions are asked at the Awareness Stage?
–    What questions are asked at the Consideration Stage?
–    What questions are asked at the Decision Stage?
–    What questions are asked at the Customer Stage?
–    How will the automation system be set up?

An Inbound GamePlans establishes a system and process for this information.

4) Persona-Focused Inbound Campaigns
The last step focuses on attracting the right people. Make your client’s website a destination for target personas.

–    What resources will attract personas?
–    What Inbound Marketing Campaigns should be planned for the next 12 months?
–    What type of content resonates with our target personas?
–    What are the titles of several Awareness Stage eBooks?
–    What social media platforms will have the best ROI for our brand, based on our personas and campaigns?

Want to build one for your clients and your agency?

You have two options…

–    The first option is to blaze your own trail to the top of the mountain.
–    The second option is to follow the path blazed for you.

I’m excited to share with you more about the second path. That is the path that I wish existed when we started selling Inbound GamePlans!

“Let’s GamePlan!” Training Course Overview

The mission of “Let’s GamePlan!” is to empower you with a repeatable process. This course will teach you the skills and give you the confidence to offer Inbound GamePlans.

Detailed Video Lessons
The course includes 8 training modules with 45 video lessons.

Module 1: Positioning an Inbound GamePlan
Module 2: Pricing an Inbound GamePlan
Module 3: Closing an Inbound GamePlan
Module 4: Digging into Templates
Module 5: Helpful Tools When Building GamePlans
Module 6: Gathering Information to Build an Inbound GamePlan
Module 7: Building an Inbound GamePlan
Module 8: Presenting a Finalized Inbound GamePlan

Inside each of these modules is all the information you need. We’ve documented each phase of the process and shared it in this course.

We want to help you take action. You will have the process to sell, create, and deliver Inbound GamePlans in just two weeks.


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