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[Special Offer] Jay Papasan – Time Blocking Mastery

Name Product: Jay Papasan – Time Blocking Mastery
COST: $497
Size: 2.14 GB
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How Smart And Successful High Achievers Get More Done In 66 Days Than Most Do In A Lifetime
Create a Step-By-Step Process For You To Achieve Any Goal Without “Grinding Out” 10 Hour Long Work Days


My name is Jay Papasan and I’m the co-author of the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, The ONE Thing.

On this page, we (Keller Willams and I) will show you how you can discover the one thing that will make the greatest, most beneficial shift in your life, how to create reliable habits for achieving anything you desire, and how to can get us to support and coach you throughout this journey.

Sound good? Great! Because what we’re announcing today is 8 years in the making and has never been shared anywhere else



Chris D’Cruz – Manifesting Mentors with Bonuses

Name Product: Chris D’Cruz – Manifesting Mentors with Bonuses

Sale Page: _

Price: $37

You might have heard of a little film called “The Secret” that was first released back in March 2006.

You might even have bought the book that was based on the film.

You fell in love with the very concept of having the ability to turn your dreams into reality, simply by tapping into The Secret.

You’ve thought good thoughts.

You’ve adopted a positive attitude.

You’ve channeled all your positive energy into manifesting great things into your life.

You believed in your heart of hearts that you deserve all the great things you’re trying to will into existence, so the universe should serve them to you on a silver platter.



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[Special Offer] Jesse Elder – The Upgraded Life 3.0

Name Product: Jesse Elder – The Upgraded Life 3.0
COST: $497
Size: 5.79 GB
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The Upgraded Life 3.0 Program is specifically about YOU, your relationship with yourself and how you experience the world around you. It is about your future, your talents and special gifts. This program is about how you experience your own thoughts and your own feelings and upgrading these relationships

In this program, I share with you how nothing in this universe matters more than the way that you feel. There’s nothing on this planet that matters more than you feeling good.

Every aspect of your life experience on this planet is worth experiencing to the fullest level of joy and passion and happiness that you’re capable of experiencing.

After taking this course:

– You will experience a transformation of the way that you see your world.
– You’ll begin to get curious, where before you were cowering.
– You’ll begin to ask questions, where before you were quaking in fear.
– You’ll find that those things in the past that used to bug you and bother you, or downright mess with your head, no longer paralyze you.
– You’ll begin to seek and then seize solutions where before all you could find was confusion, or overwhelm, or doubt.



[Special Offer] Vishen Lahkiani – Become Limitless Tribe

Name Product: Vishen Lahkiani – Become Limitless Tribe
COST: $497
Size: 7.57 GB
Sale page:

Is This Your Time To Ascend To The Next Stage Of Evolution In Consciousness?
Introducing: Becoming Limitless – Mindvalley’s Highest Rated Personal Transformation Program
The Advanced Becoming Limitless Program Works Like A Jet Pack For Your Transformation And Swings Open The Doors To A Life Truly Beyond Ordinary… All By Harnessing Aspects Of The Human Mind Most People Are Yet To Wake Up To

This program takes you on a step by step journey, using Vishen Lakhiani’s powerful framework for teaching, into stage 3 consciousness so you too can bend reality and live a limitless life. This framework is so powerful in delivering amazing results that it quickly garnered the highest ever customer rating for a product on Mindvalley Academy with hundreds of raving case studies.

Ideas presented in this program got Vishen one of the biggest book deals of 2016. His book, Code Of The Extraordinary Mind, will be coming out in May. It put Vishen on stage with the Dalai Lama where he won the best speaker. And these ideas have allowed Vishen, against all odds, to turn $700 into a $100 million dollar business consisting of Afest, Mindvalley Academy, Zenward and more.

It’s a classic case of Bending Reality.

When You Go Through This Program And Reach The State Of Limitless, You Will:

01- See Your Mission in Crystal Clarity
One of the greatest challenges we all face is to find our purpose. In this program, you’ll discover exercises that will help you gain the clarity and the certainty you need to really commit to living a life that truly inspires you.

02- Shift Reality Even in Your Dreams
Some of the techniques you’ll discover in the course, such as the Delta Doorway, will teach you how to tap into higher guidance while at the ‘near-sleep’ Delta levels of mind. This technique alone will make shifting reality second nature to you.

03- Experience Life Very, Very Differently
Imagine waking up excited everyday, eager to get started with your work, and loving every second of it. Yes, there will be challenging times, but when you are doing something you truly love, it’s all worth it. You will never want to do something else.

04- Watch Even Your Biggest Goals Come True
With traditional methods of goal setting, you can only set a goal as big as you can imagine. When you learn to operate from inspiration, you will achieve and experience things beyond your wildest imagination. It’s as though you’re tapped into a higher power that guides you.

05- Make the Right Decisions in a Snap
Your intuition is your greatest guide. In this program you’ll learn how to tap into it so that you can make better decisions and always stay true to your purpose. You’ll find yourself luckier, wiser and moving toward your vision faster than you ever thought possible.

06- Find Yourself Free and Grounded in the Present
We’re all silently suffering from past hurts buried deep within our beings. In the second module of this program, you’ll learn a powerful, scientifically validated technique to liberate yourself from past hurts, and in doing so, feel lighter and more free than you ever have before.

07- Enjoy Total Fulfillment with Zero Regret
After you learn this, you’ll start to feel more connected to life, more tapped in, and frankly, more alive. You’ll become more compassionate and get less irritated. You’ll begin noticing synchronicity and coincidences that makes you feel as though the universe is on your side. You’ll feel limitless.

Here’s How the Course Is Structured:
Becoming Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani

– MODULE 01: Everything You Need To Know To Begin

In the first week of your training to Becoming Limitless, you’ll learn Vishen Lakhiani’s Unifying Model on how to escape the “means goals trap,” which most people unknowingly fall into through a lifetime of social conditioning. With this new framework for lifestyle design, you will discover how to adapt new models of reality and systems for living that support thinking BIG, and to set bolder goals in a way that they don’t seem too intimidating. Plus, you’ll learn how to identify and map out the perfect life for yourself, so you can create a life based on your own rules.

– MODULE 02: Total Inner Peace

Next, you’ll learn how to achieve total inner peace by letting go of all that is holding you back through the unrealized power of forgiveness. This total inner peace allows you to naturally become highly intuitive and unattached to your goals while still calmly pursuing them. In addition to that, you’ll also learn the secret technique for raising your Alpha waves to allow for abundant creative insights on demand. And enjoy a guided meditation lead by Vishen on the power of forgiveness.

– MODULE 03: Blissipline

On the third week of your Becoming Limitless training you will discover the concept of Blissipline. And how, when you live according to this new paradigm you can go beyond having a peaceful inner state to having a joyous outer state. To help you experience this heightened state of being, you will learn the five systems for happiness that make up your Blissipline: active gratitude, forgiveness, self-love, the feeling that “I am enough,” and being present-centered.

– MODULE 04: A Vision For Your Future

In part one of this week’s training, you will discover how to navigate your way out of the downward spiral and escape your current reality trap. You will learn that experiencing happiness in the now, you can fuel your life toward your vision for the future — which allows you to bypass stress and anxiety, so you can live in the ultimate state of flow. Then, in part two of this week’s training, you will discover the importance of having a mission, not a career, and learn the powerful four-step solution to mastering energy redirection that will help you radically transform many areas of your life.

– MODULE 05: The Power Of Intuition

In the fifth week of Becoming Limitless, you will discover how to tap into your own innate powers of intuition. You will learn the concrete methods to become a clear conduit for intuition and the five ways of using intuition: as a warning system, to connect with others, for inspiration, support for yourself and others, and to be connected to your higher purpose. By being connected to your intuition you will easily spot new opportunities, and effortlessly navigate the path toward your vision for the future with an a unique advantage that tips the odds in your favor.

– MODULE 06: Bending Reality

In week six of your training, you will learn the practical science of Bending Reality. This week can be considered an intermediate lesson on shifting reality with your mind, to prepare you for the weeks to come as you approach your higher purpose. To help you do this you will discover the four-stage framework for Consciousness Evolution, as well as the basic methods of creative visualization for healing and amplifying your results with Bending Reality.

– MODULE 07: Expanded Consciousness & Merging

Next, you will make one of your biggest leaps yet toward Becoming Limitless, by learning how to consciously commit to any vision, any idea, and bring it into reality by accelerating the process of conscious manifestation. You will discover the fastest way to manipulate reality that goes beyond bending reality and creative visualization, with a revolutionary technique known as Merging. Here you will learn the components of this powerful technique and the five laws that help you do it. Plus, how to avoid common mistakes that prevent most people from Merging, so you can stay in this state of Limitless and become one with your mission.

– MODULE 08: How To Rally People Around Your Vision

In your path to Becoming Limitless, you’ve learned about multiple techniques and models to apply to create more happiness, meaning and impact in your life. By advancing your levels of development, you’ve also become a leader. Now, you will learn how to go beyond all you’ve learned and fully embody your vision by learning the seven keys to apply in your company, business, or life to rally people around you to accomplish your vision faster. Here you learn the essentials of “culture hacking” and influencing mass amounts of people in positive ways, so you can help others advance, too.

PLUS: 8 Recorded Group Coaching Sessions With Vishen Lakhiani

In addition to the 8 weeks of training, you’ll get one bonus recording of a Q&A session for each week, where Vishen answered the most important questions of that week. In these sessions, you’ll go even deeper into the material and learn from other students



John Reese – Money Mindset (Classic Course)

Name Product: John Reese – Money Mindset (Classic Course)

Sale Page: _

Price: $97

John Reese has launched ‘Money Mindset’ home study course with 48 lessons and 20 exercises.

This course contains four modules: Getting Focused, Strategic Thinking, Taking Action, and Results and Rewards.

John says, These are concepts and methods that not only helped me get passed the information overload, but helped me re-program my own mind to think about, plan, and move forward with making money in an entirely different way…

– Extreme Clarity About My Desires

– Maximum Focus On My Objectives

– Apply Strategic Thinking

– Take Effective Action

– Reward My Progress

– Analyze Results and Proceed



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13 Tools for Rapid Fire Success

Name Product: 13 Tools for Rapid Fire Success

Sale Page: _

Price: $47

Get The 13 Tools for Rapid Fire Success for just $47, and I’ll Further Sweeten This FINAL Offer by Adding 13 More Life-Changing Programs for FREE!
(Works out to be $1.62 for each program)

Why am I doing this? It’s simple: because I want you to know what it feels like to have all the Rapid Fire Success Tools at your disposal, just like I have.

And like a surgeon who has all the tools to run a successful operation procedure, you’ll get all the incisive tools you need to cut through all obstacles that stand in your way, and to power your way to nearly instant results.



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Eric Taller – Thought Elevators System

Name Product: Eric Taller – Thought Elevators System

Sale Page: _

Price: $97[/b]

Hi, Eric Taller here, creator of Thought Elevators, and I want to congratulate you for investing in yourself, your dreams, and your future!
I’m sure you can’t wait to dive into the program, but first I want to make sure you have all the tools you need to manifest exactly what you desire… as soon as possible.
While most people pay FULL PRICE…
But Today YOU Are Getting My Advanced System Proven to
Accelerate Your Results By At Least 700%…
To Effortlessly And Almost INSTANTLY Elevate Your Brain To Transform Your Dreams Into Reality FASTER and EASIER Than Ever…
…all while getting $604 OFF!

The question I get asked most often from new members of Thought Elevators is…

“Eric, How do I see results NOW? I need the FASTEST way to start getting results immediately.”

So, I’ve put together the answer:

I tested countless strategies and techniques until I figured out the KEY secrets to accelerate and intensify the power of the Thought Elevators regular program…

…and I collected them into the advanced program to generate FASTER and EASIER results.

This advanced program takes even LESS time, LESS work, and LESS effort from you…

…but it brings EMBARASSINGLY POWERFUL results, almost IMMEDIATELY!

This program is packed full of all the ultra-powerful accelerators and intensifiers that go leaps and bounds beyond what I could include in the regular program.

It’s divided into 14 life-changing courses…

…starting with the Ultimate Mindset Upgrade Formula, a video course that teaches you the secrets of the self-made multimillionaires…

…then continues through 13 more courses to help you accelerate your dreams into your reality as quickly as possible.

And best of all…



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Jeffrey Gignac – The Life Response Frequencies Brain Training System

Name Product: Jeffrey Gignac – The Life Response Frequencies Brain Training System

Sale Page: _

Price: $127

NEW: Breakthrough Technology Passively Stimulates Your Brain Using Complex Audio and Video Frequencies

Improve Memory, Focus and Concentration
Reduce Mental Fatigue
Stimulate Higher Order Thinking and Creativity
May Reduces Symptoms of ADD /ADHD In Some Individuals

Fast, Effective and Portable.
Give Your Brain a Boost In 10 Minutes
Boost your mental performance in 10 minutes.

When your brain works better, you feel better, you work better and most importantly, you live better.

Now, you can give your brain a boost, achieve clarity of thought and improve your mental performance anytime, and anywhere you want.

In just 10 minutes you can improve your mental performance.

As a member, you’ll have total flexibility to use our proprietary brain building technology on your schedule.

You can download them to your IPhone, IPad, or Android device.

You can also use your computer or download them on to any device that will play an MP3 audio file.

Whether you are at home, at the office or getting ready for the biggest meeting of your life, you’ll have access to the most effective and flexible brain building tools anywhere.



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Robin Sharma – The Titan Academy Summit

Name Product: Robin Sharma – The Titan Academy Summit

Sale Page: _

Price: $10,997

What’s the similarity between Zuckerberg, Jobs, Musk and Picasso, Jay-Z and Mozart?

Join Robin Sharma and a faculty of the world’s top experts at The Titan Summit at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto, Canada, December 5-8 2015 and find out.

The Titan Summit is widely considered one of the best live events on Earth for people who want to build epic businesses, live legendary lives and network with the most successful people in the world.

In today’s world, a Titan is someone that belongs to the financial, business and social elite. Become a Titan, join us this December.

Will you keep playing at the level of thinking, performance, creativity, influence and impact you’re currently at?.Or will you make some new decisions that will reward you with some completely new results?

Are you set to join one of world’s best mastermind groups who will share their hard-won lessons with you, encourage explosive growth in the important areas of your life and support you as you achieve the success that you know you’re meant to achieve?

Are you ready to associate with true icons of business, exceptional performers, hugely productive superstars and some of the most motivated people on Earth?

The Titan Summit is a 4-day live event with Robin Sharma and his world-class faculty of thought leaders on epic performance, health and longevity, business mastery and global contribution.

During these intense 4 days you will discover Robin’s most advanced strategies on performing at truly world-class levels, multiplying real productivity, building great wealth, getting super fit, growing an amazing company, rewiring your mindset for deep motivation, and systems to get some serious balance back into your life (your family life alone will never be the same after the summit).

The Titan Summit includes:

Four days with Robin Sharma and a faculty of the world’s top thought leaders.

Information that will dramatically accelerate your success, influence and impact while limiting the mistakes and costly errors that so many of us regret.

Exposure to the insights and strategies implemented only by true insiders at the top level of business and wealth creation.

An opportunity to connect and mastermind with world-class business leaders.



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Brendon Burchard – Your Next Bold Move

Name Product: Brendon Burchard – Your Next Bold Move

Sale Page: _

Price: $59


Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, highly sought after success expert and performance trainer. After surviving a life-threatening car accident, he began to ask himself important life questions like “Did I live?, Did I love?, Did I matter?” and has dedicated his life to helping others find their purpose.

In this exclusive four-lesson online course, he’ll teach you the habits, tools and strategies needed to become your best self, overcome fear and achieve your goals.

Target Where to Improve Your Life

Brendon’s “Life Area Assessment” will help you take a closer look at all areas of your life and help you focus on what might be out of balance. You’ll feel like you’re finally being honest about where you are and where you really want to go. The results will open your eyes to what you’re neglecting and give you an action plan for how you can immediately balance and change your life. You’ll say, “Oh! Now I know what’s been missing!”

Identify and Claim Your Best Self

Sometimes we get trapped in old beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of—limiting our self-expression, joy and success. Brendon will teach you “The Clarity Chart”, a process for uncovering who you really are, how you want to interact with others, and which habits can help you become your best self. This entire activity will leave you feeling more clear and confident.

Take Control of Your Thoughts with The 4Cs

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel so stressed, distracted or frustrated? Brendon explains it’s because your thoughts are driven by the 4Cs (social cues, conditioning, consequences and choice). Master these 4Cs and you’ll feel more in control of your mind. You’ll be able to actively manage difficult thoughts and keep a more positive mindset on the road ahead.

Master Your Feelings and Behaviors

If you’ve ever had difficulty understanding WHY you behave the way you do, you’ll love this section. Brendon will teach you “The Ladder of Perception,” a transformative look into how you create your emotions and choose your actions. You’ll feel back in charge of how you react to the world because you’ll understand how you interpret and internalize events. You will also feel more conscious of how you experience the world and be more intentional in shaping yours.

Prime Your Day for Focus and Positivity

Brendon discovered that simple morning habits and routines can improve your focus and productivity by 30%. Try just a few of these habits and you’ll feel so much better throughout your day. You’ll learn:

• 3 things you should always do in the first hour of your day
• 1 thing you should never do
• How to keep track of your projects, inbox and priorities
• Questions to ask yourself to improve your mood

Make Great Decisions for You and Your Family

What does it take to make a great decision, and actually stick to it? You’ll learn the 10 reasons you often set goals but don’t complete them—and how to use those same 10 reasons to make better decisions and commitments. Brendon will also teach you the “Life Decisions Chart,” which will show you how to choose between opportunities in life (move or don’t move? quit or stay with the job? start that new passion or wait?). Finally, you’ll learn how to set boundaries, say no, and stick to your passions.

Conquer Fear and Gain Massive Momentum

Now it’s time to create great leaps in life and maintain your momentum. These sessions will help you understand how to overcome fear and deal with any disappointments as you take action. Brendon will also teach you to implement five habits that will keep you on track and always ready to make your next bold move.



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