Bharat Tekwani – FastTrack WP

Jan 8, 2014
Big Course
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Name Product: Bharat Tekwani – FastTrack WP Sale Page: Price: $97

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Instantly With FastTrack WP

–    53 detailed & easy to follow videos with runtime of 8 hours, 3 minutes & 33 seconds so that you quickly go though any technique again quickly because videos are short & to the point.
–    19 html & 8 PHP files (with all the code that you will need to optimize your site so that you just need to copy it from one of these files & paste it as instructed in the videos),
–    3 optimization test spreadsheets (so that you can see how I reduced the load time of my site from 12+ seconds to less than 2 seconds)
–    1 Plugin settings for W3 Total Cache (so that you just have to click two buttons and will have fully configured W3 Total Cache ). This alone will save you hours of time.
–    A detailed 37 step optimization checklist for you easy reference. Each optimization step links back to individual lesson so that you can watch that specific video lesson any time.
–   7 correlation graphs so that you easily see correlate your website’s speed with different metrics of your business. For example 1 of the correlation graphs is for your sales page to see how site’s speed impacts the conversion rate on your sales pages.


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