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John Sonmez – How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer

Name Product: John Sonmez – How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer

Sale Page:

Price: $299
How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer is a systematic way to build up your reputation, authority and goodwill.

By always looking to give enormous value before you ask for anything in return.

When you do this consistently, you’ll find that you’re no longer struggling to chase opportunities.

Instead, you’re attracting the very best opportunities to come to YOU.

And as your career grows YOU grow, becoming a better and more fulfilled software developer.

This course contains my entire system for:
Landing the job you’ve always wanted-solving challenging problems, pushing yourself to develop your technical skills, and working with people who share your passion for the craft of software development
Earning a raise of 20%, 50% or even as much as 300% over the coming months and years
Creating your own “safety net” of career opportunities so you never have to worry about where your next paycheck will come from-this is TRUE security
Building a reliable feeder system for 4- and 5-figure freelancing and consulting work
Creating a platform for launching your own profitable business as an entrepreneur, either by selling your knowledge or by creating a software product
Enjoying more satisfaction in your day to day work
Mastering your craft and continuing to improve your skills and productivity
Building relationships that can lead to profitable business opportunities down the road
Earning more respect from your team and manager and a voice in making critical decisions
Developing the confidence to stand up for yourself-and even walk away from a toxic job
Here’s How It All Works.
The course is presented in 6 modules, each building on the ideas in the previous modules, brick by brick, until you’ve assembled your new career-enhancing platform.

In each module, I’ll personally walk you through a handful of key concepts.

Then I’ll show you the practical, step-by-step actions to take that will quickly begin to build your reputation and authority in your chosen niche-and start earning the respect your knowledge and accomplishments deserve.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover:
Module #1 – Why Marketing Yourself Is Important (And How to Get Started)

This module lays the foundation for everything else in the course.

To start, we’re going to bulldoze away a whole pile of lies that have roadblocked your success in your career up until now.

Lies about what it means to be a professional. Lies about your skills and your true value. Lies about what companies really want and need in the developers they hire.

The mindset shift you’ll make here is critical. Without it, any marketing techniques you try will likely backfire and leave you feeling cheap and unprofessional.

Then I’ll show you the crucial building blocks in your new “authority-building” plan.

You’ll see how all the pieces fit together at both a “strategic” level (the “what” and “why”) as well as a “tactical” level (the “how”).

In this no fluff, 13-chapter PDF you’ll discover:

The devastating consequences of trying to “opt out” of marketing yourself. Choosing this path means surrendering your future to the corporations you work for
The secret criteria that interviewers use to pass judgment on you (they all do this, ESPECIALLY the ones who swear they don’t)
Why the conventional wisdom about marketing is completely backwards-and how reversing the broken “marketing equation” is the key to building your reputation as a professional
How to ensure that your ideal employers keep bumping into you everywhere they turn, until you become the “obvious expert” that everyone turns to
Should you market yourself under your own name, or create a standalone company? The pros and cons of both, plus the “Goldilocks Strategy” that just could be the best of both worlds
And a LOT more.This cornerstone module has been offered elsewhere for a suggested price of $29.
Module #2 – Building A Brand

Now that you understand what marketing IS (and just as importantly, what it ISN’T), you’re ready to begin building your own marketing plan.

And it all starts with establishing your brand.In this 8-chapter “crash course,” I’ll walk you step by step through the process of developing your brand-which is the image you project in the software community.

You’ll finally get clear about where your career is headed, and how you can reach your goals while staying true to your core identity.

I’ll also show you:

How “Casual Friday” can torpedo your career, and how to know what you should wear in any job situation
Why building a brand is NOT about “all sizzle and no steak,” and how you as a developer MUST create a brand based on substance, skill and expertise
How Apple established itself as a premium brand, and how you can follow in Steve Jobs’ footsteps to melt away resistance the next time you’re negotiating your salary or pay bump
The “Plumber Principle” that ensures they call YOU first the next time a great job opens up
A subtle branding pitfall that makes you look like an amateur to your friends and colleagues (and leaves you feeling like a phony), plus the way to stay professional and authentic in your marketing
How to harness your “weaknesses” and play off your personal flaws and failings to attract new and exciting opportunities
The real reason most developers never reach their potential, and how you can be an outlier whose success is all but guaranteed
The 8 chapters in this module span 106 minutes of HD-quality video. All videos are DRM free and downloadable in .mp4 format for playback on the device of your choosing.

This module contains as much meaty content as courses I’ve sold for $147, but I’ve decided to include it here as part of the low package price.


Module #3 – Creating A Blog

If your brand is the dent you plan to leave in the world, a blog is the sledgehammer you’ll use to make that impression.

Your blog is your “home base,” a digital avatar that shows the software development community what you stand for.

Creating a successful blog is like a Jedi building their lightsaber. It’s a rite that marks your passage into maturity as a programmer.

When you have a well-maintained blog, your peers sit up and take notice of what you have to say. And potential employers and clients know that you are a serious practitioner of your craft.

In this 154-minute, 7-chapter video series, you’ll watch over my shoulder as I show you how to “build your lightsaber.” You’ll see behind the scenes of how I work at Simple Programmer, including the tools and workflow I’ve used to build a blog that receives more than 1.5 million page views a year.

You’ll also discover:

Why following the lead of popular bloggers like Seth Godin could set you up to have your ideas censored, and what you can to do protect your ideas and your voice
The 3 common “blockers” that kill most software development blogs-and the steps you can take to ensure yours doesn’t become a casualty
A critical lesson you can learn from the top 20 websites in the world to get your blog up quickly. (Many developers turn their nose up at this, only to find that maintaining their site becomes a huge burden.)
The single most important step to take with your blog even BEFORE you buy a domain name or draft that first “hello world” post. Skip this and you may end up starting over from scratch. Get it right, and creating your site becomes much, much easier
Why the common approach of using a blog as a place to “park” code samples and snippets from your latest projects doesn’t cut it, and the 5 ways that your blog can propel you forward in your career
By the time we’re done, you’ll have a blog you’ll be proud to show to your peers and colleagues.
This module could easily sell for as much as $147 by itself, but it’s include in the low package price.

Module #4 – The Complete Guide to Getting Your Name Out There

You’ve defined your brand, and you’ve built your “home base.”

The next task is capturing the attention of your fellow developers-and the team leads and hiring managers at companies you might want to work for.

Many developers jump straight to this step without laying the groundwork that we covered in the first 3 modules. As a result they wind up running in circles-and decide that “marketing yourself doesn’t work.”

But you won’t have that problem, thanks to the firm foundation you established in modules 1-3. Now you’re in a great position, where every little bit of legwork goes a long way, and each tiny win moves you further down your chosen path.

This module is a whirlwind tour through all of the different tools you can deploy to start to build your reputation and audience. And there have never been so many ways to get your message in front of the right people.

In this 9-chapter, full color PDF I’ll show you more than 2 dozen techniques for getting people to sit up, take notice, and even start to look to you as an authoritative voice in your field.

My suggestion: Pick 2-3 methods that play to your natural strengths and interests and focus on those.

With so many options to choose from, you DON’T have to do anything that’s too far outside your comfort zone. This way you can “get your name out there” without feeling inauthentic, phony or pushy.

In this module, I’ll show you:

A way to “cascade” wins into bigger wins, triggering a virtuous cycle where your successes quickly compound
2 sources for traffic that can send a flood of new readers to your blog. (Caution: this can bring your website to its knees)
How to use multi-channel leverage to dramatically increase the impact of your online authority-building efforts
The #1 biggest frustration of first-time bloggers, and 3 ways to zip past the “lost in the wilderness” phase that sucks the life out of most new blogs
How to tap into “instant audiences” and get your name in front of influential developers who aren’t yet reading your blog
This book is NOT available for sale anywhere else.4

Module #5 – The Ultimate Developer’s Guide to Social Networks

Social media just might be the single best way to “get your name out there”-it’s so important I’ve devoted an entire module to it.

To make social media work for you (and not against you) requires a solid strategy. This module kicks off with a look at what social media can and (just as important) CAN’T do to help you build an audience and advance your career.

Then we’ll see how each social “channel” can fit into your overall plan.

You’ll also learn:

A common social media blunder that diminishes your standing, robs you of the respect you’ve earned, and even cause your followers to feel embarrassed for you (the “kiss of death” for your career)
What branding “puzzle pieces” you MUST have in place before you start firing off tweets
The “thermostat principle” for turning casual acquaintances into loyal fans
3 often overlooked ways to build your social media following
How to use social media to “be everywhere” without looking like an obnoxious self-promoter
This 9-chapter module is presented in a downloadable 58-page, full-color PDF.

Module #6 – Resume Advice that will Make or Break You

Ever find a job that looked perfect, send in your resume, and then. Crickets?

More developers lose out on potential job opportunities due to resume mistakes than for any other reason.

Whether you’re applying for a job yourself or responding to an invitation from a company that’s eager to recruit you, there’s a lot hinging on your resume.

In module 6, I’ll show you how to steer clear of the resume mistakes that can torpedo your chance to land your dream job.

This quick-reading 14-page PDF will point out:

The #1 resume flaw that gets your resume sent straight to the “round file” (aka the trash), never to be seen again. Avoid this and you’ll immediately eliminate half your competitors for a given position
A resume prep protip that will save you time-while also guaranteeing you’ll be taken seriously as a candidate. (Even if you take nothing else away from this entire course, following this one pointer could be worth thousands of dollars if you put it into action)
The job seeker blunder many developers make when scrambling for work. What seems “efficient” to you can actually make your application stink of desperation, causing an otherwise interested employer to say “Thanks, but I’ll pass”
How applying a technique from Agile methodology to your job hunt can get you MORE interviews and offers with far LESS time and effort
A way to shift the focus off your “thin” work experience and impress hiring managers with your skills, knowledge and work ethic (especially important for new graduates and mid-career “job switchers” looking to break into programming)

With These 6 Modules You’ll Create

A Rock-Solid Foundation

For Your Career.

But I wanted to load up your “tool kit” with even more career-building tools, so here’s what I came up with:

Bonus #1 – 11 Successful Software Developers Spill Their Career Secrets

This course is like a set of Lego bricks. You can mix and match them many different ways to build the future YOU want.

That’s why I decided to sit down 1-on-1 with 11 software developers to find out how they have applied these principles in their own careers.

The programmers you’ll meet in these interviews run the gamut from “celebrity developers” like Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin and Jeff Atwood to workaday programmers who’ve more recently discovered the power of building a brand.

In these conversations you’ll learn:

How Uncle Bob spent 25 years as an obscure developer before stumbling into his brand, and how he “accidentally” found himself writing a book (plus some insider tips on the publishing industry)
The savvy career move that Microsoft MVP and PluralSight author Dan Wahlin made that boosted his credibility and started his rise to prominence
How JavaScript and Node.js maestro Derick Bailey’s blog earned him the respect of one of his programming idols
A powerful way to destroy writer’s block and never run out of blogging ideas from Stack Overflow founder Jeff Atwood
How ASP.NET developer Josh Earl built an audience around a text editor that earned him more than $50,000 in side income
Mozilla developer evangelist Christian Heilman’s #1 recommendation for what to put on your blog that will make you stand out to potential employers
How popular conference speaker John Papa went from unknown to in-demand, packing out rooms at major development conferences
How Google engineer Jon Skeet became the “Chuck Norris of Programming” by helping other developers solve their toughest problems
The techniques that .NET developer Miguel Castro used to build a high-paying business as a software consultant
A “gross” hack that SQL DBA Pinal Dave used to grow his blog from 180 visitors in month 1 to 1.8 million users over 7 years
How web developer and PluralSight author Rob Conery rode an open source project to prominence-and a sweet job at Microsoft
These video interviews span more than 4 hours. And each of these 11 developers value their time at a MINIMUM of $150 per hour. (Several of them bill at $250 an hour or more.)

That means this collection is easily worth $600 based on sheer “time on the clock.” (But the insights you’ll glean are worth far more that that.)

Bonus #2 – Career Tools Quick Reference Guide

This 2-page PDF gives you one-click access to the 30 career-building tools and resources mentioned in the course (plus an exclusive discount to have your resume polished by a professional CV writer).

Bonus #3 – 29-Step Software Developer Marketing Checklist

This checklist walks through all of the steps in the How to Market Yourself as a Software Developer system on one page.

You can print it off and hang it next to your monitor-it’s your roadmap from unknown developer starting at square one to respected expert, standing side-by-side with the top developers you admire from afar.



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John Sonmez – 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

Name Product: John Sonmez – 10 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

Sale Page:

Price: $259
This program truly is the resource I wish I’d had when I was starting out.

It’s a whirlwind tour of all of the different ways I know of to earn money from your blog.

I’ll show you every technique I’m using with Simple Programmer-and even several revenue streams that I haven’t had a chance to implement yet.

You’ll see live examples of how other bloggers are using these income-generating approaches.

And even get a few “sneak peeks” at the revenue I’m generating with Simple Programmer.

In this video series, you’ll discover:
What’s a REALISTIC goal for how much you can earn with your blog?
How to earn more from advertising by cutting out the middle man
One question to ask before you try to make money with your blog if you want to maximize what you’ll earn (and keep the trust of your readers)
How to find companies that will pay you for access to your audience
3 non-obvious ways to sell advertising (much more profitably too)
How I turn every blog post at Simple Programmer into a income-boosting opportunity
Not making money yet? Step 1a to start earning money with your blog today
A tempting trap that can make you some money today, but destroy your blog before you have a chance to really earn more down the road
Don’t have a lot of traffic yet? You can still make money from your blog-a lot of money actually
The costliest mistake I made when starting Simple Programmer, and what you can do TODAY to avoid making the same error
3 things you can offer on your blog that require almost no upfront work
How some developers are able to quickly make enough income to quit their day job and support themselves using their blog
An easy, “why not” way to generate a few bucks a month (or maybe more)
How a small but dedicated fan base could bring in enough revenue to pay your mortgage each month
10+ ways to get people to pay you for the knowledge you already have
One step you must start TODAY that will be a “force multiplier” on everything else you do with your blog later on
How the “podcast king” makes money by borrowing the expertise of other developers

BONUS: Exclusive “Open Kimono” Tour of My Simple Programmer Business
Recently I hosted a “look over my shoulder” presentation for a select few diehard supporters of Simple Programmer.

In this video, which is not for sale anywhere else, you’ll watch as I fire up my screen sharing software, open up the Simple Programmer books, and step through my income streams line by line.

You’ll see exactly what strategies I’m using to monetize Simple Programmer-and how much revenue each channel brings in.

When was the last time someone offering you “business advice” was willing to be that transparent with you?

As you can see, I’ve packed a LOT into this short course.

This package represents 7-8 years of hard-won knowledge that I’ve accumulated while building Simple Programmer from a brand new blog to a 6-figure business.

And let me tell you-If there was any way I could stuff myself into a time capsule and zap myself back to 2009 when Simple Programmer was just getting started.

This knowledge would have earned me thousands of dollars-even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Back then I’d have jumped at the chance to pay $500 or even $1,000 for this information.

And it would have been well worth it, because the investment would have paid for itself hundreds of times over.

You won’t have to pay $1,000 for this information, though.

If you know me, you know how strongly I believe that every software developer should have a blog.

And I know firsthand how motivating it is as a blogger when you see dollars flowing into your back account as a result of the words you write.

I want you to have that same experience-to feel that surge of enthusiasm when you see people actually willing to pay you for your ideas.

So I’ve decided to set the price tag on this course low enough so it doesn’t break the bank.



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Lawrence Bernstein – Million Dollar Hard Drive Players in Print

Name Product: Lawrence Bernstein – Million Dollar Hard Drive Players in Print

Sale Page:

Price: $410

Dear Friend,

I am writing today to sell you the world’s most expensive computer hard drive of blockbuster ads and response boosters.

And with that sentence, I’ve just broken a cardinal rule of sales letter writing – I’ve told you up front what I’m selling, instead of warming you up first. If you think that’s unusual, in just a moment I’m going to break some more.


Because this is no ordinary hard drive and to be truthful, it’s not for everyone. You’re busy and probably don’t have the time to read this through to the end only to discover the price and content of this unusual offer are out of reach for 99% of those reading this. So, with your permission, I’m now going to break another rule and tell you the price right up front.

It’s the world’s most expensive hard drive for creating winning direct response advertising and.

It’ll set you back a whopping $100,100

That’s £81,056 in pounds. €95,112 in euros.

And finally, let me break one more rule while I’m at it.

Sales letters like this are normally heavy on the guarantee. They promise unconditional and instant money back if you don’t like the product for any reason.

Want to know what the guarantee is with world’s most expensive hard drive?

It’s precisely the same as with ANY print ad insertion, DRTV spot or direct mail drop.

Zip. Zero. Zilch.

That’s the REAL world of high level direct response. and business.

So, if you want a friend, get a dog. And if risk-free “voyeurism” is your thing, stop reading. The Internet is awash with “zero-risk” products and you can download one thousand thirty one $97 e-books instead.

Why have I chosen to break all the rules? Because this drive breaks all the rules as well.

Announcing the 17-pound FedEx laden with your new direct response SUPER POWERS
for 2017. 2018. 2020 and beyond
1,853 HEALTH & BEAUTY print ads. Everything under the sun. (“Health & Beauty MegaBase” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
HIGH TICKET Selling (Part 1): “How to turn $49 investment newsletter subscribers into high ticket buyers. for a $10 Million week. (“High Ticket” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
634 FINANCIAL ads. DM packages & print with 15,000 fully searchable keywords. Investment newsletters, trading systems and software, options advisories, penny stock pitches and more. (“Financial MegaBase” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
CRIMINAL CLOSER’S Manual: The Feds shut them down. but not before this rogue firm booked $250 million in sales. This 76-page training manual was mandatory reading for employees. (“Criminal Closers” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
KILLER CHIRO campaign grew this franchise from a handful to HUNDREDS of clinics. 29 ads. 134 total chiro ads. (“Killer Chiro” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
30-page checklist for writing “Story Ads that Sell.” (page 600, Players in Print Volume 3)
ALT-HEALTH. 320 Direct Mail control packages. (DM Health MegaBase on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
4-foot-11 marketing GIANT’s fool proof knock-off insurance. and $200 million payday. 52 ads. (“4-foot-11 Marketing Giant” on Million Dollar Hard Drive.)
SELF-HELP secrets: 209 DM packages and print ads. (“Self-Help” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Supplement Swipes. 352 proven print ads. (“Supplement Swipes” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
RETAIL COPYWRITING dwarfs mail order. and this treasure trove of 420 long copy ads TROUNCED the competition. (“Retail Copywriting” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)HEALTH INFO-MARKETER’s secret stash. No pills or potions here. The secrets of selling health related books, reports and plans. 185 winning ads. (“Health Info Marketing” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
“Dentorials” that pull. 69 print ads. (“DENTAL” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
PREPPER products. Market of hillbillies, paranoids and cooks? Think again. The survivalist’s market continues to soar. and high ticket products abound. 124-page lesson for selling $10,000 power generators. 84-page “how to” for pitching $500 freeze-dried food rations. a 30-page control for moving cases of colloidal silver kits. (“High Ticket” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
FASCINATION FILES. 134 pages. Ad collection sent unsolicited to direct response legend, Marty Edelston. His friendship worth a thousandfold the check. (“Fascination Files” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
HOT NEW direct response lead for 2017. $8.5 million in sales and 80,000 new customers thanks to this unlikely lead. Working like gangbusters in health and wealth. (“Hot New Lead” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
$1,300 GOLD? The greatest silver and gold print ad swipe file there is. from a 50-year copywriting veteran. 75 ads. (“Silver & Gold” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Socialist’s SALES SECRETS. He once boasted in a headline: “Do You Realize (blank) is the Largest Book Publishing Enterprise Ever in Existence?” But since he sold HUNDREDS of millions of books, none can quibble. His 223-page title testing manual. and greatest ads collection. (“Socialist’s Sales Secrets” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Ultimate Trading Swipes. 75 DM packages. (“Trading Swipes” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Pain Relief 151 winning print ads. (“Pain Relief” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
PICK-UP artist in print. Mild mannered agency-man by day. pick up artist by night. His pioneering print campaign. (“Pick Up” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
WEIGHT LOSS. Many marketers don’t have the risk tolerance for it. But if you do. try this: 1) a good advertising lawyer and 2) this weight loss swipe file of 171 current and recent print ads, including: supplements, weight loss centers, hypnosis, and cosmetic surgery. (“Weight Loss” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
FUNDRAISING fortunes. Ogilvy’s response boosting dynamite (not in any of his books). British advertiser’s £147.7 million windfall in 2015. Virginia farmer’s formidable fundraising secrets. €278 million raised in 2015 by this monolith. 68 ads. (“Fundraising” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Unbeatable BIZ-OPs and perfect pitches. 130 long running print ads. (“Biz-Op” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
REAL ESTATE. Greatest “nothing down” pitches in print. TAKE AWAY selling to the tune of $19,000,00 worth of lots sold in a single day (in the 1920s). Secrets of sight unseen selling. Urban land CRISIS and selling the dream of “small town America”. How B.K. Haynes sold more land per ad than ten competitors combined. (“Real Estate” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
HIGH TICKET Selling (Part 3): From $500 supplements to $5,000 options advisories. (“High Ticket” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
Profiles of “Players in Print”
>>Players in Print #1: “The agency that hated the agency business. and bought out its clients”

>>Player in Print #2: “Dentist to the (almost) stars

>>Player in Print #3: “How Evelyn Wood built the fastest franchise in speed reading”

>>Player in Print #4: “The Pharmacist Frontman”

>>Player in Print #5: From London lawyer’s underground epiphany in 1960 to €278 million in funds raised in 2015

>>Player in Print #6: From penny-a-word science-fiction writer to $600 million net worth

>>Player in Print #7: “From the factory floor to direct response superstar”

>>Player in Print #8: ” Mild mannered copywriter by day.pick up artist by night”

>>Players in Print #9: “Nordic Invaders”

>>Players in Print #10: “4-foot-11 marketing giant” and the “natural born hustler”

>>Player in Print #11: “The man who called Black Monday on live TV”

>>Player in Print #12: “The Old Lion”

>>Players in Print #13: “The Carpet Kings”

>>Player in Print #14: “Bet-A-Million Bob’s Deal of the Century”

>>Player in Print #15: “Grizzled old goldbug’s amazing advertising alchemy”

>>Player in Print #16: “The outrageous challenge and the last man standing in nothing down real estate”

>>Player in Print #17: “Wrinkles FEARED Her”



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Andrew O´Brien – The Publicity MasterClass

Name Product: Andrew O´Brien – The Publicity MasterClass

Sale Page:

Price: $1997

This is our most extensive training on the market. We will teach you the exact same strategies we use to get 20 INTERVIEWS A MONTH for 10 different clients on a recurring basis. This training works for ANY type of Entrepreneur. whether you’re service based, physical products, digital products, brick and mortar, authors, speakers. it doesn’t matter. These methods work for everyone!

This training follows our PROVEN proprietary process called the “Visibility To Growth Formula”. Not only will you learn how to get in front of MILLIONS of people, but also how to leverage that visibility to MASSIVELY scale your business just as we’ve done for our clients.

MESSAGE – How to share the right message with your audience and the media to attract massive engagement, sales and fan base

MARKET – How to get in front of the right audience on the media outlets that create the highest level of credibility and authority with your specific audience.

MEDIA – How to get the media to feature you and title you as the “top leading expert” in your industry to instantly boost your credibility.

MAGNETISM – How to leverage the media exposure you get and attract the audience to engage with you WHILE reading about you in the top outlets they trust.

In this Masterclass I will teach you how to get featured on ANY media outlets you’ve ever dreamed of. Whether it be.. – National/International Television

– Online Publications

– Podcasts

– Local News

– Magazines

– Newspapers & many others

Each module will teach you different techniques, as each media outlet takes a different type of technique. You will literally learn EVERYTHING about publicity you could possibly want to know. Take the parts of the course that match your specific business, or learn it all. It’s all up to you. Finish on your own time!

In this training there are lessons taught by:

– White Board

– Screen share

– PDF’s

– Audio

We’ve got all methods so you can choose which method matches your learning techniques best!


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Roger and Barry – Amafy Platinum

Name Product: Roger and Barry – Amafy Platinum

Sale Page:

Price: $897

Yes Barry and Roger.
I Want to Build a Hugely Successful 6 Figure Ecommerce Business, Without All the Hassles and I’m Ready to Use Your Simple System to Grab a Totally Unfair Advantage!

Here’s what you’ll get.
Access to “Amafy Search System” to Legally Steal the Hottest Amazon Date to Practically Guarantee Success

Exclusive “Zero to Hero Training” to Build Super Fast, Cash Grabbing Campaigns From Complete Scratch

Amafy Auto Product Creator Plugin That Allows You to Add Any Aliexpress Product into Your Store With a Click of the Button

Mike’s “Fly on the Wall, Build a Business From Scratch” Training

Bonus: Live Zoom Mastermind Sessions That Will Become Your One Stop Ecommerce Marketing Home

Tammy’s “Shopify to Amazon Formula Training” to Further Increase Your Sales



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Howard Lynch – Ucash Academy

Name Product: Howard Lynch – Ucash Academy

Sale Page:

Price: $299
“How 1 Secret Website Helped A 67 year old grandfather
make $32,558 In One Month – Just By Copying & Pasting”



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Paul Mascetta – The Mind Domination Series

Name Product: Paul Mascetta – The Mind Domination Series

Sale Page:

Price: $17
In reality, I decided to develop a mind control study course to start using with my private clients who pay $997 per month.Over the past few months, we’ve had extensive training using the three phase formula I came up with.And much of the training was done through group teleseminars.After seeing the success of this formula I decided to condense it down to 3.5 hours of the most valuable and effective audio material from the telesemiars and offer at a truly affordable price as a way of saying “Thank you” for taking this survey.So here it is.Introducing The Mind Domination Series


Master a true mechanical understanding of the human mind so you can clearly understand how to direct it
Learn how the unconscious mind responds to the triggers that daily make people do what you want them to
Discover the key to by passing the critical factor of the human mind so you can rapid access to the subconsciou


Discover 12 fatal errors that 99% of people make when trying to influence the minds of others and how to avoid them
Learn why one error is simply unavoidable but how it can be leveraged to minimize failure
Find out about an error that you’re likely making right now without even realizing it that shattering your chances of influencing someone before you utter one single word
Learn my personal 3 step strategy for seed planting and how you can gain advocates and separate yourself from everyone else so your message always stands out


Learn the secret to accurate mind reading so you always know exactly what your subject is really thinking
Discover the secret to easily pinning out a liar
Learn how to peak inside the mind of your subject by what they do with their hands and eyes
Learn how to tell if someone smile is truly genuine
Learn the three types of gazes and when each one should be used to subliminally influence your subject


Discover the secret planes of the body and how gesturing from one single area can completely change the way your message resonates in the mind of your subject
Learn about a little known technique that helps you can more clarity and positive force when you speak so you always appear confident and in control
Learn how to leverage the right and left sides of the brain of your subject so you can make your offer see more appealing while making your competition look weak without saying anything bad about them


Discover a proven formula for telling captivating stories that grab attention and create instant “like-ability” in your character
Discover some dead simple but extremely potent hypnotic language patterns that warp your subject’s mind to pure compliance
Learn the truth about tonality and how to can use it to disarm and change moods in people instantly
Discover the Advanced Triggers of Mind Control and how you can use any one of these 17 mind hacks to gain compliance, make more sales and get more people to say “yes” faster



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Piggbyback Cash System

Name Product: Piggbyback Cash System

Sale Page:

Price: $162.65
Inside Get Everything You Need To Ethically Piggyback Off The Work Of Others And Make $162.65+ Per Day.

‘Fast Cash’ Blueprint

This blueprint reveals exactly how the Piggyback Cash System works and how you can get started with this today. You get everything you need to make $100+ per day with just a few minutes of simple work and 100% FREE traffic.

‘Over The Shoulder’ Video Training

Sometimes it’s easier to get results when you are able to watch something being done. That’s what this video training is all about. You get over-the-shoulder videos that take you from A-Z. You don’t need any prior experience or skills, and you can literally watch as we show you EXACTLY how to make this work and start stuffing cash in your pocket fast with the power of “piggybacking.”

‘Starting From Nothing’ Case Study

Sometimes you get a method that looks easy and then you realize you need some sort of prior experience or connections to really make it work. Not this. Inside, you’ll get a REAL LIFE case study that shows you how we went from ZERO to $165+ with just a few minutes of easy work by using the Piggyback Cash System.
Here’s A Quick Preview Of What
You’ll Discover Inside.

How to get started with this unique method today even if you’re a complete newbie with no prior experience
The simple steps to getting the most out of this as quickly as possible. do this right and you’ll be making money by tomorrow..
How to get the FREE traffic flowing fast using a little-known method that you’ve NEVER seen before.
The EXACT steps to “piggyback” your way to $100+ per day with just a few minutes of simple work daily. To be clear, this has NOTHING to do with outsourcing or Fiverr.
How to take things to the next level and scale this up as big as you want. you can take this method and use it to quit your day job in just a few short weeks.
Plus, a whole lot more!

If you’re looking for an easy system for making money online, this is it.

Look What REAL People Have To Say About The Piggyback Cash System…
Look What REAL People Have To Say About The Piggyback Cash System…



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Content Nitrous

Name Product: Content Nitrous

Sale Page:

Price: $24.86

Add Money Making “Step Boxes” To Your Websites

A “Step Box” is what we call it, because its a box with 3 steps for your customer to follow that have PROVEN to increase profits time and time again. This plugin and the strategy that comes with it is guaranteed to

Creates Unlimited Step Boxes

Insert these on as many websites as you wish. Customize them to look the way you want and perform the way you need so that customers become loyal and buy MORE stuff from you.
Boosts Your Passive Income

The step box automatically creates a “whitelist” page and gets your customer to add YOUR email to their email contacts so your follow up emails will NEVER get filtered as spam!

Adds An Injection Of Cash

The Step Box plugin adds a high converting high ticket backend webinar to your website. This will add profits to the bottom line of ANY launch. Select one of our backend products or add YOUR own!
Assembles A Peer Community

Your customers will be added to your Facebook group which reduces help desk nihghtmares through peer to peer support. The audience assembled in this community will revere you and buy more stuff!

(We’ve been secretly using this tactic for years.)
to add tens of thousands of dollars
to every product and website you create!



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Adam Nolan’s Products Collection 2017

Name Product: Adam Nolan’s Products Collection 2017

Sale Page:
Price: $129

Adam Nolan is a business and direct marketing consultant living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His courses have been downloaded by over 250,000 people. He’s had 30,000+ people attend his presentations on business and marketing. Adam specializes in high leverage marketing strategies and creating “lifestyle businesses”.He has been featured in ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX for helping thousands of people build successful online businesses. He’s the creator of the Passive Print System, the editor-in-chief of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter, owner of, and also runs a high level entrepreneur mastermind called the “Sales On Demand” program.

Consulting Classroom Monthly
How To Build A Marketing Agency
– 3.16 GB –

Instant Product Formula
How To Quickly Create And Sell Your Own Products
– 143.7 MB –

Offline Declassified
How To Generate 1000’s Of Offline Leads On Autopilot
– 854.2 MB –

Secret Guru Playbook
Simple Tips To Generate Large Revenue Quickly
– 1.15 GB –

Traffic Tidal Wave
A Few Simple Ticks On How To Get Traffic Now
– 22.3 MB –

FB Ad Basics
How To Advertise On Facebook
– 395.7 MB –

Lead Generation Machine
A Simple “Foot In The Door” Technique Great For Sales
– 12 MB –

Offline Influence
Sales Psychology Techniques To Get Customers To Say “Yes” Now.
– 7.2 MB –

The Affiliate Funnel
The Best Way To Make Money Online As An Affiliate
– 375 MB –

Ultimate Sales Funnel
How To Put Together The Perfect Sales Funnel
– 395.2 MB –




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