Andrew Hansen – Forever Affiliate Video Course

Mar 9, 2013
Big Course
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Name Product: Andrew Hansen – Forever Affiliate Video Course Sale Page: Price: $97

Dear Friend,

Let’s just say it were possible… I mean, possible that RIGHT NOW…

– With a simple website (that you made with a handful of mouse clicks)…

– Some simple articles… (that someone else wrote for you)…

– And a few simple promotion techniques (that someone else did for you)…

You could have yourself a little income machine that produced, $300, $1000, or $3000 a month… every month. Coming straight to your bank account. No matter how long you spent “working” on it.

Then imagine you had the exact formula to replicate one of those income machines…

Imagine you had the blueprint for building as many of them as you wished, multiplying your passive income with each new one you had.

Would you scale your income up to $5000 a month? $10,000 a month? Even further?


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