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[Special Offer] Ezra Firestone – Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing

Name Product: Ezra Firestone – Advanced Ecommerce Email Marketing
COST: $1497
Size: 2.3 GB

Sale Page : _



Eric Louviere – Spin Click (Modules1-5)

Name Product: Eric Louviere – Spin Click (Modules1-5)

Sale Page:

Price: $2500

Here’s How To Earn Up To $10,000 Per Month In
The Next 20-30 Days With Facebook And LinkedIn. Even If You Are Brand New And Have Zero Skills!
Heck, You Could Earn Much More Than 10k Per Month With This. Try 10k Per WEEK!

No selling required (none!)
No need to do strategy calls or sales calls
No need creating your own products or courses
No big advertising budget needed (or any budget at all)
No experience necessary
Note: If you have the ability to read this letter, can construct a real sentence, and you can at least cut and paste. you can do this.

Here’s more of what you get:

Watch the campaigns I’m running
Watch the funnels I’m using
Watch the ads I’m running
Watch the methods I’m using to get clients etc.
Watch how I work the leads
Discover the same tools I’m using
Watch how I’m outsourcing
Discover how I close deals
I’ll teach you all the methods I’m using to run my FB ads business (top to bottom)
Scripts, cheat sheets, templates
Case studies
The conversions formulas I’m using
How I’m hiring and managing people as I scale to millions
The five different funnels I use revealed!
The persuasion formulas I use to convert prospects into clients
How to earn up to 10k per month as an affiliate!


How to get your first client paying you 1k to 2k per month in less than 2 days!
How to bust-out and secure a 10k+ per month income in your very first month! (Step by step)
No need running ads for yourself or your clients.
Simple and to the point, this is as easy as it will ever get for you in business.
Q&A calls, cheat sheets, step by steps, all laid out for you, just follow the directions!
Nothing held back. Look over my shoulder and watch how I do it in front of you!
How to make sure you succeed!
Module one is all you need and is worth the price of admission alone.
Make a mad dash to earn 10k in the next 30 days or less!
Repeat the same system in your second month and shoot for doubling your revenue from 10k to 20k per month!! Don’t stop, keep going higher!


Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads, And More Facebook Ads!
All Facebook Ads, All Day Long!
How to get started, with detailed and carefully crafted tutorial videos on how to go from A to B to C to D and every step to Z!
By a mile, the best Facebook Ads Course on the planet!
Example ads
Ad writing formulas
Secret sauce methods for winning ad campaigns
How to keep it all simple as pie and don’t go complicated to kick off
High end versus low end offers to promote and how to make each work (they are different)
How to boost desire and put the right offer in front of desperate buyers
The definitive method for earning quick cash with Facebook ads.
How to research and pick the right niche markets, and what markets to stay way far away from (time and money wasters, I learned the hard way)
How to create headlines and why this is critical
All about data gathering
What type of freebies to give away that work and the one’s that are useless
The best ads and why they work
The copywriting part of copywriting (formulas, baby!)
Your ideal, dream, perfect clients and how to laser target them!
How to get around bad copywriting skills and what to do from scratch.
The FB pixel
Tracking and split testing
Your dashboard
Tools we use (secret tools!)
Services we use and outsourcers
Video ads rock, this is huge
Creating custom conversions (huge again!)
High end funnels and how to lay them out
Everything you could ever need to earn big with Facebook advertising
Plus, all the updates and changes as they happen. stay on the cutting edge!


How to get clients
How to be picky and only work with these types of clients, where to find them, how to get them!
How to tell in less than 2 minutes if your prospect is a bad apple, and how to NOT TAKE THEM on as a client or accept money from them
5 different ways we get clients! (some are just flat free methods to get clients that work!)
The Video Sneak Attack Method! (oh this is a game-changer!!!!!!!)
The way to be the hunted instead of the hunter!
How to close prospects into high-end buyers who STICK! (And why low end buyers don’t stick)
How to turn your clients on to FB advertising
How to run your agency
How to manage clients
Inside my “Spinner” system which is responsible for producing millions for myself, but also millions for clients and former employees of mine who worked in the system!
How to set up the “Spinner System” for yourself and your business and rake it in like nobody’s business!
The “Spinner system” is worth the price of admission alone!
How to free up your time and live without a schedule!
How to automate your life! (oh and your business)
Why this type of business can sell for millions (I mean sell the company!)
How to intake your new clients and get them set up
How to use business manager to manage your clients easier and effectively
How to scale up and manage the growth properly
Tons more!


How to use LinkedIn and get clients for free
The methods we use and why they work
What not to do (we learned the hard way and still learn methods, this is a new method for us but is working like a charm!)
Sample templates, look over my shoulder, case studies, real world screen shots of prospects reaching out to us, etc.
How this is an unlimited method and the sky is the limit, so don’t worry about competition learning this method (it’s so good you’ll want to keep it quiet!)…



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Lawrence Bernstein – Million Dollar Hard Drive Players in Print – April 28 UP

Name Product: Lawrence Bernstein – Million Dollar Hard Drive Players in Print (April 28 UP)

Sale Page:

Price: $250
I am writing today to sell you the world’s most expensive computer hard drive of blockbuster ads and response boosters.

And with that sentence, I’ve just broken a cardinal rule of sales letter writing – I’ve told you up front what I’m selling, instead of warming you up first. If you think that’s unusual, in just a moment I’m going to break some more.
Because this is no ordinary hard drive and to be truthful, it’s not for everyone. You’re busy and probably don’t have the time to read this through to the end only to discover the price and content of this unusual offer are out of reach for 99% of those reading this. So, with your permission, I’m now going to break another rule and tell you the price right up front.
It’s the world’s most expensive hard drive for creating winning direct response advertising and.
It’ll set you back a whopping $100,100

That’s £81,056 in pounds. €95,112 in euros.

And finally, let me break one more rule while I’m at it.
Sales letters like this are normally heavy on the guarantee. They promise unconditional and instant money back if you don’t like the product for any reason.

Want to know what the guarantee is with world’s most expensive hard drive?

It’s precisely the same as with ANY print ad insertion, DRTV spot or direct mail drop.

Zip. Zero. Zilch.
That’s the REAL world of high level direct response. and business.

So, if you want a friend, get a dog. And if risk-free “voyeurism” is your thing, stop reading. The Internet is awash with “zero-risk” products and you can download one thousand thirty one $97 e-books instead.

Why have I chosen to break all the rules? Because this drive breaks all the rules as well.

Announcing the 17-pound FedEx laden with your new direct response SUPER POWERS
for 2017. 2018. 2020 and beyond

1,853 HEALTH & BEAUTY print ads. Everything under the sun. (“Health & Beauty MegaBase” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
HIGH TICKET Selling (Part 1): “How to turn $49 investment newsletter subscribers into high ticket buyers. for a $10 Million week. (“High Ticket” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
634 FINANCIAL ads. DM packages & print with 15,000 fully searchable keywords. Investment newsletters, trading systems and software, options advisories, penny stock pitches and more. (“Financial MegaBase” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
CRIMINAL CLOSER’S Manual: The Feds shut them down. but not before this rogue firm booked $250 million in sales. This 76-page training manual was mandatory reading for employees. (“Criminal Closers” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
KILLER CHIRO campaign grew this franchise from a handful to HUNDREDS of clinics. 29 ads. 134 total chiro ads. (“Killer Chiro” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
30-page checklist for writing “Story Ads that Sell.” (page 600, Players in Print Volume 3)
ALT-HEALTH. 320 Direct Mail control packages. (DM Health MegaBase on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
4-foot-11 marketing GIANT’s fool proof knock-off insurance. and $200 million payday. 52 ads. (“4-foot-11 Marketing Giant” on Million Dollar Hard Drive.)
SELF-HELP secrets: 209 DM packages and print ads. (“Self-Help” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Supplement Swipes. 352 proven print ads. (“Supplement Swipes” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
RETAIL COPYWRITING dwarfs mail order. and this treasure trove of 420 long copy ads TROUNCED the competition. (“Retail Copywriting” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)HEALTH INFO-MARKETER’s secret stash. No pills or potions here. The secrets of selling health related books, reports and plans. 185 winning ads. (“Health Info Marketing” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
“Dentorials” that pull. 69 print ads. (“DENTAL” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
PREPPER products. Market of hillbillies, paranoids and cooks? Think again. The survivalist’s market continues to soar. and high ticket products abound. 124-page lesson for selling $10,000 power generators. 84-page “how to” for pitching $500 freeze-dried food rations. a 30-page control for moving cases of colloidal silver kits. (“High Ticket” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
FASCINATION FILES. 134 pages. Ad collection sent unsolicited to direct response legend, Marty Edelston. His friendship worth a thousandfold the check. (“Fascination Files” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
HOT NEW direct response lead for 2017. $8.5 million in sales and 80,000 new customers thanks to this unlikely lead. Working like gangbusters in health and wealth. (“Hot New Lead” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
$1,300 GOLD? The greatest silver and gold print ad swipe file there is. from a 50-year copywriting veteran. 75 ads. (“Silver & Gold” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Socialist’s SALES SECRETS. He once boasted in a headline: “Do You Realize (blank) is the Largest Book Publishing Enterprise Ever in Existence?” But since he sold HUNDREDS of millions of books, none can quibble. His 223-page title testing manual. and greatest ads collection. (“Socialist’s Sales Secrets” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Ultimate Trading Swipes. 75 DM packages. (“Trading Swipes” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Pain Relief 151 winning print ads. (“Pain Relief” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
PICK-UP artist in print. Mild mannered agency-man by day. pick up artist by night. His pioneering print campaign. (“Pick Up” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
WEIGHT LOSS. Many marketers don’t have the risk tolerance for it. But if you do. try this: 1) a good advertising lawyer and 2) this weight loss swipe file of 171 current and recent print ads, including: supplements, weight loss centers, hypnosis, and cosmetic surgery. (“Weight Loss” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
FUNDRAISING fortunes. Ogilvy’s response boosting dynamite (not in any of his books). British advertiser’s £147.7 million windfall in 2015. Virginia farmer’s formidable fundraising secrets. €278 million raised in 2015 by this monolith…



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Leo Gura – The Ultimate Life Purpose Course

Name Product: Leo Gura – The Ultimate Life Purpose Course

Sale Page:

Price: $499

Fed up?
Dread work?
Feeling uninspired?
Stuck in a meaningless job?
Not realizing your full potential?
Wish you could get paid to do your art?
Not sure how to turn your passion into a career?
Stop tolerating bullshit!
Stop wasting your life.
I can help you find your life’s purpose.
Love Your Work!
Learn the psychological principles vital to creating a meaningful career.
Here’s a HUGE secret: Your mood isn’t determined by your position, but by your trajectory!

This means you can start feeling good about your career right now!

You don’t need to wait for years until you get a new career or earn 6-figures to feel a renewed sense of optimism and relief.

By learning and starting to align your life with the right principles, you can start to feel good RIGHT NOW because you are taking action.

Feel alive again by tapping into your innate creative potential!
Who Is This Course Good For?

Professionals considering a career change
Aspiring entrepreneurs
Seasoned entrepreneurs seeking more meaning
Aspiring artists & creatives
Those stuck in wage slavery
Those stuck in a rut or funk
Those going through a mid-life crisis
Those lost in life, wandering aimlessly
High school and college students
Self-help junkies
Aspiring leaders who want to change the world
Those frustrated with inconsistent motivation
Stay-at-home-mom’s re-entering the workforce

Unprecedented Features
The most comprehensive video course about finding your life purpose!
35 Core Concepts

In-depth discussion of all the advanced theory you need to know to design your dream career.
25+ Hrs, 90 HD Videos

Massive amount of video content streamed in 720p. 90 individual videos cover every concept in great detail.
200+ Gigabytes

Uploading all this content took 2 months! The most comprehensive video course on life purpose.
Free Lifetime Upgrades

Even more content coming! As this course expands in the future you will get all the upgrades for free.
90%+ Exclusive Content

The theory and techniques discussed in this course are nearly all brand new, never before released on
Worksheets & Exercises

Not just theory, but actionable techniques for creating results. A dozen worksheets and dozens of exercises.
Guided Visualizations

Over a dozen guided visualizations that start to drip on your subconscious mind, creating emotional shifts.
Instant Online Access

No waiting. No shipping. No downloading. Buy now and start watching in minutes in your browser.
Life purpose strategies gathered from world-class experts.
I spent years reading books and taking notes on the best advice on life purpose that exists. This course is full of insights from exceptional people:

Self-made millionaires
Marketing experts
Best-selling authors
Academics & PhD’s
Psychology researchers
Self-help gurus
Spiritual gurus
Coaches & therapists
Visionary creatives & artists
World leaders.



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Big Video Machine

Name Product: Big Video Machine

Sale Page:

Price: $27

Let’s See The Big Video Machine
In Action…
Re-purpose old articles with this amazing software…
Create affiliate review videos in seconds…

* Tube Optimizer is a Pro version feature and requires an upgrade.

These videos don’t have Hollywood production values but they don’t need to!

The idea is to rank videos that have links to your sites and offers. Links that take people to pages that earn you money (or to affiliate product links).

But that’s not the only use for The Big Video Machine!

I create niche packs for affiliate marketers. I’ve recently had great results with packs in
the dog training, stock trading and weight loss niches.

My packs now always feature videos made with this software. It’s incredibly simple to use,
and I can make really great looking videos in just a few clicks.

And I’m not the only one using The Big Video Machine for this…?


Jerome Johnson of does a lot of work in the
self help niche. He has recently been using this software to create affirmation
videos for clients and to offer for sale in PLR packs.

Here’s an example of a video that literally took less than 3 minutes to create…

Packs of PLR or resale videos sell far better than traditional written content and
with The Big Video Machine, to you – they are one in the same!
Here’s just a few ideas for ways to use
and profit from The Big Video Machine…

Got written PLR that you can’t pass on rights with? Turn it into video PLR in seconds and you have a unique product that you can do whatever you like with.
Turn old e-courses and email sequences into video training courses!
Create Affirmation Videos to sell with or without resell rights – the choice is yours!
Create affiliate review videos to rank on Tube sites.
Repurpose content, repurpose stuff you have private label rights to, turn written reviews with resell rights into video reviews.
Use in conjunction with iCurator Pro to create rebrandable desktop membership sites that people love to buy.


To make this even more of a no-brainer decision for you we’re also including the following resource packs
to anyone who picks this up right away…

YES! I want to get The Big Video Machine at this special
super-crazy low price (available for this 3 day launch only)

Plus… Because I am buying right now I am claiming my TWO bonus resource
packs so that I’ve got a bunch of royalty free images and backing tracks so I can
start cranking out killer videos right away.

This means I am getting The Big Video Machine Software for Windows and
BOTH Resource Packs all for a one-time, low price.

I understand my purchase is fully protected
with your no quibble, 30 Day, 100% Money Back
Guarantee and on that basis I am ordering right now!
Big Video Machine



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[Special Offer] Ronnie Sandlin – School of Hidden Knowledge 2017

Name Product: Ronnie Sandlin – School of Hidden Knowledge
COST: $3000
Size: 3.94 + GB

Sale Page : _

School of Hidden Knowledge by Ronnie Sandlin

Digital membership course for covering topics: advertorials, paid marketing, native advertising, lead generation



Twitter Cash Formula

Name Product: Twitter Cash Formula

Sale Page:

Price: $148

HOW To..
Create FREE Targeted Traffic From a Unique Twitter Method
Build an Email List on Auto-Pilot from this FREE Traffic
Create a Follow Up Series that Converts into Sales
Build a High Converting & Relevant Squeeze Page
Build a Special Bridge Page that Builds Trust & Converts.
Build a Massive Twitter Following so your Income Grows Day after Day & on 100% Auto-Pilot + SO MUCH MORE..



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Chris Reiff – 1-28 Super Saturday (5 day training)

Name Product: Chris Reiff – 1-28 Super Saturday (5 day training)

Sale Page:

Price: $997
Main Super Saturday Replay
Monday replay
Tuesday replay
Wednesday replay
Thursday replay
Friday replay

I’ve been watching Chris for over a year and boy does he over deliver. I have been on a few of his webinars and he is as transparent as it gets showing you his live campaigns on FB from targeting to ads plus his stores and the products that he is selling. He did over $1.5 mill off a new store he set up from late Oct til Dec last year.

You will be getting two series of Super Saturday webinars (one for 28 Jan + 5 days follow-up and the other 4 Mar + 5 days follow-up) in this GB.
I already got the first series and the main webinar is 9 hours long, yes you see it right, and the followup sessions are 2 hours each, so in total it’s 20+ hours of pure training from just the first series.
I strongly recommend the course – a lot of actionable tips you won’t find elsewhere!

Super Profit Saturday is coming up next weekend. It is the hottest ticket going right now.
You’ll see why when you get there as we’re pulling back the curtain and showing you everything you need to know about eCom, FB ads, shops, and how to generate massive conversions..
It is a full jam packed six hours of content that will teach you everything you need to get up and running. You will be learn how to be optimized and profitable with products from prints to t-shirts, wall art and everything in between..
We will answer your questions live and deep dive into the content that you need to know so that you have a 100% understanding so you can overcome any obstacles right then and there.
We’re going to then do full 5 days of follow up where we deep dive into ads that we created.
You’ll know what to look for, why you look for it, and how to scale for maximum profit.
Everything is broken down in easy step-by-step directions so you can apply it right away.
It’s not open to anyone – you have to apply.


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LetReach BONUS

Name Product: LetReach BONUS

Sale Page:

Price: $497
WP Engage Plugin

WP Engage + Plugin is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use; and it will enable you to create engaging polls and surveys.

Affiliate List Pro Software

Here’s How You Can Easily Build Your Own List Through Your Affiliate Links – All On Autopilot! If you’re interested in building your own mailing list, you’re going to love this software.

Affiliate Link Cloaker

This is a simple and direct method of link cloaking.

Enter the affiliate link you would like to cloak.
Enter the page title you would like to use.
Click on ‘Create Page’ and save the file according to how you want your link to be cloaked.
Drop In Reviews Pro Software

This Software Will Increase Your Sales With Product Reviews That DROP IN!

Catchy Headline Generator

Would You like to Multiply Your Website Conversion and Boost Your Sales? This Tool will Generate Catchy, Attention Grabbing, Profit-Producing Headlines in 9 Seconds or less!

45 PRE-MADE Call-To-Action Presenter Videos

By using these Pre-Made Videos in the right sequence, you literally drive your viewers behavior, leading them through your offer, and closing the sale.
Download Now!
47 PRE-MADE Professional Presented Intro & Outro Videos

Use these Pre-Made Intro & Outro Videos to light up any offer and get the action that you desire from any hungry buyer.

Ultimate Motion Pro Media – 2500+ Stock Images Pack

If you are looking to create captivating and unique videos or advertisements, or you are updating your website for better conversion, this Images, Cartoons, Photo’s & Moving Backgrounds package will show you how to engage your visitors, and turn them into leads and sales.


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Training For Shopify Sellers – Tecademics

Name Product: Training For Shopify Sellers – Tecademics

Sale Page:

Price: $99


Introduction to the Shopify Bonus Webinar
How Shopify Staff Accounts Work
Picking the Right Shopify Plan
Who to Contact for Shopify Support
General Stores vs. Niche Stores
Finding the Perfect Name for your Store
Free vs. Paid Shopify Themes
Designing Your Shopify Store Graphics
Drop Shipping Products to Sell on your Store
How to Research and Learn from other Sellers
Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Pages
Finding the Perfect Facebook Audience for Ads
What to Do if your Merchants Holds Back Funds
Placing Your First Facebook Ads on your Page
Convert More with Intersecting Audiences
Will Chinese New Year Affect Your Sales?
Join Tecademics as a FREE Member Today! This is just the tip of the iceberg! Join now for FREE to dive even deeper!
FB LIVE REPLAY – Here are the 5 Topics Covered on this Facebook Live
1. Tips to Rank your Shopify Store in Google
2. Bridge Marketing for your Shopify Products
3. General Stores & Niche Stores (Important)
4. How to Get Sales without Paid Advertising
5. Tips to Prepare for Valentines Day Shopping
REPLAY – 10 FREE Sources of Traffic to help you sell without paid ads!
Watch this Replay and then Share it on Facebook so that others can benefit from the FREE value!
REPLAY – The $5/day Facebook Advertising Strategy Learn how tiny little $5/day ads on Facebook can convert traffic, leads, & sales!
REPLAY – 7 Strategies to Make Money with Shopify! Watch the Replay of Chris Record’s last Facebook Live where he shared 7 Tips to Make Money with Shopify!


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