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Mar 20, 2018
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I’ve been busy putting this course together with everything you need to succeed for the past 2 months and you’re going to love it.

The method I teach in this course is a really easy way for anyone to start earning $100-$200 per day in passive income online.

In the video below watch my complete EZ Passive Paydays review and make sure you click on one of the links below to get on the early-bird list for discounts & fast-action bonuses.

Pricing & Funnel

Main Course – ($12) is a 9-module video training course that teaches you how to make $100-$200 per day in passive income with a very simple method.

Upgrade 1 ($27) – My Outsourcer Rolodex – Quite possibly the most valuable asset in my business. After 4 years and spending thousands of dollars I have put together this ‘rolodex’ of the best of the best outsourcers online. Priceless.

Upgrade 2 ($37) – EZ Passive Paydays Done For You WordPress Theme – I’ve had a special theme developed for this money-making method that will make it fast & easy to get started + boost your profits.

Upgrade 3 ($97) – 100% Reseller/License Rights – You’ll get to sell EZ Passive Paydays as your very own course and keep 100% of the money. This is even more valuable than normal resell rights because it includes a custom WP Theme.

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Anthony Mancuso here and I’ve been a full-time internet marketer since 2014.

These days I make my living 100% from my laptop and truly enjoy the laptop-lifestyle.

I have the freedom to work where I want, and when I want.

I don’t wake up to an alarm.

I don’t have a boss. If I want to buy something, I just buy it.

I have no stress about money, and I’m excited to get up and meet the day every single day.

Life is good.

But, it wasn’t always like this.

When I first got started in internet marketing I made every mistake possible, bought every new course and got excited by every shiny-object out there. Nothing ever worked. …and most months I was spending more money that I was making from my online business.

And, The More I Bought These Worthless Training Courses The More Confused I Got… Before I knew it I had purchased so many courses I wasn’t sure which way was up.

After years of trying to make money, I felt worse off then where I started.

I hadn’t made a penny with anything I had tried, and I was pretty much ready to just give up.

I knew there were people out there that were having REAL success and making quit-your-job money online.

But I wasn’t one of them!!!

I Had Tried Just About Everything Out There, But I Just Couldn’t Make Anything Work…

Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing

and too many others to list…

Maybe You Can Also Relate to Some of These Struggles

Tirelessly trying to make money online and failing miserably every time
Getting bombarded with emails for “new” courses and methods (that don’t even actually work)
Spending money on courses and trainings and ‘hoping’ this will finally be the one that works for them
Constantly moving from one technique to the next without seeing any results…

And Then One Day,

Everything Changed.

Maybe It Was Luck.

Maybe It Was Fate.

But, I Finally Discovered The One Trick That Changed Everything…

Just before I was about to quit, it happened.

I finally stumbled onto something that worked dangerously well. (evil grin)

It was unique and had NOTHING to do with the various methods I’d tried before.

I showed my mentor what I was doing and he chuckled a little when he realized what I was doing.

“You’re onto something here, Anthony. You just need to make a couple of tweaks and I’m certain you’ll start making money,” my mentor told me.

And you know what? His ideas worked.

I went from spinning my wheels and wasting thousands of dollars to MAKING thousands of dollars per month.

I had always looked at others and how much success they were having and thought… “Gee, it must be nice.”

Now I was finally enjoying my own success and it felt wonderful!

Within 3 months I was able to quit my job and go full time.

Here’s why this method works so well…

NO technical skills needed

NO prior experience required

NO email list needed

NO paid traffic needed

It has NOTHING to do with any method you’ve ever tried before in your life….

Imagine How Your Life Will Change When You Wake To Passive Profits In Your Pocket Daily…

You’ll be able to work from the comfort of your home
You’ll have the freedom to travel the world
You’ll be able to do what you want, when you want
You won’t have to slave away at a J.O.B for the rest of your life
You’ll never have to has a BOSS ever again!

These Payments All Came In Passively From Just A Few Minutes Of Work Months Ago…

And The Money Just Keeps Coming…

Once You Get This Setup, The Money Doesn’t Stop

And If You Want To Make Even More Money, You Just Rinse And Repeat This Simple Method Over And Over.

Scale Up As Big As You Want!

Would A $5,000 Payment Like This Change Your Life?

(I Get Payments Like This ALL The Time With This Brand New Method, Never-Before-Seen, Passive Income Method)

Do You Want To Make Money Like This Too?

I’ve put together the ultimate, step-by-step training course that makes it easy for ANYONE to start making money with EZ Passive Paydays right away without spending any money on paid traffic.


Here’s What’s Included Inside EZ Passive Paydays.

Step-By-Step Video Training

Inside the step-by-step training, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use this simple method to make $XXX per day every single day. Nothing is left out, and you can start making money right away.

Inside EZ Passive Paydays, You’ll Discover…

How to get everything setup today in less than one hour, even if you have no technical skills or experience
Why this method is so much easier than everything you’ve seen before. Don’t worry, this isn’t another rehashed method focused on affiliate marketing – You have NEVER seen anything quite like this
The newbie-friendly, FREE traffic method I personally use to get traffic on-demand with just a few clicks of your mouse. and once you get this FREE traffic setup, it starts coming fast, and just keeps coming
The simple steps to turning the FREE traffic you’re getting into passive daily paydays of $100+ per day
How to scale-up from $100+ per day so you can make big paydays of $5,000!
Why this method makes it easy to create a life-changing income that will allow you to fire your boss and live life on your own terms
And additional insider methods that will put passive income in your pocket within 24 hours from right now!

Why EZ Passive Paydays Is Different Than Everything Else Out There

The EZ Passive Paydays is something I’m personally using to make money with RIGHT NOW!
There is no theory or guessing – This actually works!
You’ll discover exactly how to earn $100-$200 per day online with very little actual “work” required.
Nothing is left out and you can start making money right away with this training course.
This method produces REAL passive income paid directly to your PayPal account.
This is actually a REAL, brand new method that no one else is using. it has nothing to do with the affiliate marketing methods you keep seeing over and over again!

SALE PAGE | Price: $13

Anthony Mancuso – EZ Passive Paydays: Videos, PDFs | Size: 4.3 GB


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