Beneath The Iron Bar

Aug 14, 2013
Ebooks & Course
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Name Product: Beneath The Iron Bar Sale Page: Price: $57

–    A modern take on the step-by-step system which allowed an undersized, bodybuilding underdog to become a two time Mr Olympia
–    An inside look at strength-trainings “dirty little secret” that transforms regular Joe’s into power-house lifters
–    A simple way to get juggernaut size without nit-picking over your diet or stressing-out about supplementation
–    A built-in trick to ignite your nervous system… this technique will allow you to lift more than you’ve previously lifted before (without even trying)
–    A simple way to integrate training for aesthetics and performance without sacrificing size or strength
–    A streamlined method for adding more weight to both the bar and your body… without overloading your nervous system
–    An alternative to bulking that’ll allow you to pack on more muscle without the excess body fat
–    How to get the best of both worlds by training for power and looks
–    And much, much, more…


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