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Jan 22, 2013
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Hi Fellow business owners (and yes if you’re a marketer I consider you a fellow business owner!). My name is Jake but I go by the name Bob Ross on here.

Earlier this year, my successful remodeling business shut down almost overnight (business partner relationship went south, fast!). It left me with a lot of employees who were out of a job and needing to support their families. I had to start from scratch, which isn’t easy to do when you have lots of people to pay! I started burning through cash like it was firewood.

All the SEO/Facebook/PPC or mobile optimized sites in the world wouldn’t be able to suck in business fast enough. What a lot of you don’t understand is that when it’s crunch-time and your back is against the wall, SEO/Mobile/PPC can’t work fast enough or reliably enough.

Fortunately, a couple years ago I had an idea that I never fully put into place because I was sick of doing all the lead generation and splitting the profits.

Using my specific method of creating massive and free marketing leverage, I was able to rapidly get leads flowing in like a fountain. From a dead start, this system alone caused profits to begin pumping in like never before.

Within just these few short months, I’m back running everything on auto-pilot so I can concentrate on my business ventures, rather than worrying about generating leads. I’m now also using this EXACT system to generate business for others for a cut of their new growth as well. So I’d like to share this with you so you can do the same!

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