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Aug 14, 2015
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I Was a High-School Dropout Watching My Life Pass Me By. But Then I Discovered This System That Changed My Life Forever
The System That Effortlessly Installs Any Habit in an Hour and Makes It Run on Autopilot (Without You Ever Having to Think About It)
The 5 Telltale Signs That Habits Aren’t Working for You
Life feels like it’s happening to you because you’re not in control. And to get back in control, you need good habits, but they’re hard to stick to. Everyone has a finite amount of willpower, and when your habits take a lot of effort, you just don’t keep going with them.
We’ve noticed some common signs of struggling to form good habits. The quotes below are right from our clients, but we’ve felt the same way sometimes, too.
Any of this sound familiar?

1 You get excited about forming a new habit, but it only lasts three days at most before you give up. Weeks go by before you talk yourself into getting back into the habit.
“I think it just takes energy and focus for a stretch of time in the beginning and I haven’t sustained that.”

2 Each time you skip a habit, you find the perfect excuse for why you skip it, but the next day you feel guilty for not following through.
“There’s some shame tied in’s got an effect on my confidence. I don’t feel as good about myself.”

3 You procrastinate until something becomes a crisis and you have to do it to avoid negative consequences. For some reason, you can’t push yourself to do tasks until you’re in crisis mode.
“I only do things when I absolutely have to, like more ’emergency’ instead of ‘getting out ahead of it and doing’ important.”

4 You tell yourself that something else is more important than your habit as an excuse for not doing it. No matter how unimportant the other thing is, you convince yourself that it’s MORE important than starting your habit.
“I’m either lying to myself that I’ll go later, or I’m putting something else and making it more important.”

5 You don’t have enough motivation and willpower for when you need them most-especially at night and after a long day of work.
“The moment that I leave work, it all just falls apart. Whether it’s willpower, I honestly can’t tell-It must be a willpower thing. It just all falls apart. No consistency.”

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