Build Social Networking website with Smartphone Apps

Feb 24, 2018
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Create Social Network with Smartphone Android iOS Apps without Coding
initial Release: Thu, Aug 10, 2017 – Last updated on Friday, Aug 25, 2017
This is a PHP based Social Network Script Easiest & Fast way to start your Own Social Networking Website Platform – We need To purchase it from a Digital Marketplace.
Admin Features
Statistics, Displays statistics & users registered, Reaction, reported , stories posted, Comments, pages created, liked, Follows, Plan, shared, groups created. etc
Advertisement Plugin: Display Ads on Your Websites, Messages Ad, Home Ad, Timeline Ad, Hashtag Ad, Search Ad
General Settings: Update general settings of website – Website ,Registration, Social Logins, SMTP|Email, Communication Method, Audio/Video Calls, Uploads
Payments/Billing, Users, Pages, Groups, Events, Stories, Comments, Censored Keywords
Manage Users – Groups – Pages – View, edit, verify, reset password, delete Users,Groups,Pages
Ability to censor words
Statistics: , Users Statistics, Pages Statistics, Groups Statistics, Plan Sales Statistics , Friends Statistics , Page Likes Statistics , Group Joins Statistics , Stories Statistics , Comments Statistics , Reactions Statistics , Shares Statistics
Manage Reports, View reports posts , mark as safe or delete
Set & The Change settings- User , Page , Groups Settings
Admin Login ~ Change login details
Theme System: Rich, dynamic theme system allows you to change the whole layout of the website And More..
User Features
Video and Audio Calls: Live Video & Audio Chat with your friends
Fully responsive Website Mobile Phones , Desktops
#Hashtags – Trending & Related topics shared by peoples (WWW) Worldwide
@Mentions – @usernames to tag people , Featured Users , Emoticons
Verified Profiles and Pages.
YouTube, Google Maps , SoundCloud API Ready
How To Earn Money – Subscription Plans , Earn money from your website using Paid Subscription Plans, You Can Also Use Google Adsense Ads or others Publishers
Boost Posts | Reactions – Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad & Angry.
Uploads – docx, jpg,png,gif,mp3,mp4,pdf,zip,doc and more
Supported Payment Methods: users can pay you directly using by their Credit Cards or PayPal
Themes – Change & Customize Design of Your Social Network with Themes You Also can add new themes
Messages – Send and receive Private messages from Pages And Users
Password recovery by email or username
Turn On/Off Notifications for posts
Privacy: Control who can message you, post on your timeline, confirm follow requests or not, Follow You, etc.
API system for Developers: Develop android & iOS apps using API keys
User Timeline , Group Timeline , Page Timeline – Featured users, Post Booster, Photos, Displays user’s public profile along with Stories, Events posted and shared by user, user’s current events, and activities and more
Reports: Users can Report on stories , comments
Cover: Dynamic Cover for users, Pages & Groups Timeline
Notifications: Receive notifications from likes, comments & shares
Search – Search for people, Groups And Pages
Shares – View list of people who shared this, Share or unshare a post.
Home/News Feed: Trending! , announcement, Displays Stories, Events, Photos posted by friends/followed people, pages, and groups. Also story filters and follow & friends suggestions
View list of people who likes this, Likes: Like or unlike a post And Much more…

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Build Social Networking website with Smartphone Apps: Videos, PDFs | Size: 191.72 MB


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