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[Special Offer] Cathryn & Allen – Self Mastery Academy


Name Product: Cathryn & Allen – Self Mastery Academy
COST: $397
Size: 2.52 GB

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Cathryn & Allen – Self Mastery Academy | Become the Master of Your Own Life, Time & Goals.
Escape the Overwhelm  • Beat Procrastination, Boost Productivity  • 10X Your Focus
1 – The productivity and focus essentials extracted from hundreds of top performers and entrepreneurs that we successfully applied to our own business and lives.
2 – Strategic goal setting; starting from yearly to quarterly, weekly, and finally to daily goals that will keep you on track to ensure that no day goes wasted.
3 – The power of setting stretch goals and how to creatively stretch your own realm of what’s possible and achievable, in a way that’s realistic and inspiring
4 – Effective ways to avoid energy drain and improve daily performance and productivity without the burnout and exhaustion
5 – Creative ways to leverage your time and resources to get the most out of the limited hours in your day. This is the secret weapon of the successful.
6 – How to beat the perpetuating cycle of procrastination and guilt, and actually go to bed feeling accomplished and inspired for the next day ahead
7 – How to gain back the limited attention that you have been wasting on all the wrong things, keeping you from accomplishing your goals
8 – How to build a time machine; the systems and automations that have helped scale and grow our business, applicable and relevant for improving all scales of operation, and even to your daily life.
9 – How to track your overall performance, and measure your growth (for you or your business) so you know exactly what’s bringing results and what needs to be tweaked.
10 – How to maintain the highest level of performance consistently, and reach your peak of well being through incremental changes in your routine



Mastering Diabetes Online Summit 2017

Name Product: Mastering Diabetes Online Summit 2017

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Price: $499

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Learn…

Type 1 & 1.5 Diabetes

Why a low-carb diet increases insulin resistance and complicates your blood glucose control in the long term
How to get off of the blood glucose roller coaster for the rest of your life
How to lose weight and make sure that it NEVER comes back
How to gain energy in a short period of time
How to control your blood glucose with precision and minimize your risk for diabetes complications

Prediabetes & Type 2 Diabetes

How to reduce or eliminate insulin, cholesterol medication, and blood pressure medication
How to gain energy by making specific changes to your diet in a short period of time
The connection between diabetes and heart disease and how to minimize your risk for both
How to use your diet to kickstart a sustainable and long-term exercise regimen

Gestational Diabetes

How to minimize your risk for gestational diabetes using your diet
How to safely and effectively manage gestational diabetes for both mom and baby
How to minimize morning sickness and excessive weight gain during pregnancy
The optimal approach to feeding your child starting on their first day of life
How to minimize your risk for type 2 diabetes after pregnancy using a specific dietary approach



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Natural Medicine Now – Premium Package

Name Product: Natural Medicine Now – Premium Package

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Price: $495

Natural Medicine Now (NMN) is a complete diet, nutrition, mind/body, health, and wellness education program designed to teach you the right information you need to keep your body in balance and prevent disease.

NMN is a series of 36 webinars, each about 20-30 minutes in length, led by naturopathic doctor Tiffany Jackson and other leading experts.

The webinars are categorized into 6 different modules, covering exclusive natural health topics such as gut health, hormone balance, weight loss, detoxification, sweeteners, healthy cooking, yoga, stress management, and more. The webinars are easy to follow and full of graphics and charts, providing a clear roadmap of guidelines and action plans for you in implementing healthy habits.

You will be able to access the webinar content in different ways, choosing the method that works for you: watch the webinars online or download the audio books or e-books. You have unlimited access to the content to watch, read, or listen-and learn-at yHG_3DGraphicsour own pace.

Module 1 – The Four Cornerstones of Health

Lesson 1 – Healthy Mind & the Power of Positivityhealth_promoting_diet

Lesson 2 – Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Lesson 3 – A Health Promoting Diet

Lesson 4 – Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies
Module 2 – Healthy Eating and Cooking Videos

coconut_oilLesson 5 – 15 Superfoods for Optimal Health

Lesson 6 – Benefits of a Paleo Diet

Lesson 7 – Guide to Natural Sweeteners; The Good & the Bad

Lesson 8 – Top 15 Brain Boosting Foods

Lesson 9 – Healthy Eating at Your Desk

Lesson 10 – Eating Healthy While Traveling

Lesson 11 – How to Make a Healthy Green Smoothie

Lesson 12 – Healthy Kitchen Makeover & Smoothie Demo

Lesson 13 – Easy Breezy Healthy Recipes
Module 3 – Specific Health Topics

blood_sugarLesson 14 – Understanding the Importance of Gut Health

Lesson 15 – Healthy Weight Loss/Balancing Blood Sugar Naturally

Lesson 16 – Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Lesson 17 – Natural Approaches to Anxiety

Lesson 18 – Heart Health

Lesson 19 – Understanding Chinese Medicine

Lesson 20 – Understanding Essential Oils

Lesson 21 – EcoHealth Approach to Preventing Disease
Module 4 – Understanding Hormone Balance

male_hormonesLesson 22 – Adrenal Health

Lesson 23 – Thyroid Health

Lesson 24 – Men’s Health

Lesson 25 – Women’s Health
Module 5 – Mind/Body/Wellness

meditationLesson 26 – Yoga at Your Desk

Lesson 27 – Yoga for Neck and Back Pain

Lesson 28 – Connect with Your Breath

Lesson 29 – Emotional Freedom Technique

Lesson 30 – Ten Minute Meditation for Stress
Module 6 – Understanding Detoxification

dotox_your_homeLesson 31 – Understanding Toxins & Detoxification

Lesson 32 – Daily Detox Supplementation

Lesson 33 – Clean 14 Day Detox Diet

Lesson 34 – Detox at Your Home

Lesson 35 – Daily Detox Guidelines

Lesson 36 – Toxic Products that Mess with Your Hormones
Take action and prevent disease.
Get Natural Medicine Now today!
Webinar Packages


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Kevin Kruse – Master Your Minutes

Name Product: Kevin Kruse – Master Your Minutes

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Price: $99

How To Leave Work At 5 P.M. And Still Get Everything Done
Achieve extreme productivity without feeling overworked and overwhelmed.
Who Is Kevin Kruse?
Kevin Kruse is the founder and CEO of The Kruse Group, and previously started several other multimillion dollar companies that won Inc 500 and Best Place to Work awards.

Kevin is also a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of several books and is also a contributor to Forbes and Huffington Post. As a keynote speaker and executive coach Kevin has taught leadership and the Master Your Minutes system to Fortune 500 executive teams, non-profit leaders, and even to generals in the US Marine Corps.

5 Module Training For Extreme Productivity And Greater Balance
This program is the result of research into thousands of working professionals and interviews with hundreds of highly successful people. You are going to get 5 video training modules personally taught by Kevin Kruse, who personally uses the system in his own life.

Module 1: Master Your Priorities

• The Time Bank

• The Wheel of Life

• Your Most Important Task (MIT)

Module 2: Master Your Calendar

• The Downside of To-Do Lists

• From To-Do to Scheduling (Time Blocking)

• How To Stop Time Thieves and Say “No” Without Being Rude

• Save 8 Hours A Week With DDR Questions

Module 3: Master Your Email

• The London Power Tactic To Cut Email By 54%

• 4D Habit To Get To Inbox Zero

• Email Processing With 321Zero System

Module 4: Master Meetings

• The 5 Meeting Flaws

• The Silicon Valley System To Cut Meetings By 33%

• Creating Meeting Cadence

Module 5: The Procrastination Cure

• Assessment: How Severe Is Your Procrastination?

• The 4 Procrastination Styles

• The 9-Step Procrastination Cure

High Quality Training Available Anywhere and Anytime
You can literally hit the play button on the very first video just 2-3 minutes from now.

• Immediate access to 5 Complete Modules

• Video, audio and transcripts of every session

• Quick Start Action Plan (PDF)

• Watch videos on multiple devices

• Listen to the audio on the treadmill or during your commute

BONUS: Quick Start Action Plan
You’ll also get beautifully designed ready-to-print templates, worksheets and reminder cards so you can increase your productivity immediately.



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[Special Offer] Creating The Campfire Effect – The Root Force Course

Creating The Campfire Effect

Name Product: Creating The Campfire Effect – The Root Force Course
COST: $1997
Size: 1.6 GB

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Gain access to the world’s most powerful Brand and Story formulas that have been used to create massive growth for Fortune 500 companies, emerging high growth small businesses and successful startups.

The first course we’ve released in our University is our Root Force Course

What will I learn?             

– Welcome and how to use this course
– Gain clarity around your brand and purpose
– Uncover your journey and personal roots as they relate to your business
– Discover how to powerfully answer the ‘what do you do’ question
– Get intentional about where you are going with your brand
– Craft a succinct and powerful brand vision that your team can commit to and passionately pursue

What will I get?          

– Immediate access to your account (you’ll receive an email with log in details)
– 4 pillar courses with multiple sessions within each
– Access to over 4 hours of video content (self-paced course)
– Worksheets with sessions to assist with immediate take aways and implementing action items (when the course is complete, this becomes your Brand Guide)
– Promotional pricing for our Jump Start Coaching with weekly virtual campfire sessions



Kenrick Cleveland – Persuasion 911

Name Product: Kenrick Cleveland – Persuasion 911

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Price: $299.99

In this series I will walk you through the Persuasion 911 Process.

Here’s what you are going to learn in this course:

The dominant emotion your clients are dealing with now is anger. They are angry at losing their jobs, losing their retirement nest-egg, and losing faith in the world. They are angry, cynical, bitter, and are waiting to bite your head off.

You can’t short-circuit their anger nor can you ignore it. So we’re going to focus on how to really listen without getting defensive, how to pace their anger, how to use frames to change their perceptions, and how to have them enthusiastically buying whatever you offer.

Your clients don’t believe a word or a commitment you say. They don’t believe what you are going to do for them. They don’t think it’s possible for you to help them. At this point, they think they would do a better job without you. Think I’m kidding? Realtors know more and more people are turning to FSBO instead of paying a commission. Financial Analysts know more and more people want to trade stocks on their own and not pay a fee. Auto buyers want to do all of their shopping online to avoid the shenanigans that go on when they want to buy a car.

I’m going to show you a simple way to read beneath what the clients are saying and present information in a way that compels them to act – exactly as you’ve designed.

How to deal with the walking wounded. They’ve lost money in real estate. They’ve lost money in the market. They were lied to. Most people would write these folks off. Don’t do it. I’ll show you why they are ready to buy again and again. There’s a basic principle you must understand so you can really profit in difficult times.

There are only three objections you will ever hear. 1) It’s too expensive. 2) I need to talk to my husband/wife and 3) I need to think it over.

Today there is a fourth objection and you’ll be hearing it a lot. How you handle the three objections in general and how do you handle the fourth objection. Getting the answer to this question alone is worth the price of the entire program.

Now, I know things are tough for some people out there and I believe Persuasion 911 might just make the difference between success and failure.

And I’m holding the price waaay below what I would normally charge.

You pay a simple $299.99 Charge and you’re along for the ride of your life. I’ve priced this so it’s a no-brainer.

The course will be delivered over 5 weeks, one module per week for 5 weeks.


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TTC – Becoming a Great Essayist

Name Product: TTC – Becoming a Great Essayist

Sale Page:

Price: $59

If you have a clever anecdote, an interesting memory, a new way to explain how something works, or an opinion on a social or political issue, then you have an essay in you. Unlike a novel, history book, or scientific publication, essays provide you with the versatility to express all the various facets that make you you. The concise and direct nature of an essay means that you may tap into your sense of wit, share your individual point of view, persuade others to your perspective, and record a part of your memories for future generations in as many distinct essay forms as you wish.
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Endless Free Leads 11.0

Name Product: Endless Free Leads 11.0

Sale Page:

Price: $175

Module 1
Create Your Page And Brand

1. How to attract a continuous flow of prospects ( old friends, new friends and total strangers ) who are eager to hear what you have to say.

2. How to position yourself as an AUTHORITY or EXPERT in any field.

3. The secrets to creating INSTANT RELATIONSHIPS with complete strangers.

4. The LATEST ATTRACTION MARKETING concepts that draw people to you.

5. Branding secrets that make you irresistible to everyone.

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Richard Flook & Karl Dawson – META-Medicine and EFT Matrix ReImprinting

Name Product: Richard Flook & Karl Dawson – META-Medicine and EFT Matrix ReImprinting

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Price: $149

All the attendants raved about this incredible 3 days back in August 2008.

Learn the causes behind diseases and then use EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to get resolution for yourself or your clients.

If there was a marriage made in heaven between two health disciplines, meta-Medicine and EFT Matrix Reimprinting is it.

meta-Medicine is NOT a therapy but an amazing diagnostic system that allows you to determine the specific event that causes an illness.

meta-Medicine was developed by medical doctors and health practitioners worldwide and through the use of modern CT imaging it has mapped the trapped emotional conflicts that get stuck in the brain and specific organs to their original stressful cause.

Finally it answers how and why certain symptoms are there, what caused them;
why do specific organs and the brain uniquely react to certain stressful events.

Using meta-Medicine with EFT you can get to these trapped emotional conflicts quicker and with more accuracy than just intuitively chasing the emotion.

meta-Medicine works by asking targeted questions in conjunction with brain mapping, the aim is to quickly determine the root cause of a client’s illness, diagnose exactly where they are in their disease cycle and as a result design a ‘road map’ so you as the EFT practitioner deliver the right tapping sequence in the right order.

You therefore can masterfully assist in relieving pain and symptoms simply and easily by using amazing reframes that actually talk directly to the purpose behind the symptoms.

Then get to the root cause of the problem with lightning speed and additionally solve complex chronic issues by knowing what to tap on with your client; reassuringly knowing where, when and why you are tapping at that point.

As an EFT practitioner meta-Medicine gets you right to the cause of your client’s issue, making your work even more accurate, allowing you to get deep into the psychology and biology behind the disease and therefore you to achieve even better results.

Unlike other diagnostic systems, meta-Medicine® does not require guesswork, intuition or a leap of faith to determine the root cause of a disease

Below are just a fraction of the things you will learn from the DVDs:

* The theory behind Matrix Reimprinting
* See meta-Medicine and Matrix Reimprinting live in action with clients with issues such as Pain, IBS, skin conditions and Bipolar disorder
* Why EFT works so well with meta-medicine and what EFT does to conflict shocks in the brain and the organs
* Discover how to find the root causes of all the major diseases in our Western culture.
* Learn how to find the original buried conflict shock that caused the disease using EFT paradigms.
* The process of a disease and why it is there, plus what to tap on and when.
* Use some of the meta-Medicine organ reframes to get behind the cause of a disease.
* The possibilities of solving mania and depression.
* Why some diseases just keep recurring like eczema and what to do to ensure they go.
* What are the triggers that cause a disease and how to use EFT to interrupt them so a disease is stopped in its tracks.
* How to apply EFT to simple issues like spots, IBS, Muscle ache, ear infections and other minor ailments.
* See lots of demonstrations and plenty of practical applications and exercises plus lots, lots more


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Alex West – Tesla Code Secrets & Bonuses(2016)

Name Product: Alex West – Tesla Code Secrets & Bonuses(2016)

Sale Page:

Price: $39.99


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