Buyers Bullseye Method

Feb 19, 2013
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Hey, it’s Bill Guthrie and Jason Keith–the Opportunity Marketers. We’re excited to present our 2nd launch as partners. Our 1st launch, Niche Opportunities Revealed!, showed you dozens of awesome niche inspiration and exploration strategies.

As we connected with our customers, a common theme showed itself…a question we received again and again and again: HOW Do I Actually Make $200-500 a week?

We were surprised that only a small amount of people were “aiming for the bleachers” with that “$10k a month” aspiration. We asked specifically, and most of you would be THRILLED with an additional few hundred dollars a week with a minimum amount of time required to see some success.

In fact, over one third of our customers haven’t even made a single penny online!

If you’ve never made a penny online…or are still not breaking even with your internet marketing, keep reading because we’ve got you covered!

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