Barron Cruz – The Attraction MBA

Jun 12, 2017
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Once you decide to make your voice stronger, you will enjoy these ADVANTAGES:
Your face will be seen as more attractive (a whopping 58% increase in men).
You will be immediately be viewed as being more trustworthy.
You will effortlessly command respect and attention each time you speak.
Men with strong voices have more success in business as well as earn more money than those who do not.
People percieve you as being more dominate. When meeting new people in a sales or business environment, this is statistically impacting on your success.
If you’re a man, you will get more attention from women (women are predisposed to pay more attention to commanding voices).

What You Will Learn &
How Your Voice Will Change

Command respect using only your voice
Engage your audience and hold their attention
Peak engagement by utilizing a dynamic voice
Project your voice, articulate clearly and utilize a rythmic tempo of delivery
Leverage your body language and positioning to maximize the impact of your message
Deepen your voice
Get the attention and peak the attraction of those whom you have a romantic interest in
Find our own personal peak vocal resonance which you then will be able to use in challanging environments as you see fit.
Position yourself as a leader and someone who can be looked to for direction and authority
Decrease the chance that someone will challenge or disagree with you simply by using this specific tonality
Become comfortable speaking in public and to groups
Eliminate high-pitch, stressed, nasal-sounding voice
Eliminate any tendency to speak with a monotone tonality
Gain a mastery of vocal tonality. This will afford you the unique ability to ALWAYS speak in the most effective tone, while others are left guessing how you do it.

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