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Andrew O´Brien – The Publicity MasterClass

Name Product: Andrew O´Brien – The Publicity MasterClass

Sale Page:

Price: $1997

This is our most extensive training on the market. We will teach you the exact same strategies we use to get 20 INTERVIEWS A MONTH for 10 different clients on a recurring basis. This training works for ANY type of Entrepreneur. whether you’re service based, physical products, digital products, brick and mortar, authors, speakers. it doesn’t matter. These methods work for everyone!

This training follows our PROVEN proprietary process called the “Visibility To Growth Formula”. Not only will you learn how to get in front of MILLIONS of people, but also how to leverage that visibility to MASSIVELY scale your business just as we’ve done for our clients.

MESSAGE – How to share the right message with your audience and the media to attract massive engagement, sales and fan base

MARKET – How to get in front of the right audience on the media outlets that create the highest level of credibility and authority with your specific audience.

MEDIA – How to get the media to feature you and title you as the “top leading expert” in your industry to instantly boost your credibility.

MAGNETISM – How to leverage the media exposure you get and attract the audience to engage with you WHILE reading about you in the top outlets they trust.

In this Masterclass I will teach you how to get featured on ANY media outlets you’ve ever dreamed of. Whether it be.. – National/International Television

– Online Publications

– Podcasts

– Local News

– Magazines

– Newspapers & many others

Each module will teach you different techniques, as each media outlet takes a different type of technique. You will literally learn EVERYTHING about publicity you could possibly want to know. Take the parts of the course that match your specific business, or learn it all. It’s all up to you. Finish on your own time!

In this training there are lessons taught by:

– White Board

– Screen share

– PDF’s

– Audio

We’ve got all methods so you can choose which method matches your learning techniques best!


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Roger and Barry – Amafy Platinum

Name Product: Roger and Barry – Amafy Platinum

Sale Page:

Price: $897

Yes Barry and Roger.
I Want to Build a Hugely Successful 6 Figure Ecommerce Business, Without All the Hassles and I’m Ready to Use Your Simple System to Grab a Totally Unfair Advantage!

Here’s what you’ll get.
Access to “Amafy Search System” to Legally Steal the Hottest Amazon Date to Practically Guarantee Success

Exclusive “Zero to Hero Training” to Build Super Fast, Cash Grabbing Campaigns From Complete Scratch

Amafy Auto Product Creator Plugin That Allows You to Add Any Aliexpress Product into Your Store With a Click of the Button

Mike’s “Fly on the Wall, Build a Business From Scratch” Training

Bonus: Live Zoom Mastermind Sessions That Will Become Your One Stop Ecommerce Marketing Home

Tammy’s “Shopify to Amazon Formula Training” to Further Increase Your Sales



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Howard Lynch – Ucash Academy

Name Product: Howard Lynch – Ucash Academy

Sale Page:

Price: $299
“How 1 Secret Website Helped A 67 year old grandfather
make $32,558 In One Month – Just By Copying & Pasting”



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Paul Mascetta – The Mind Domination Series

Name Product: Paul Mascetta – The Mind Domination Series

Sale Page:

Price: $17
In reality, I decided to develop a mind control study course to start using with my private clients who pay $997 per month.Over the past few months, we’ve had extensive training using the three phase formula I came up with.And much of the training was done through group teleseminars.After seeing the success of this formula I decided to condense it down to 3.5 hours of the most valuable and effective audio material from the telesemiars and offer at a truly affordable price as a way of saying “Thank you” for taking this survey.So here it is.Introducing The Mind Domination Series


Master a true mechanical understanding of the human mind so you can clearly understand how to direct it
Learn how the unconscious mind responds to the triggers that daily make people do what you want them to
Discover the key to by passing the critical factor of the human mind so you can rapid access to the subconsciou


Discover 12 fatal errors that 99% of people make when trying to influence the minds of others and how to avoid them
Learn why one error is simply unavoidable but how it can be leveraged to minimize failure
Find out about an error that you’re likely making right now without even realizing it that shattering your chances of influencing someone before you utter one single word
Learn my personal 3 step strategy for seed planting and how you can gain advocates and separate yourself from everyone else so your message always stands out


Learn the secret to accurate mind reading so you always know exactly what your subject is really thinking
Discover the secret to easily pinning out a liar
Learn how to peak inside the mind of your subject by what they do with their hands and eyes
Learn how to tell if someone smile is truly genuine
Learn the three types of gazes and when each one should be used to subliminally influence your subject


Discover the secret planes of the body and how gesturing from one single area can completely change the way your message resonates in the mind of your subject
Learn about a little known technique that helps you can more clarity and positive force when you speak so you always appear confident and in control
Learn how to leverage the right and left sides of the brain of your subject so you can make your offer see more appealing while making your competition look weak without saying anything bad about them


Discover a proven formula for telling captivating stories that grab attention and create instant “like-ability” in your character
Discover some dead simple but extremely potent hypnotic language patterns that warp your subject’s mind to pure compliance
Learn the truth about tonality and how to can use it to disarm and change moods in people instantly
Discover the Advanced Triggers of Mind Control and how you can use any one of these 17 mind hacks to gain compliance, make more sales and get more people to say “yes” faster



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Piggbyback Cash System

Name Product: Piggbyback Cash System

Sale Page:

Price: $162.65
Inside Get Everything You Need To Ethically Piggyback Off The Work Of Others And Make $162.65+ Per Day.

‘Fast Cash’ Blueprint

This blueprint reveals exactly how the Piggyback Cash System works and how you can get started with this today. You get everything you need to make $100+ per day with just a few minutes of simple work and 100% FREE traffic.

‘Over The Shoulder’ Video Training

Sometimes it’s easier to get results when you are able to watch something being done. That’s what this video training is all about. You get over-the-shoulder videos that take you from A-Z. You don’t need any prior experience or skills, and you can literally watch as we show you EXACTLY how to make this work and start stuffing cash in your pocket fast with the power of “piggybacking.”

‘Starting From Nothing’ Case Study

Sometimes you get a method that looks easy and then you realize you need some sort of prior experience or connections to really make it work. Not this. Inside, you’ll get a REAL LIFE case study that shows you how we went from ZERO to $165+ with just a few minutes of easy work by using the Piggyback Cash System.
Here’s A Quick Preview Of What
You’ll Discover Inside.

How to get started with this unique method today even if you’re a complete newbie with no prior experience
The simple steps to getting the most out of this as quickly as possible. do this right and you’ll be making money by tomorrow..
How to get the FREE traffic flowing fast using a little-known method that you’ve NEVER seen before.
The EXACT steps to “piggyback” your way to $100+ per day with just a few minutes of simple work daily. To be clear, this has NOTHING to do with outsourcing or Fiverr.
How to take things to the next level and scale this up as big as you want. you can take this method and use it to quit your day job in just a few short weeks.
Plus, a whole lot more!

If you’re looking for an easy system for making money online, this is it.

Look What REAL People Have To Say About The Piggyback Cash System…
Look What REAL People Have To Say About The Piggyback Cash System…



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Content Nitrous

Name Product: Content Nitrous

Sale Page:

Price: $24.86

Add Money Making “Step Boxes” To Your Websites

A “Step Box” is what we call it, because its a box with 3 steps for your customer to follow that have PROVEN to increase profits time and time again. This plugin and the strategy that comes with it is guaranteed to

Creates Unlimited Step Boxes

Insert these on as many websites as you wish. Customize them to look the way you want and perform the way you need so that customers become loyal and buy MORE stuff from you.
Boosts Your Passive Income

The step box automatically creates a “whitelist” page and gets your customer to add YOUR email to their email contacts so your follow up emails will NEVER get filtered as spam!

Adds An Injection Of Cash

The Step Box plugin adds a high converting high ticket backend webinar to your website. This will add profits to the bottom line of ANY launch. Select one of our backend products or add YOUR own!
Assembles A Peer Community

Your customers will be added to your Facebook group which reduces help desk nihghtmares through peer to peer support. The audience assembled in this community will revere you and buy more stuff!

(We’ve been secretly using this tactic for years.)
to add tens of thousands of dollars
to every product and website you create!



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Adam Nolan’s Products Collection 2017

Name Product: Adam Nolan’s Products Collection 2017

Sale Page:
Price: $129

Adam Nolan is a business and direct marketing consultant living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His courses have been downloaded by over 250,000 people. He’s had 30,000+ people attend his presentations on business and marketing. Adam specializes in high leverage marketing strategies and creating “lifestyle businesses”.He has been featured in ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX for helping thousands of people build successful online businesses. He’s the creator of the Passive Print System, the editor-in-chief of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter, owner of, and also runs a high level entrepreneur mastermind called the “Sales On Demand” program.

Consulting Classroom Monthly
How To Build A Marketing Agency
– 3.16 GB –

Instant Product Formula
How To Quickly Create And Sell Your Own Products
– 143.7 MB –

Offline Declassified
How To Generate 1000’s Of Offline Leads On Autopilot
– 854.2 MB –

Secret Guru Playbook
Simple Tips To Generate Large Revenue Quickly
– 1.15 GB –

Traffic Tidal Wave
A Few Simple Ticks On How To Get Traffic Now
– 22.3 MB –

FB Ad Basics
How To Advertise On Facebook
– 395.7 MB –

Lead Generation Machine
A Simple “Foot In The Door” Technique Great For Sales
– 12 MB –

Offline Influence
Sales Psychology Techniques To Get Customers To Say “Yes” Now.
– 7.2 MB –

The Affiliate Funnel
The Best Way To Make Money Online As An Affiliate
– 375 MB –

Ultimate Sales Funnel
How To Put Together The Perfect Sales Funnel
– 395.2 MB –




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2017 Marketer’s Dream (Wishbox) Toolkit OTO

Name Product: 2017 Marketer’s Dream (Wishbox) Toolkit   OTO

Sale Page:

Price: $14.99

The 2017 Marketer’s Dream (Wish Box)
Tool-Kit Holiday Blowout Sale Is Here!
WARNING… Special Holiday Blow-Out Offer Increases

This Amazing Royalty Free Media & Tool Assets Deal Grants YOU Immediate Access To Our Hand Picked Mega Collection of the Most Highly Sought After (Copyright Free)
Marketing Assets on the Planet!

Truth be told, finding quality, professional tools & content for use in your web properties can not only be tedious AND expensive. You could spend days, weeks, months or even years (like we did) compiling a marketing arsenal that can compete with this one. Not to mention the fact, you must be sure everything you are going to use is 100% legal for you to do so…

Miss that part and you could easily be in for a Nasty (Scrooge) Like Surprise

Due to the Overwhelming Positive Response for our previous Stock Image/Assets Discount Deals and a Constant Stream of Never Ending Requests For Us To Do It ONE More Time…

With the all new *Ultimate (Holiday Special) Marketer’s Wish Box Toolkit* you immediately gain full access to our private collection of the most premium Copyright and Royalty Free marketing assets on Earth!



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Anthony Devine- Golden Backlinks – Bonuses

Name Product: Anthony Devine- Golden Backlinks   Bonuses

Sale Page:

Price: $97

Golden Backlinks is the entire process for quickly creating and benefiting from Google dofollow backlinks that are absolutely free, the highest-quality and very best of the best backlinks, and backlinks Google loves. After all, they are Google dofollow backlinks!

We these backlinks, you and/or your client can benefit from page 1 organic and/or 3-Pack rankings, increased traffic, visitors and leads, along with more potential sales and profits and much more!

And, no worries here. It doesn’t take hardly any time at all to use my strategy; in fact, it only takes 10-15 minutes to start generating up to 70 do-follow links straight from Google for ANY site, all at one time, on-demand.

Stop wasting time and/or money submitting long and boring articles for backlinks, spamming press releases across the Internet, creating low-quality and time-wasting videos for YouTube, or any of other “free” backlink methods that most people hate doing because they are difficult, confusing at times and time-consuming.

With my complete step-by-step system, anyone at ANY skill level can follow for FAST Google do-follow backlinks, more traffic, higher page rankings (in both the organic search rankings and Google 3-Pack) and greater overall success, even if you have never built a single backlink to a site in your life.

This backlink strategy is completely white-hat, meaning this is exactly what Google WANTS to see, and you can use this strategy to target any niche you want. This backlink strategy also works with ANY type of business and promotion model, including: Clickbank, CPA Offers, Amazon, Local/Offline, etc. Simply follow the guide and you’re well on your way.

The backlinks you’re going to generate from following my blueprint are the VERY BEST of the best, long-lasting and typically permanent, providing you with powerful link juice, rankings and traffic benefits potentially for up to YEARS… all without ever having to check back on these backlinks even once.

Golden Backlinks is an easy, reliable and tested FREE backlinking strategy that enables you to take advantage of the power of do-follow links from none other than Google itself!



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Carter Thomas – Bluecloud App Formula

Name Product: Carter Thomas – Bluecloud App Formula

Sale Page:

Price: $497

Get the Bluecloud App Formula with over 100+ step by step video lessons, checklists, pdf’s, swipe files, resources.
Watch this workshop replay for complete details + our 4 Step Million Dollar App System

App Formula + Classified Collection
Congratulations! Once you complete this secure registration form, you’ll have instant access to my “Bluecloud App Formula” where you’ll watch over my shoulder as we create your very own app business without any coding or previous experience!

Live Weekly Coaching Calls
Every week you will get personal access to Carter to ask any questions you want – all Live. If you can’t make the weekly call, you can email in any questions you.

Think of this like a $1,000/hour personal coach…available to you every single week. You’ll never run into a problem that we can solve on every weekly call!

BONUS #1 – Lifetime Access to All Templates
You’ll have limetime access to all our app templates, including everything we add in the coming months. Below are the 10 you can add to your portfolio with your Bluecloud App Formula purchase:

Tap To Shoot

Bridge Boss

Flags Quiz Game

Monogram Maker (Wallpaper Editor)

Tiger Stickers

Pyramid Solitaire

Gem Dots (puzzle matcher)

Charades Card Creator

Keno Kingdom

Bingo Blaze
Bonus #2 – Private FB Group
Get access to our private Facebook group with 1,100+ entrepreneurs. Network with the best marketers in the business, get development tips, have awesome conversations, and get the latest news.

Hangout with myself, my team, and the hottest entrepreneurs online.

Ask questions and get immediate responses. We’re all about sharing our information and experience.

Share your projects and get feedback from experts.
Bonus #3 – Repeatable Case Studies
I’ll show you case studies of 4 of my most successful apps. We’ll go through unique creative strategies, how I did it all, and how you can repeat the success.

Gangnam Style Runner ($130K+)

BarSkillz (Bacardi Sponsorship)

Kingom Coins ($150K+)

GetLikes ($100K+)
Bonus #4 – Business Accelerator
On top of all the nuts and bolts of the app business, we also dive into important real life obstacles and how to overcome them. This includes tools and mini-courses you need to help your business blowup.

Goal Setting

Time Management

Operating Procedures

Physical Health

Bonus #5 – Emoji App Template
This app is unreal! Everyone is going crazy over emojis. Have the ability to goto celebrities, influencers, or ANYBODY and create a hot emoji app.
Use the template that’s exploding on the Top Charts

Get a huge head start on your emoji app.


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