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Igor Ledochowski – Advanced Ericksonian MENTORING

Name Product: Igor Ledochowski – Advanced Ericksonian MENTORING

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Price: $997

This is for people who’ve already gone through Igor’s ‘Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy’ 28 DVD program. This was recorded to add depth to those learnings and expands on them. Contains complete transcript for all 18 DVDs.

DVD Titles:
DVD 01: Ericksonian Mentoring & Deep Ericksonian Philosophy
DVD 02: A More Intense And Powerful Version of “H+” Revealed
DVD 03: Power Pauses & Ericksonian Resourcing Demonstration
DVD 04: Opening “Hypnotic Doors” & Bonus MId-Induction Coaching Audios
DVD 05: 6 Ericksonian Tools & The “objective Review” Principle
DVD 06: Priming Deep Trance Phenomena & Hallucination Training Demonstration
DVD 07: Non-Therapeutic Generative Changes with Demonstration
DVD 08: Developing Unconscious Signals & Boosting the Responsiveness of the Unconscious
DVD 09: Amnesia, Hypnotic Language Drills & the Dueling Hypnotists
DVD 10: Digging for Gold, Demonstration of a “Problem Client” & Generative Change Dreaming
DVD 11: “Fail-Safe” Arm Levitation Theory & Unconscious Moments
DVD 12: Finding & Using Unconscious Moments with Demonstration
DVD 13: How to Get a Client Motivated for Therapy & a Model for Ericksonian Therapy Deconstructed
DVD 14: Solving Hypnotherapy Problems & How to Use the “Dreaming Arm” for Physical Issues
DVD 15: Live Client Session Demonstration with Coaching
DVD 16: 6 styles of metaphors & How to Use Them for Amnesia and the Post Hypnotic Suggestion Protocol
DVD 17: How to Construct an Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Program Using “Weight Loss” as an Example
DVD 18: Deep Trance Identification with Demonstration & Coaching



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[Special Offer] John Assaraf – Winning the Game of Fear

Name Product: John Assaraf – Winning the Game of Fear
COST: $497
Size: 3.16 GB
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Are you ready to blow through whatever internal obstacles have been holding you back?
It starts with identifying your fears, and then scientifically changing your inner thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and your behavior, RIGHT NOW!

Winning the Game of Fear: NeuroTraining System!

Many of us achieve less than what we really want in life due to fears we acquired as children or even as adults. Some fears we are well-aware of, but some are less obvious and are deeply embedded in our psyche.

Winning the Game of Fear enables you to directly address the real causes of your fears, and helps you develop new beliefs and habits to eliminate your most deeply rooted fears. By mastering the ‘Inner Game’ you’ll learn to release your conscious or unconscious doubts, fears and self-limiting beliefs, and truly unlock your potential! This is how you transform your life and results-from the inside out!

No other program in the world today does this as well, as fast, and as easily as Winning the Game of Fear. Based on decades of painstaking brain research, this program combines the most effective evidence-based techniques with the most current scientific methodologies, including:

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
Guided and Self-Hypnosis
Embedded Positive Suggestions
Brain Entrainment
Sound Wave Patterns
3-D / Surround-SoundTechnology
Precision Affirmations
Subliminal Messages
Emotional FreedomTechnique
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
Guided Visualization Sessions
Meditation and Mindfulness


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Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar DVD set

Name Product: Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar DVD set

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Price: $380 x 4

Igor Ledochowski – How To Be Hypnotic Speaker & Presenter Seminar

Here are just a few of the hypnotic speaker and presenter secrets you will see taught and demonstrated throughout the 5 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAM:

How to go from painfully shy to a confident stage presence by holding the “T+ State.”

How to deliver your content using “training cycles” to keep your audience engaged.

How to create a “thought matrix” and how to give an enriching experience to your audiences’ unconscious mind.
How to put your speech or presentation together for maximum results.

How to use a psychological principle (known only to a few high-level neuroscientists and experienced hypnotic-presenters) that “tunes people into your presentation” in such a way that they’ll eagerly want to pay to see you speak again and again. BEFORE you’ve even delivered your first presentation.

The “group control” secret that allows you to speak in front of a rowdy group of know-it-all’s – use this secret to control large groups of people with plenty of big egos (like high-level executives) to the extent that they “police” the audience on your behalf.

How to “sync” your presentation structure and delivery style with the UNCONSCIOUS minds of any group. Do this and each individual person in the group will make the decision to follow and succeed with your ideas. BEFORE you deliver the real content of your presentation.

The simple “mind switch” to evaporating your stage fright and performance anxiety for good. (Once you know this simple “mind switch” secret you’ll be able to walk out in front of any intimidating group of people – no matter how large – and feel as comfortable as if you were meeting up with your everyday friends).

How to bond with your audience in such a DEEP way that even if you make mistakes or completely lose your train of thought. they’ll love you more and walk away more transformed and “on board” with your message and ideas than if you delivered a slick pitch-perfect presentation.

How to get more emotional “buy in” from any audience by staying completely SILENT in front of them.

How to naturally possess a mesmerising “hypnotic voice” – a voice-cadence so cool and engaging that every member of the audience feels like you are having a one-on-one “best friend type” conversation with them. (Bill Clinton used this secret with devastating effect in a TV debate to snatch the presidency from George Bush Senior).

How to NEVER run out of engaging, witty and humorous things to say in a presentation – and do so even if you have no pre-prepared speech and you’re thrown on stage to do a “make-or-break” presentation 2 minu

And Much More….



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[Special Offer] Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotherapy Business Method

Name Product: Igor Ledochowski – Hypnotherapy Business Method
COST: $688
Size: 10.6 GB

Sales Page:
More Info:

This is an incredible powerful course, you’ll love the ultimate secrets it reveals !

Save money and discover the new easy  proven results this educational course will make you feel, as you will be able to learn faster.

This is the most fantastic course if you are involved in Hypnotherapy or Interested in building a Hypnotherapy Business.

This is part of a  Hypnosis business course I attended! Probably the best Hypnosis business course out there I guess. If you want to get ahead in business you need to fully understand  Hypnosis in a business context. Real successful people know this “naturally”  the rest of us have to learn it, you can teach it !

This material will put you in good stead for the rest of your life in business if you want a be a hypnosis consultant.

Contains the following:

DVD 01: Introduction & The $100,000 + Plan Revealed

DVD 02: Easy Market Research & Choosing a Hypnosis Niche

DVD 03: Office Setup, The Basic Business Formula & The Secret to “Lecture Demos”

DVD 04: How to Build an Ongoing Relationship with Clients

DVD 05: The 5 Step Business Magnet “Lecture Demo” – Part 1

DVD 06: The 5 Step Business Magnet “Lecture Demo” – Part 2

DVD 07: A Secret Weapon & The 4 Referral Questions

DVD 08: How to Get a Never Ending Flood of Referral Clients

DVD 09: The Costly Mistakes to Avoid with Advertising & The Secrets to Succeed

DVD 10: How to Write a Killer Advertisement Even if You’ve Never Written One Before

DVD 11: Insider Secrets That Get You Highly Effective Advertising Dirt Cheap or Even Free

DVD 12: A Proven Formula for How to Get on TV & Radio

DVD 13: Multiple Streams of Income Strategy #1 – How to Multiply Yourself Effortlessly

DVD 14: Multiple Streams of Income Strategy #2 – Avoiding the “Selling Your Time Trap” & Creating Deluxe “Programs”

DVD 15: Multiple Streams of Income Strategy #3 – Expanding the “Lecture Demo” Model for Big Bucks

DVD 16: Multiple Streams of Income Strategy #4 – The Secrets of Group Hypnosis Classes

DVD 17: A Step by Step Walkthrough of the “Hypnotherapy Business Method” Resource Guide

DVD 18: The Complete Business Blueprint, Your “Treasure Map” & the LOCUS Formula

DVD 19: “The Master Plan” – Easy Steps to Implementing The Complete Business Blueprint Without Getting Overwhelmed

Super Bonus #1: Hypnotherapy Business Model Bonus DVDs And Transcripts
(3 DVDs plus full transcripts. Valued: $197)

Super Bonus #2: Hypnotherapy Business Method Resource Guide
(Value: $97)

Super Bonus #3: Q&A Coaching Calls
(6 audios plus full transcripts. Value: $197)

Super Bonus #4: 30 Professional Classified Ads. (Value: $2,250)

Super Bonus #5: A Professional Sales Letter. (Value: $7,500)

Super Bonus #6: 10 Professional
Written Emails. (Value: $1,000)

Super Bonus #7: Website Templates.
(Value: $750)


PRICE: VIP members could get this course with only $27.96 ($39.95)

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Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Scott Bolan – Martial Mastery

Name Product: Scott Bolan – Martial Mastery

More Information: Sale Page

Price: $497

12 DVD Course packed with Ancient Wisdom, Cutting-Edge Knowledge and Unfair Secrets. And listen, the hard part’s already done! You don’t need to study! That’s right, I’ll say it again, – You don’t need to study!- Understand? All you need to do is just pop in one DVD a day – and you’ll discover things like

– How to blast your income through the roof by implementing The Master Keys to Fountains of Cash, even while you stay at Home! Includes 8 REAL Money-Making ideas (NOT that multi-level B.S.!) you can Start NOW for $100 bucks or less, and you never have to see people!

– How to Create and “lock-in” Pit-Bull Confidence so you move with poise and purpose throughout every situation you find yourself in!

– Warrior Verbal Skills: How To Negotiate Better Pay, Close Big-dollar Sales, Persuasion & Influence

– The Warrior’s Instant Lie Detector: How To Know When Someone Is Lying (your boss, your prospects, your spouse, your kids, ANYONE) – AND, Get This! – How To MAKE Them Tell The Truth Instantly, Without Them Knowing You “Made” Them!

– Why 99% of all martial artists totally miss the boat when it comes to understanding how to apply martial arts to real life? and how you can easily manipulate Ninja Mind Control Secrets to get massive results in your dealings with others, as fast as humanly possible!

– Psychic Skills: Win Before it Begins, EVERY TIME



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Window to the Mind by Dr Ted Morter

Name Product: Window to the Mind by Dr Ted Morter

More Information: Sale Page

Price: $47

Well, Window To The Mind is a comprehensive guide on how to become more successful and satisfied in life. It is all about finding the most important thing in life, inner peace. It is not a boring e-book that’s difficult to read. Everything is recorded. You just need to RELAX, listen and internalize the modules and you’ll be able to renewing your mind.

The program consists of 5 modules + bonuses, which makes it well structured. Dr Ted Morter takes you by hand and shows you exactly what to do step by step. In the first two modules he briefly mentioned the quantum physics, how to take the necessary preparations in order to be happy on a long-term basis and to understand the Law of Attraction.



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Secret Spiritual Power by Steve G.Jones

Name Product: Secret Spiritual Power by Steve G.Jones and John Harricharan

Sale Page:

Price: $37

“Get Ready….You Are Just
Seconds Away From Discovering Life’s Most Sacred Truths About Spiritual Connection To The Universe”
“Your Time To Learn Everything You’ve
Ever Wanted To Know About The Powers
Of Infinite Intelligence Is Finally Here”

Dear friend,

Do you ever feel as though there is a void or something missing in your life?

Are there areas of your life that you just can’t seem to excel at no matter how hard you try?

Do feel like maybe you might even be “doomed” when it come to these challenging areas?

Perhaps you just can’t seem to figure out the best career path for yourself…

Or maybe you can’t seem to get ahead financially…

Or maybe things happen to you that you just can’t put a reason behind…

Or perhaps you struggle with your weight…

If this sounds like something you can relate to, then I want to congratulate you for finding this letter because what I’m about to share with you will unquestionably change your life forever .
Are You Serious About Finally Learning
What It Takes To Achieve Happiness On All Levels?



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Jeff Staniforth – Wealth Bible

Name Product: Jeff Staniforth – Wealth Bible

Sale Page:

Price: $97

Dear Success Seeker,

It’s unlikely that we’ve ever met, but, I reckon I already know a few things about you:

Whether you are poor or rich – you have a Secret Power within that you haven’t taken control of (not yet, anyway).
If I explain to you a new way to bring in a lot of money – it is easy, effortless, proven to work, and even fun to do – you would want to know more about it.

You might wonder how I know this about you? My knowledge comes from over 15 years of experience with nearly one hundred thousand people. People of all ages and career fields and each and every one of them had hidden talents and abilities that they weren’t fully utilizing in their lives.

And once they learned about the secret (that I will tell you about today), their lives and their fortunes changed for the better.
When You Think Of ‘Serious Wealth’, What Do You Think Of?

Do you think of free-flowing cash and no debt? Do you think of large estates and fast cars? Do you think of being able to pay off all of your bills and always have enough money for the things you value in your life, like a good education for your children and money to help your parents live comfortably in their golden years?
Now It’s Your Turn…

…name the top 3 ‘serious wealth’ desires you have — examples: money (name the specific amount you want), an ideal job, your dream house, a brand new car, etc, etc.



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Dr. Steve G. Jones – Dream World

Name Product: Dr. Steve G. Jones – Dream World

Sale Page:

Price: $37

A Wealth of Divine Knowledge, Secrets and Personal Insights Await You Every Time You Close Your Eyes to Sleep… Find Out How You Too Can Enter the Dream World, a Mysterious, Celestial Realm That Connects You to the Universe and the Divine. Discover the Wonders of Dreams and How They Can Help You Solve Life’s Biggest Problems, GUARANTEED!
Are You Worried About Dreams That You Can’t Fully Understand? The Universe is Trying to Tell You Something, It Has Been Trying to Help You Get Back On Track For Years! It is Now Time to Break the Veil That Hides the Truth Behind Your Dreams so You Can Finally Have a Peaceful, Happy and More Satisfying Life That You Deserve
Join the Elite Assembly of Dream Masters Who Have Expert Knowledge of the World of Dreams and Are Reaping All the Amazing Benefits in Every Aspect of Their Lives – As We Speak. The Only Question Now Is… Are You Ready to Receive This Stunning Source of Unlimited Personal Power?



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Single Audio Download Meditations By Orin and DaBen

Name Product: Single Audio Download Meditations By Orin and DaBen

Sale Page:

Price: $350

About Orin and DaBen’s Single Guided Meditations: Orin and DaBen’s single journeys are approximately 21-34 minutes in length, and all have Thaddeus’ music as background. All journeys are in stereo and should give you many hours of quality listening.

DaBen’s single journeys contain all the frequencies and energies that he transmits in the light body journeys in the light body courses, and will take you to wonderful experiences of higher consciousness. DaBen joins his energy with your as you listen.

About our Audio Journeys: Most of Orin and DaBen’s guided meditations are between 20-30 minutes in length, and all are made by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. You can listen to the guided meditations as often as you feel drawn to do so. Each time you listen you are expanding your consciousness. Besides listening and working with the audio journeys in meditation, it is important to put into practice what you learn. You will learn processes you can use over and over with or without the audio journeys. As you listen and practice your skill in using these processes will increase. All the meditations guide you to make changes in a harmonious, balanced, and peaceful way.

The stronger your commitment to changing, the more you intend to shift your life, the better the results. You may not see outer results right away, as changes happen first on the inner. As your consciousness transforms, it will seem so normal, and the changes will come about so naturally, that you may not even connect new situations in your life and how differently you respond to your outer circumstances with the inner work you are doing. Know that there is no wasted effort in the universe, and that everything you are doing to change your life is making a difference.

More Information:


With every guided meditation you listen to you are expanding your consciousness in some new way. As you focus on what is working well in your life rather than what you still need to change, you will accelerate your growth and be better able to appreciate that the inner work you are doing is working.

DaBen and Orin’s meditations take you closer to the essence of your being, also called Source, Self, Spirit, Soul, Presence, Oneness, God/ess, All-That-Is. The transformation of your personality, ego, life, abundance, emotions, thoughts, and circumstances comes about first through opening to this inner Self. This Self within provides all the energy, guidance, motivation, and all you need to transform your life. Some of the ways you can know your consciousness is expanding and you are making contact with the essence of your being is through a feeling of greater peace, gratitude, joy, harmony, less conflict or
drama, a sense of well-being, and feeling more compassionate, understanding, abundant, and in harmony with the universe around you.
All guided meditations are in stereo and should give you many hours of quality listening. Because the meditations take you to deep levels of relaxation, do not listen to them while driving an automobile or where you need to be fully awake and focused on what you are doing.

About Thaddeus Music
You can listen to samples of all of Thaddeus’ music in the Thaddeus’ Music Listening Room. For information on various albums by Thaddeus. Thaddeus is an angelic being of light channeled by Sanaya who brings musical harmonies of love and joy, peace and harmony, from his realm to you. His music is the background on all the Orin guided meditations and some of the light body meditations. The music is soft, relaxing, and uplifting. It has been created on synthesizers using strings, harp, piano, angelic voices, and many beautiful sounds.

Thaddeus’ music can assist you in expanding your consciousness and connecting with the higher dimensions of light through the use of certain sequences and combination of tones, the rhythm, the musical sounds used, and the reflection of the consciousness of Thaddeus himself that is contained in the music. The music is paced to relax your body and slow your breathing, opening doorways into higher states of awareness. You can use this music to heal, transform your emotions, and evolve your mind as you listen and draw these high, fine vibrations into your being.

You may listen to this music as much as you want for pure enjoyment and to receive the energies being transmitted. These are excellent for background music for meditation, meetings with friends, classes, bodywork, yoga, or anywhere you want to set a healing, uplifting, relaxing space. Play this music at a low volume while you sleep, or play it for loved ones to assist them in learning how to enter into peaceful, relaxed states. Experience the amazing transformative qualities of this music as you play it for yourself or others.

Feeling Inner Peace
You can choose peace and stay centered no matter what is happening in your or other’s lives. You will be guided to open your heart; to remain in your center; to let go of fear, guilt, self-criticism, and doubt; and to feel peace at all times. 23:27 Orin

Learn to love and nurture yourself, to release things that are not loving to you, and to create new, positive beliefs. Think of, discover, and put into practice many new ways to be loving to yourself. 23:13 Orin
Taking a Quantum Leap
Accelerate creating the changes you want to make in your life. You will work with speeding up time, loving change and growth, clearing blockages, and staying balanced while you take a major leap forward in any and all areas of your life. 23:31 Orin

Discovering Your Life Purpose
You may feel you have something special to do but not yet know what it is. Work with your soul and a guide to discover more about your life purpose, and receive messages about what to do right now to fulfill your life purpose. Discover more about your your path and what you came here to do We also suggest Orin’, Living Your Life Purpose (OR914) course. 23:44 Orin

Balance, Stability, and Constancy
Work with a part of your personality that keeps you out of balance for profound changes in your ability to stay centered in your soul’s light, no matter what kind of energy you are around. Learn to recognize when you have taken on energy from other people, and to release it, so you can come from a calm, centered place within you as you act, speak, and go about your day. 23:54 Orin

Opening to Receive
Create an environment that is nurturing, loving, and supportive of who you are. Allow things to come easily to you, open your heart, and believe you deserve to have what you want. Learn to receive light, love, and abundance. Expand your ability to receive and feelings of deserving, to increase your abundance in every area of your life. 24:31 Orin

Breathing for Higher Consciousness
Explore using your breath to take you into higher states of consciousness, and to experience deep states of relaxation and inner peace. Explore the function of breath in expanding your awareness of the higher dimensions and the subtle energy realms. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body. 20:12 DaBen

Traveling Through the Gridwork of Light
Prepare for awakening your light body through traveling on the gridwork of light to notice the ways in which subtle energies can be organized. As you become more aware of this gridwork and can send your awareness out on it, the gridwork becomes a vehicle that allows you to better receive and radiate light. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body. 20:15 DaBen

Knowing Yourself as Energy
Learn to experience your thoughts and emotions as pure energy. It is from this level of energy awareness that you can most profoundly affect how you think and feel. Knowing yourself as energy allows you to master various aspects of your personality and to know yourself at levels you might call divine. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body. 21:16 DaBen

Creating Flow
Introduces skills that will help you experience flowing emotions. While you do not need to have studied the light body to enjoy this journey, while listening you can experience DaBen’s transmission of many light body energies that will assist you in exploring what it feels like to have a flowing emotional body and to learn more about your emotions. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body. 21:02 DaBen

Becoming Light
Becoming light teaches you what it might feel like to achieve the level of harmony necessary to directly experience your spiritual shimmer. The awakening of your spiritual shimmer allows you to experience your Higher Self more directly and center your consciousness in higher levels of your being. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body. 20:22DaBen

Increasing Your Radiance
Increasing your radiance teaches you the beginning experience of radiating light. Learn how to take in the energy about you and transmute it into light, becoming radiant as you do. Increase your ability to hold and transmit light. DaBen transmits many light body energies you can enjoy whether or not you have studied the light body. 22:31 DaBen

Developing Intuition
Learn to develop your intuition and become aware of the urges, feelings, inspirations, and thoughts that are the “voice” of your soul and Divine Self. Following your intuition can save you hours of work, lead you to opportunities, help you find answers, and more. Pay attention to and act upon your inner messages; make clear decisions. 22:42 Orin

Opening Up All Your Psychic Abilities
Orin guides you to awaken your psychic abilities, intuition, and ability to sense subtle energies. These abilities will assist you in making choices and decisions that put you on your highest path. 33:01 Orin

Meeting Your Spirit Guide
This is a beginning journey to sense, see, or hear your guide. You will be led into a relaxed, light trance state to meet your guide and to receive messages and advice. Use this to explore your readiness to channel. A similar journey is contained in the Opening to Channel course (C100). 23:50 Orin

You can send and receive telepathically to communicate with loved ones. You can learn to identify energy that you have taken on from others and to release it. You will also learn to change negative energy into positive energy. 25:55 Orin

Opening the Chakras
Journey by Orin to awaken your chakras. Note to Customers: The tape single contains a Chakra journey by DaBen. The single download contains Orin’s Chakra journey only. 24:04 Orin

Radiating Unconditional Love
Experience new levels of love, peace, and harmony with the universe, friends, loved ones, and all life. Become magnetic to people, success, and abundance. You will link your heart center with your head center to experience wise, compassion love. Receive love, and become a source of love. 24:48 Orin

Attracting Your Soul-Mate
Journey to the soul plane to meet the soul of your soul mate. You will play at the soul level to expand the light and love between you. You will build a bridge of light between your two heart centers, send and receive telepathic messages from your soul mate, and draw your soul mate to you. 31:36 Orin

Attracting Your Soul-Mate Twin Flame
Listen if you are looking for a person to love, who will love you, and who wants the kind of relationship you want. You will journey to the soul plane to meet your twin flame, someone whose inner flame is burning as brightly as yours. You will link telepathically and get to know each other as you reach through time and space to connect, and then draw your soul mate into your life. 24:53 Orin

Having What You Want in a Relationship
Learn to feel more loved, nurtured, and appreciated. Change your beliefs about being loved and have an abundance of what you want and need in a relationship. You cannot change another, but you can change yourself, and by doing so you change the relationship. We also suggest Orin’s album, Soul Love: Creating a Soul Relationship. (SL106).34:22 Orin

Letting Go of a Relationship
A journey to assist you in understanding and letting go of a relationship. This is a healing meditation to help you let go and feel better as you view the situation from a higher perspective. Feel confident, strong, and peaceful about any transition in your relationship. Know that you will always have a soul connection, and that you are simply changing the outer form of your relationship. 23:51 Orin

Achieving Intimacy
Discover how to be open, how to receive love, feel love, and have love from another. This journey will help you take down walls, open your heart, and create a more intimate, satisfying relationship with a loved one. To further enhance your relationships we suggest Orin’s album, Soul Love: Creating a Soul Relationship (SL106).25:56 Orin

Becoming Self-Confident
Learn to feel confident, powerful, and good about yourself. Believe in your abilities and see yourself as self-assured, capable, and able to accomplish what you came here to do. Broadcast your new self-image to the world, so that others can relate to you as a confident and secure person, changing what you experience and allowing you to add more light to the world. 25:55 Orin

Opening Spiritually
You will work with your Higher Self and the guides to open your channel upward to the higher dimensions of your self, to your soul and Spirit. Open your third eye to see life through the eyes of your soul, to better know what choices and decisions will put you on a higher path. Bring your soul’s light into your body, mind, and emotions, into your nervous and circulatory systems, and into your chakras. As you do you can awaken your spiritual potential, align with your spiritual path, connect with Higher Will, and accelerate your journey to enlightenment. 24:31 Orin

Staying In Your Center
Learn to stay in the present moment, aware and conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and the energy around you. Become a steady source of light to others. Learn to relax, stay centered, and not be affected by the energies around you so you can stay centered and balanced at all times. 22:47 Orin

The Universe is Perfect: Stop Efforting
You can know from within that everything around you is working perfectly and that you live in a safe, abundant, and loving universe. Relax and let your path unfold effortlessly, trusting and surrendering to your higher good. 25:55 Orin

Getting in Touch With Your Power
Work with a Master and your soul to experience more personal power – more clarity of purpose; happiness; joy of living, being, and doing; and balance and stability. Let go of anything that is taking away your power. As you experience a new level of personal power, you will work with a future situation to experience how it will change with a new level of personal and spiritual power. 23:55 Orin

Feeling Energetic
Work with a master of physical vitality who will send you light to increase your sense of well-being, health, and energy. Work with your cells to increase their ability to hold light. Make a stronger commitment to yourself and to having a life that works. You will discover and transform any subpersonality that doesn’t have energy, so that you can experience a new level of vitality. 25:45 Orin

Magical Child: Loving Your Inner Child
Listen to, heal, and honor your magical child. Discover the joy and playfulness that is yours as you free the magical child within you. Experience the spaciousness of being more present in the moment. If you are having trouble getting your needs met, feel tired or stressed, or want to increase your sense of aliveness, creativity, and freedom, this can help bring joy into your life.25:48 Orin

Manifesting Your Destiny
You will learn many powerful processes to assist you in seeing why you are here and to discover more about your path and purpose. Release limiting beliefs, become magnetic to success, and expand without limits. Works well with Orin’s Living Your Life Purpose (OR914). 27:44 Orin

Creating Money: Magnetizing Yourself
Turn on your money “magnet” to attract money and abundance. Align your thoughts and actions with the spiritual laws of abundance and reprogram at a cellular level for greater prosperity. If you are purchasing singles in the Creating Money series, we suggest that you save by purchasing all 8 together in Orin’s Creating Money course (M100).25:45 Orin

Moving Into Higher Consciousness
Link with your higher self, soul, and a Master to increase your inner light and experience higher states of consciousness. From a higher state you will look at your life to explore your higher purpose, set up higher flows, and transform limiting thoughts to create a higher future. 23:32 Orin

Loving Your Body
Learn to love your body just as it is and release negative thoughts about it. You will add light and love to each area of your body, learn to listen to its messages, and bring the light of your soul into your body. You will transform a subpersonality that doesn’t love your body, so you can give your body the food, relaxation, movement, and love it deserves. 27:11 Orin

Public Recognition
This meditation is to assist you in getting your work out to the world in a larger way. Magnetize people to your work and open to greater success. Prepare at an energy level for more and more people to connect with you and your work as you link with them on the inner planes. This process really does work! 24:29 Orin

Lucid Dreaming
Become a lucid dreamer and remember your dreams, understand their meaning, and receive life direction and guidance. You can learn much about the inner workings of your psyche and future events. Remember any valuable information you are receiving from your nighttime visits to the schools of higher learning on the inner planes.24:10 Orin

Flowing With the Universe
Learn to navigate and find the higher flow, creating what you want in an easy, joyful way. You will be guided to flow with the current and learn when to act and when to surrender and let things unfold. 24:13 Orin

Learning To Relax
Experience deep relaxation, feel calm, centered, and peaceful. Use this to relax if you feel nervous, tense, can’t sleep, or want to release tension-induced muscle pain. This is an excellent journey to learn how to get into deeper states of meditation as you listen to other of Orin and DaBen’s guided meditations. 24:43 Orin

Getting Rid of Worry
Worry can make it hard to feel good. If you worry too much, this journey will assist you in finding peace of mind and letting go of worry, tension and fear. You can feel relaxed, peaceful, and confident about the future. 26:11 Orin

Self-Acceptance-Releasing Guilt
Release guilt and increase your self-love as you love, forgive yourself, and release the past. You can change the future you are setting up by changing your past. We also suggest Orin’s course, Transformation: Evolving Your Personality (SG200).24:41 Orin

Losing Weight, Looking Younger
Connect with your soul’s light to and work with your soul to refine your body. Learn how to attract a higher vibration of food and youthen your body through building cellular radiance. You will work with the part of you that has been resistant to losing weight so you can reach whatever weight is perfect for you. 23:31 Orin

For Self-Employed People:
Magnetizing BusinessDiscover the higher purpose of your business and get an overview of where you are going. Link with your Higher Self and the higher forces of the universe to create a prosperous, successful business as you become magnetic to business, clients, sales, and money. 24:51 Orin

Being Your Higher Self
Merge with and become your Higher Self, give yourself advice from this wiser perspective, and bring your Higher Self into your mind, body, and emotions to live as your Higher Self.24:11 Orin

Age Regression:
Rewriting your PastThis is a powerful process to release emotional pain or to change reoccurring patterns. Go back into the past, discover the cause of current situations or painful feelings, then rewrite the past to create a new future. Working in this way can create immediate changes in your consciousness and life. 34:36 Orin

Feeling Secure
Use this incredible journey to feel safe and secure in your relationships, with the world in general, and in any situation. Gain a new level of security and trust in the universe. 26:41 Orin

Past-life Regression
Explore a past life to better understand the lessons, purposes, and challenges of this lifetime. View lifetimes that are important to, or that are affecting this lifetime. Learn more about who you are and other lifetimes you have lived before. 32:14 Orin

Learning to Concentrate
Let your soul’s light illuminate your thoughts for greater concentration and focus. Do twice as much in half the time. The ideas you bring through will be more completely formed and include more of the bigger picture. Do all of your activities with a clear, focused mind. 23:38 Orin

Opening Creativity:
Attracting IdeasIdeas can flow after you connect with the Universal Mind. The processes in this journey will assist you in any creative endeavor you are undertaking–writing, music, art, and business. 23:59 Orin

Body Beautiful
This journey is about looking and feeling more beautiful. Using techniques such as visualization, you will start creating a firm, toned, and youthful looking body that feels more alive. Identify and change your beliefs about aging as you picture yourself beautiful, fit, and healthy throughout life. 25:07 Orin

Loving to Exercise
Talk to your body and ask it what exercise it needs and wants. Link with your future self that is fit, supple, toned, and healthy. Dialog with various systems such as your nervous, circulatory, skeletal, and muscular systems, to find the perfect movements and exercises that will allow your body to reflect your soul’s light, and that will be fun and joyful to do. Create a new self-image. Experience more vitality and aliveness. 24:30 Orin

Reprogramming at a Cellular Level
Change your life by going to your cellular levels to reprogram your DNA to achieve your goals and dreams. Use this to lose weight, change your self-image, accelerate your spiritual growth, and more. We also suggest Orin’s course, Transforming Your Personality (SG200).27:27 Orin

Clearing Blockages
If you have issues you can’t solve or feel blocked, use this meditation to work with your Higher Self, to surrender, to ask for guidance, and to release fear-based emotions. Use symbols and the elements of earth, fire, air, and water to clear obstacles. 24:02 Orin

My Perfect Career
You will be guided to find a career that will give you joy, fulfillment, and a rewarding life-style. You will look at the essence of your perfect career, visualize and magnetize it, and allow it to come to you easily. 24:39 Orin

Overcoming the Self-Destruct
Work with the part of yourself that seems to sabotage your goals, resolutions, and commitments. This subpersonality journey is very effective in changing personality patterns; you can experience immediate changes. This process is useful if you find yourself blocked or resisting things that you know are good for you. 23:35 Orin

Handling Anxiety and Fear
End uncontrollable anxiety or fearful thoughts. You will use a powerful subpersonality process to heal that part of you that is fearful. In addition, Orin uses many wonderful processes to help you release tension and feel safe and secure. 24:30 Orin

Creating Money: Success!!
Release fear of success or failure. Imagine success in every area of your life, go beyond previous limits, and allow yourself to have your dreams. You can become more focused, confident, fulfilled; accept and love yourself; and feel successful. This journey is contained in Orin’s Creating Money course (M100). 26:06 Orin

Creating Money: Clearing Beliefs and Old Programs
Your beliefs create your reality. This is a life-changing process that will assist you in identifying and releasing beliefs about money and abundance that are not working, and then in creating new, positive beliefs. You can experience many positive changes when you transform your beliefs. This journey is contained in Orin’s Creating Money course (M100). 23:19 Orin

Creating Money: Abundance
You can have anything you want – money, love, success, friends, health, and free time. This is a journey on learning to receive, believing you deserve, and opening to unlimited joy, love, and prosperity. Open your heart and increase your faith and trust in yourself
and the universe. This journey is contained in Orin’s Creating Money course (M100). 27:19 Orin

Creating Money: Aura Clearing, Energy, Lightwork
Work with the energy fields around your body to increase your ability to hold and attract abundance. As you increase your vibration you become magnetic to all the forms, sums of money, and people who will serve you at this new level. This journey is contained in Orin’s Creating Money course (M100). 25:13 Orin

Creating Money: Awakening Your Prosperity Self
You can meet and work with a part of you, called a subpersonality, that may be blocking your ability to create prosperity. You will talk to it and give it a new vision of who you are and what you want. You can more easily create money and abundance as you evolve this part. This is a very effective process for creating positive changes in your reality. This journey is contained in Orin’s Creating Money course (M100). 23:24 Orin

Creating Money: Releasing Doubts and Fears
You can be confident, learn to take risks, and let go of any fears in your body, emotions, and mind that may be holding you back from having abundance in all areas. This journey can help you believe in yourself and your unlimited capacity to create prosperity and anything you want. This journey is contained in Orin’s Creating Money course (M100). 25:13 Orin

Creating Money: Linking With Your Soul and Guides
Work with a guide and your soul to create abundance, to fulfill your higher purpose, and to link with the plan of humanity. Become more receptive to your Higher Self, which is always abundant. This journey is contained in Orin’s Creating Money course (M100). 28:45 Orin

Being Happy
Expand your capacity for happiness and joy. Create a life in which you can smile, laugh, and enjoy life. Feel happy, radiant, and alive. Create an environment that supports your happiness. Release negativity, worry, and painful emotions; change your thoughts to positive ones; and feel, be, and radiate inner happiness. 24:38 Orin

Creating Your Perfect Day:
Wake-Up MeditationThis is a wonderful journey to play as you wake up. Feel good all day; stay relaxed, focused, and calm. Do things that are loving to yourself, listen to your wisdom, eat well, accomplish your higher purpose, and flow with the universe.26:02 Orin

Expanding Your Potential
Go beyond anything you thought possible to have in any area of your life. Open to new visions of yourself, let go of old beliefs, and expand your potential for success. You will work with energy, symbols, and more to become all you can be. 25:59 Orin

Becoming a Positive Person
Become positive, optimistic, and fun to be around. You will be guided to believe in yourself, trust the universe, picture positive outcomes, and create a higher reality. Orin works with you at the aura level to release negativity and bring in higher, more positive thoughts. 21:23 Orin

Compassion and Forgiveness
Work with a master of compassion to open your heart, to forgive yourself and others, and to let go of any energy from others that might be affecting you. 22:46 Orin

I Am Loved, I Am Lovable
Work with the part of you that does not feel lovable; transform your relationships into those that nurture and support you. 27:57 Orin

Building a New Self Image
The world reflects back to you the images you have of yourself. You will let go of negative self-images and build new, positive ones into your aura. You will broadcast them outward and experience a new reality as these images are reflected back to you. 21:45 Orin

Trusting Your Inner Guidance
Recognize and learn to trust your inner guidance. Make yourself the authority of what is right for you. Open the channel to your Higher Self to feel more courage. Develop your ability to see through illusions and all that would block you from trusting your inner guidance. 25:10 Orin

Unlimited Thinking
Link with your Higher Self and soul to expand your vision of what you can have. As you expand your thoughts and imagine greater possibilities, your reality changes to reflect your new, expanded vision. 26:15 Orin

Developing Courage and Fearlessness
To reach your full potential you will need to open to the new, take risks, and have the courage to put your work out to the world. Use this journey to allow new things, perceptions, and possibilities into your life. Move forward in your life with courage, strength, and trust in your vision and wisdom. 22:34 Orin

Overcoming Addictions
Release addictions such as smoking, drinking, caffeine, sugar or others using this guided meditation. Link with your soul and Higher Self to find new, more positive outlets for the energy your addiction is trying to express, and for assistance in releasing it. You will walk through a doorway into a new life with the addition gone, picturing yourself without this addiction. We also suggest Orin’s course, Transformation: Evolving Your Personality (SG200). 24:56Orin



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