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NLP the Ultimate Introduction from a Certified NLP Trainer

Name Product: NLP the Ultimate Introduction from a Certified NLP Trainer

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About this course
Join with Matt Barnett – in discovering the power of your unconscious mind and the NLP techniques that you can use
In this engaging Introduction to NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. Matt Banett – Author Coach and Certified Trainer of NLP will show you.

How to think differently to supercharge your effectiveness through understanding perception
Take action that leads to massive results in your life
How to take on the Principals of Success that practically assure you will hit your goals
Learn about your unconscious mind – your automatic Goal Getter that will work to realise your dreams on auto pilot
Get insight into some of the core skills and tools of an NLP Practitioner

This is an Introduction to NLP and its a comprehensive one ! which will give you everything you need to start the process of taking control of your results and achieving your goals.

What are the requirements?

All you need is an open mind and a willingness to learn

What am I going to get from this course?

Embrace the automatic goal achievement mechanism that lies within
Take action knowing that it will lead to amazing results
Learn anchoring – to take control of your feelings and emotions at any time
Learn the Key components to an achievable outcome so that you can confidently take on any goal or project
Be more confident and assured by taking control of your state

What is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to take control of their mind and their results
This course is not for you if you prefer to let life pass you by

Matthew Barnett
Hypnosis, NLP, Law of Attraction and Human Behaviour Pro


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Anthony Robbins: I’m Not Your Guru 2016

Name Product: Anthony Robbins: I’m Not Your Guru 2016 

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Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru a feature documentary film about internationally renowned life and business strategist Tony Robbins, is a revelatory cinema-verite film that goes behind the scene of his mammoth seminar Date with Destiny, attended by over 2,500 people in Boca Raton, Florida each year, to give an insider look at how one man can affect millions.

Granted never before seen access to the behind the scenes machinations of this mega-event, this film captures both the immense effort of producing this live seminar as well as the life changing transformations of the participants in real time.

With Tony Robbins and his team over the course of six days, Academy Award nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger turns an unflinching eye on Tony Robbins powerful and uncompromising approach to achieving success, ensuring the attendees leave Date With Destiny with new perspective on the forces, thoughts and feelings that motivate their behavior and help them better take control of their lives.

Pulling back the curtain on Tony Robbins, a man that traverses the globe and consuls over 200,000 people annually, including world leaders, pundits and celebrities, TONY ROBBINS: I AM NOT YOUR GURU is an emotional tour de force that unveils the inner-workings of this mega event, the zealous participants and the man himself.


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HypnosisDownloads & Uncommon Knowledge DeluxeBundle

Name Product: HypnosisDownloads & Uncommon Knowledge DeluxeBundle

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Price: $199

Treat people with clinical depression?
Depression : Understand it, Treat it, Beat it

2 PDF Guides + 17 Sessions

HypnosisDownload Be Competitive
HypnosisDownload Be Lucky
HypnosisDownload Comfort Zone (Expand your Comfort Zone)
HypnosisDownload Desire to Succeed
HypnosisDownload Dont Get Sidetracked
HypnosisDownload Fear of Commitment
HypnosisDownload Impulse Control
HypnosisDownload Inner Strength
HypnosisDownload Millionaire Mind
HypnosisDownload Overcome Indecision
HypnosisDownload Powerful Intuition
HypnosisDownload Put yourself first for a change
HypnosisDownload Remember Reading
HypnosisDownload Self Discipline
HypnosisDownload Sell yourself
HypnosisDownload Social Circle
HypnosisDownload Start your own Business
HypnosisDownload Traders Mind
HypnosisDownload Stop be lazy
HypnosisDownload Study Motivation
HypnosisDownload Verbal Self Defense

First-time HypnosisDownloads
Learn what hypnosis is all about for yourself – safely and easily
Many people feel nervous about trying hypnosis for themselves. At least as many think it’s all ‘bunkum’ and wouldn’t try it if you paid them. Neither group can be blamed for their attitude. But such misplaced fears and skepticism mean that they exclude themselves from the benefits that hypnosis can bring them. And the potential benefits available to those who learn how to utilize hypnosis are many.
Why there is so much misunderstanding about hypnosis
You can hardly have escaped hypnosis hype if you’ve ever watched TV or been to the movies. Hypnosis is a popular theme in many thrillers, horror movies and science fiction. In such scenarios, one or more characters is portrayed being ‘hypnotized’ into doing bad or dangerous things – seemingly unwittingly. Things they would never dream of doing or dare to do of their own accord. So the story would have you believe.
Fictional though such representations are, their frequent recurrence spreads the notion that hypnosis is something that can be ‘done’ to you without you being aware of it. And that hypnosis can make you do things which are against your nature or your moral beliefs. Such notions are fine in fantasy fiction – but they are nothing to do with real life.
Hypnosis stage shows also mislead people about hypnosis
Another source of misconceptions about hypnosis is the hypnosis stage show. Typically, the hypnotist invites volunteers from the audience and then demonstrates a number of hypnotic techniques. In a stage show, ‘entertainment value’ is all important. So the hypnotist is at pains to make it look as if they have ‘control’ over the subjects, and to get them to do bizarre things which will make the audience laugh.
So, all in all, it’s not surprising that many people feel nervous – or totally skeptical – about the idea of hypnosis.
No smoke without a fire? The kernel of truth about hypnosis
As is often the case in life, these muddled notions and misconceptions contain within them a grain of truth. Actually, it’s more than a grain. It’s a gold nugget of truth. It is true that hypnosis can help you do things that you believe (or fear) you cannot do. Things that you will be totally amazed to find that you can do, easily and effortlessly. Like feeling totally comfortable standing up and talking to a crowd of people.
Hypnosis allows you to reprogram instinctive behavior
Hypnosis allows you to directly access your imagination and change your own instinctive behaviours. So that those spiders (or dogs, or moths, or whatever) that used to cause your heart to race and your palms to sweat no longer have any effect at all on you. Through hypnosis, you can bring about real measurable physical changes – such as lowering your blood pressure, and healing faster after illness or surgery.
Learning how to use hypnosis can dramatically change your life
Modern life is full of challenges, with stressful situations and difficulties at every step. Learning hypnosis will enable you to relax deeply and handle stress effectively. In addition to the health benefits from this, you can use hypnosis to create profoundly strong good feelings of confidence, motivation, and exhilaration which you can take with you into your life. People who know how to self-hypnotise simply have more options.
Where to begin learning hypnosis
You might still feel nervous about trying hypnosis with a hypnotherapist. First Time Hypnosis offers you a safe and easy way to put your toe in the water. This audio session explains and explores the basic steps of entering and utilizing hypnotic trance for your own benefit.
When you listen to First Time Hypnosis you will broaden your knowledge and understanding of how hypnosis works and how you yourself can begin to use it. You will quickly learn how to relax yourself deeply and activate the powers of your imagination. First Time Hypnosis addresses all the questions that arise in the mind of the first time hypnotee and sets your mind at rest.
Download First Time Hypnosis and discover just what hypnosis has to offer you. Audio Collection 2
HypnosisDownload 47 Assorted Sessions
HypnosisDownload 17 scripts (for therapists)
HypnosisDownload Achieving_Potential
HypnosisDownload Back-To-Sleep
HypnosisDownload Be-Approachable
HypnosisDownload Be-Lucky
HypnosisDownload Be-More-Charismatic
HypnosisDownload Blushing
HypnosisDownload Comfort-Zone
HypnosisDownload Confident-Flirting
HypnosisDownload Controlling_Anger
HypnosisDownload Desire-to-Succeed
HypnosisDownload Eat_Healthy
HypnosisDownload Energy_Booster
HypnosisDownload Exercise_Motivation
HypnosisDownload Express-Your-Emotions
HypnosisDownload Eye-Contact
HypnosisDownload Fear_Rejection
HypnosisDownload Fear-of-Commitment
HypnosisDownload Finish-What-You-Start
HypnosisDownload Get-Organised
HypnosisDownload Get-Popular
HypnosisDownload Happy-Memory-Jogger
HypnosisDownload Impulse-Control
HypnosisDownload Inner-Strength
HypnosisDownload Masturbation-Addiction
HypnosisDownload Mental-Toughness
HypnosisDownload Millionaire-Mind
HypnosisDownload Motivation_Booster
HypnosisDownload No-Embarrassment
HypnosisDownload Overcome-Envy
HypnosisDownload Overcome-Indecision
HypnosisDownload Powerful-Intuition
HypnosisDownload Quiet-Mind
HypnosisDownload Reach-Goals
HypnosisDownload Remember-Reading
HypnosisDownload Self-Consciousness
HypnosisDownload Self-Sabotage
HypnosisDownload Sell-Yourself
HypnosisDownload Social-Circle
HypnosisDownload Socializing-Motivation
HypnosisDownload Speed-Reading
HypnosisDownload Start-Your-Business
HypnosisDownload Stop-Pushing
HypnosisDownload Study-Motivation
HypnosisDownload Think-Thin
HypnosisDownload Traders-Mind
HypnosisDownload Value-Your-Time
HypnosisDownload Verbal-Self-Defense
HypnosisDownload List of PDF scripts:
HypnosisDownload BeingYourself
HypnosisDownload Bridges
HypnosisDownload Confidence-Booster
HypnosisDownload FallAsleep
HypnosisDownload FearSuccess
HypnosisDownload Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy course by Uncommon Knowledge
HypnosisDownload InstantHypnosis
HypnosisDownload KnowYourself
HypnosisDownload LanguageLearning
HypnosisDownload Meditation
HypnosisDownload PerformAnxiety
HypnosisDownload PP02FocusOnStrengths
HypnosisDownload Public Speaking Tips – Uncommon Knowledge
HypnosisDownload Sleep
HypnosisDownload StressRelief
HypnosisDownload Stuttering
HypnosisDownload SuperSlimMe


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Beyond Hypnosis & The Biology of Empowerment by Lee Pulos

Name Product: Beyond Hypnosis & The Biology of Empowerment by Lee Pulos

Sale Page:

Price: $299



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Robert Bruce – Astral Projection Mastery

Name Product: Robert Bruce – Astral Projection Mastery

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Price: $497

“New Breakthrough Discoveries In Science And Psychology Help You Eliminate The Anxiety, Nervousness, Self-Doubt, And FEAR That Are Destroying Your Chances With Astral Projection – It’s Time To FINALLY Overcome Your Fears, Take Control Of Your Emotions, Learn To Get Out Of Body Easily To Explore The Astral Plane… And Transform Yourself Into The Powerful, Confident, Astral Traveler That Every Spiritual Practitioner Needs To Be…”

In Just A Few Minutes, You’ll Be Learning The Exact
Step-By-Step System For Astral Projecting That Has
Taken Me YEARS To Perfect…



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Igor Ledochowski – Advanced Ericksonian MENTORING

Name Product: Igor Ledochowski – Advanced Ericksonian MENTORING

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Price: $997

This is for people who’ve already gone through Igor’s ‘Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy’ 28 DVD program. This was recorded to add depth to those learnings and expands on them. Contains complete transcript for all 18 DVDs.

DVD Titles:
DVD 01: Ericksonian Mentoring & Deep Ericksonian Philosophy
DVD 02: A More Intense And Powerful Version of “H+” Revealed
DVD 03: Power Pauses & Ericksonian Resourcing Demonstration
DVD 04: Opening “Hypnotic Doors” & Bonus MId-Induction Coaching Audios
DVD 05: 6 Ericksonian Tools & The “objective Review” Principle
DVD 06: Priming Deep Trance Phenomena & Hallucination Training Demonstration
DVD 07: Non-Therapeutic Generative Changes with Demonstration
DVD 08: Developing Unconscious Signals & Boosting the Responsiveness of the Unconscious
DVD 09: Amnesia, Hypnotic Language Drills & the Dueling Hypnotists
DVD 10: Digging for Gold, Demonstration of a “Problem Client” & Generative Change Dreaming
DVD 11: “Fail-Safe” Arm Levitation Theory & Unconscious Moments
DVD 12: Finding & Using Unconscious Moments with Demonstration
DVD 13: How to Get a Client Motivated for Therapy & a Model for Ericksonian Therapy Deconstructed
DVD 14: Solving Hypnotherapy Problems & How to Use the “Dreaming Arm” for Physical Issues
DVD 15: Live Client Session Demonstration with Coaching
DVD 16: 6 styles of metaphors & How to Use Them for Amnesia and the Post Hypnotic Suggestion Protocol
DVD 17: How to Construct an Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Program Using “Weight Loss” as an Example
DVD 18: Deep Trance Identification with Demonstration & Coaching



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[Special Offer] John Assaraf – Winning the Game of Fear

Name Product: John Assaraf – Winning the Game of Fear
COST: $497
Size: 3.16 GB
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Are you ready to blow through whatever internal obstacles have been holding you back?
It starts with identifying your fears, and then scientifically changing your inner thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and your behavior, RIGHT NOW!

Winning the Game of Fear: NeuroTraining System!

Many of us achieve less than what we really want in life due to fears we acquired as children or even as adults. Some fears we are well-aware of, but some are less obvious and are deeply embedded in our psyche.

Winning the Game of Fear enables you to directly address the real causes of your fears, and helps you develop new beliefs and habits to eliminate your most deeply rooted fears. By mastering the ‘Inner Game’ you’ll learn to release your conscious or unconscious doubts, fears and self-limiting beliefs, and truly unlock your potential! This is how you transform your life and results-from the inside out!

No other program in the world today does this as well, as fast, and as easily as Winning the Game of Fear. Based on decades of painstaking brain research, this program combines the most effective evidence-based techniques with the most current scientific methodologies, including:

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
Guided and Self-Hypnosis
Embedded Positive Suggestions
Brain Entrainment
Sound Wave Patterns
3-D / Surround-SoundTechnology
Precision Affirmations
Subliminal Messages
Emotional FreedomTechnique
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
Guided Visualization Sessions
Meditation and Mindfulness


PRICE: VIP members can get this course with only $27.96 ($39.95)

Payment Link
Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar DVD set

Name Product: Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar DVD set

Sale Page: _

Price: $380 x 4

Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar

Here are just a few of the hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets you will see taught and demonstrated throughout the 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM:

How to go from painfully shy to a confident stage presence by holding the “T+ State.”

How to deliver your content using “training cycles” to keep your audience engaged.

How to create a “thought matrix” and how to give an enriching experience to your audiences’ unconscious mind.
How to put your speech or presentation together for maximum results.

How to use a psychological principle (known only to a few high-level neuroscientists and experienced hypnotic-presenters) that “tunes people into your presentation” in such a way that they’ll eagerly want to pay to see you speak again and again. BEFORE you’ve even delivered your first presentation.

The “group control” secret that allows you to speak in front of a rowdy group of know-it-all’s – use this secret to control large groups of people with plenty of big egos (like high-level executives) to the extent that they “police” the audience on your behalf.

How to “sync” your presentation structure and delivery style with the UNCONSCIOUS minds of any group. Do this and each individual person in the group will make the decision to follow and succeed with your ideas. BEFORE you deliver the real content of your presentation.

The simple “mind switch” to evaporating your stage fright and performance anxiety for good. (Once you know this simple “mind switch” secret you’ll be able to walk out in front of any intimidating group of people – no matter how large – and feel as comfortable as if you were meeting up with your everyday friends).

How to bond with your audience in such a DEEP way that even if you make mistakes or completely lose your train of thought. they’ll love you more and walk away more transformed and “on board” with your message and ideas than if you delivered a slick pitch-perfect presentation.

How to get more emotional “buy in” from any audience by staying completely SILENT in front of them.

How to naturally possess a mesmerising “hypnotic voice” – a voice-cadence so cool and engaging that every member of the audience feels like you are having a one-on-one “best friend type” conversation with them. (Bill Clinton used this secret with devastating effect in a TV debate to snatch the presidency from George Bush Senior).

How to NEVER run out of engaging, witty and humorous things to say in a presentation – and do so even if you have no pre-prepared speech and you’re thrown on stage to do a “make-or-break” presentation 2 minu

And Much More….



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[Special Offer] Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotherapy Business Method

Name Product: Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotherapy Business Method
COST: $688
Size: 10.6 GB

Sales Page:
More Info:

This is an incredible powerful course, you’ll love the ultimate secrets it reveals !

Save money and discover the new easy  proven results this educational course will make you feel, as you will be able to learn faster.

This is the most fantastic course if you are involved in Hypnotherapy or Interested in building a Hypnotherapy Business.

This is part of a  Hypnosis business course I attended! Probably the best Hypnosis business course out there I guess. If you want to get ahead in business you need to fully understand  Hypnosis in a business context. Real successful people know this “naturally”  the rest of us have to learn it, you can teach it !

This material will put you in good stead for the rest of your life in business if you want a be a hypnosis consultant.

Contains the following:

DVD 01: Introduction & The $100,000 + Plan Revealed

DVD 02: Easy Market Research & Choosing a Hypnosis Niche

DVD 03: Office Setup, The Basic Business Formula & The Secret to “Lecture Demos”

DVD 04: How to Build an Ongoing Relationship with Clients

DVD 05: The 5 Step Business Magnet “Lecture Demo” – Part 1

DVD 06: The 5 Step Business Magnet “Lecture Demo” – Part 2

DVD 07: A Secret Weapon & The 4 Referral Questions

DVD 08: How to Get a Never Ending Flood of Referral Clients

DVD 09: The Costly Mistakes to Avoid with Advertising & The Secrets to Succeed

DVD 10: How to Write a Killer Advertisement Even if You’ve Never Written One Before

DVD 11: Insider Secrets That Get You Highly Effective Advertising Dirt Cheap or Even Free

DVD 12: A Proven Formula for How to Get on TV & Radio

DVD 13: Multiple Streams of Income Strategy #1 – How to Multiply Yourself Effortlessly

DVD 14: Multiple Streams of Income Strategy #2 – Avoiding the “Selling Your Time Trap” & Creating Deluxe “Programs”

DVD 15: Multiple Streams of Income Strategy #3 – Expanding the “Lecture Demo” Model for Big Bucks

DVD 16: Multiple Streams of Income Strategy #4 – The Secrets of Group Hypnosis Classes

DVD 17: A Step by Step Walkthrough of the “Hypnotherapy Business Method” Resource Guide

DVD 18: The Complete Business Blueprint, Your “Treasure Map” & the LOCUS Formula

DVD 19: “The Master Plan” – Easy Steps to Implementing The Complete Business Blueprint Without Getting Overwhelmed

Super Bonus #1: Hypnotherapy Business Model Bonus DVDs And Transcripts
(3 DVDs plus full transcripts. Valued: $197)

Super Bonus #2: Hypnotherapy Business Method Resource Guide
(Value: $97)

Super Bonus #3: Q&A Coaching Calls
(6 audios plus full transcripts. Value: $197)

Super Bonus #4: 30 Professional Classified Ads. (Value: $2,250)

Super Bonus #5: A Professional Sales Letter. (Value: $7,500)

Super Bonus #6: 10 Professional
Written Emails. (Value: $1,000)

Super Bonus #7: Website Templates.
(Value: $750)


PRICE: VIP members could get this course with only $27.96 ($39.95)

Payment Link
Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Scott Bolan – Martial Mastery

Name Product: Scott Bolan – Martial Mastery

More Information: Sale Page

Price: $497

12 DVD Course packed with Ancient Wisdom, Cutting-Edge Knowledge and Unfair Secrets. And listen, the hard part’s already done! You don’t need to study! That’s right, I’ll say it again, – You don’t need to study!- Understand? All you need to do is just pop in one DVD a day – and you’ll discover things like

– How to blast your income through the roof by implementing The Master Keys to Fountains of Cash, even while you stay at Home! Includes 8 REAL Money-Making ideas (NOT that multi-level B.S.!) you can Start NOW for $100 bucks or less, and you never have to see people!

– How to Create and “lock-in” Pit-Bull Confidence so you move with poise and purpose throughout every situation you find yourself in!

– Warrior Verbal Skills: How To Negotiate Better Pay, Close Big-dollar Sales, Persuasion & Influence

– The Warrior’s Instant Lie Detector: How To Know When Someone Is Lying (your boss, your prospects, your spouse, your kids, ANYONE) – AND, Get This! – How To MAKE Them Tell The Truth Instantly, Without Them Knowing You “Made” Them!

– Why 99% of all martial artists totally miss the boat when it comes to understanding how to apply martial arts to real life? and how you can easily manipulate Ninja Mind Control Secrets to get massive results in your dealings with others, as fast as humanly possible!

– Psychic Skills: Win Before it Begins, EVERY TIME



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