Build 5 effective wordpress plugins, in 1 hour

Oct 16, 2017
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Learn WordPress plugins from scratch by Creating effective plugins with wordpress 4.x.x

In this course we will learn wordpress plugin development from scratch. By developing 5 PROFSSIONAL plugins we will cover the most common wordpress conceptions that make you able to create effective plugins and you can use them in the real life applications.

you will learn the following topics:

What’re filters,actions and how to use them.
Manipulate with the posts.

Creating shortcode with the amazon web services.
what’s metadata and how to create it implicitly.
Widget creation with the yahoo web services from scratch.
How to create admin pages,menus and submenus.
Task scheduling with CRON and display all the CRON task scheduling.
Caching and how to cache.
HTTP Logging.

This course does not require a wordpress experience.


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