Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge WebRip

Mar 20, 2013
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Name Product: Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge WebRip Sale Page: Price: $79/Month

Brad Geddes, Founder of Certified Knowledge, consults on a large variety of tasks that range from simple PPC audits to helping you define your products so that you can scale them to sell thousands of marketing packages. Some companies Brad Geddes has worked with over the years include:

–    Google (GOOG)
–    DexOne (DEXO)
–    Amazon (AMZN)
–    Encyclopedia Britannica
–    Red Lobster
–    World Directories (Truvo)

We can help you:

–    Get your paid search accounts on track
–    Grow your accounts
–    Help define your marketing products
–    Scale your agency or reseller program
–    Audit your SEO program (or CMS)


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