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Name Product: Cash Bombarda: From $0 to $30,000/Month – How I Built My Online Business and How You Can Copy My Success

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Hello fellow warriors, let me first briefly introduce myself…

I started Internet Marketing in Nov 2010, it’s now been 2 years and it’s been quite a long journey. I was a complete newbie at the time and I struggled quite a few months before I made my first dollar online. At the time I was buying WSO after WSO, trying just about every hyped product I liked. And nothing worked, at least nothing worked enough to make me the kind of money I wanted.

Until one day I saw something that Allen Says (admin of the WF) wrote here. That’s actually where the admin wrote the Advertising Rules for the WF WSO section and there was a line that caught my attention:


1. Find a WSO that looks like it went well and use that as a model for yours.

2. Give people as much info as they will need to make a decision. This helps you, the buyer and the MOD’s. This means: Do not post “blind ads.” You must tell people what the product is, not just what it isn’t.

3. People have used this section of the forum to launch $20,000 a month businesses. Believe it or not, it’s a fact. Treat it like Gold because that is exactly what it can be for you.

4. Become a contributing member here before trying to post a WSO.

See that point 3? Allen Says said that people have used this section of the forum to launch $20,000 a month businesses. That it’s a fact. And so he says to treat this section like Gold.


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