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Tanner Larsson – Optimized Ecommerce

Name Product: Tanner Larsson – Optimized Ecommerce

Sale Page:

Price: $97

That means no holds barred and no stone left un-turned. We don’t skimp, dodge topics or skip over anything you need to succeed.

Not only will you learn everything above and more, but you will also get side line commentary and insights from me, traffic master Matthew Stafford and the Build Grow Scale Team.

Exactly What You’ll Be Getting.
Before we go on, there are 2 things you need to understand.

1. This is a real “in the trenches” training workshop from me and my team, NOT some pre-recorded cheese ball course.

2. This is a $997 training program. You won’t have to pay that today, but that is the real, honest to goodness price that it will be sold for in the future.

I tell you that to squash any thoughts you may have about this being one of those cheap products of the day you see touted everywhere.

This isn’t like anything else you’ve ever purchased (and you will buy this.if you’re serious about business) and it isn’t like other training you might have purchased.

There is no fluff. There is no filler.

This is 100% pure, uncensored, HARD CORE marketing content .specifically for “A-Players” who want to absolutely crush it online.

When you leave this training you will be equipped with everything you need in order to skyrocket your conversions and profits!

Here’s just a small fraction of what you’ll be discovering.
How a 10% change in one store metric cut our traffic cost in HALF. (This takes about 20 minutes to implement in your store)

The Shopify upsell app that out performs all the other ones on the market. (this is free money waiting to be collected.and it’s cheaper than it’s competitors)

Which elements on your store should be color matched to each other. (this increased our conversion rate by 1% overnight)

33% of our visitors clicked the same Shopify feature on the product listing page that by default shows up but does nothing. We changed out it’s function and saw an immediate 9% lift in sales. (this is a stupidly simple change you’ll kick yourself for not noticing sooner)

The right way to position your catalog pages to boost your average cart value. (most people don’t know they can do this)

Why 99% of people do conversion optimization wrong and how to ensure you are not one of those people. (This is counter intuitive but very important)

The super popular trust icon that actually LOWERS conversions on the checkout page. (we would have never guessed this was gonna hurt)

How adding a simple % to the our upsell headline increased take rate by 11.4% (it has nothing to do with a discount either)

The simple image tweak that will cut your bounce rate by as much as 30%. (This is brain dead simple and requires no skill to implement)

3 mobile shopping cart changes that will increase conversions by at least 18%. (Most mobile responsive themes still screw this up)

The site navigation structure that will kill your chances at google rankings as well as increase page abandonment by as much as 25%. (this will shock you because so many themes are built this way)

Where NOT to place your customer testimonials. (we actually found places that it lowered our conversions.)

The 10 Second Test that will immediately show you where you are loosing up to 1/3rd of your potential sales. (You’ll kick yourself when you see how much you are losing.)

Which refund guarantee image and date range (30, 60, 90 days) increased sales by 17% and which one actually lowered our conversion rate. (Hint: it’s not what you think.)

The 1 word we found that out performed “Free Shipping” by 16% AND boosted add to cart’s by 7%. (This will blow you away)

How do dial in fast on the exact audience ranges you should be targeting.

The 7 words we added to the checkout page that instantly boosted our average order value by $4. (you will kick yourself for not implementing it’s so simple.)

How some of the most popular Shopify Apps we all use can actually hurt your sites performance and conversions even when they are doing what they are designed to do. (This blew us away and cost over $1500 to prove it really was a problem.)

The simple addition we made to our video ads that boosted our Facebook Ad Click through rates through the roof. (If you run video ads you need to be doing this)



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Dane Maxwell – The Foundation Bootstrap Software Summit 2016

Name Product: Dane Maxwell – The Foundation Bootstrap Software Summit 2016

Sale Page:

Price: $799

We will teach you the exact strategies, tactics and mindsets you need to start and scale a software business from nothing to millions of dollars in revenue.

Imagine What You’ll Learn When These Founders Teach You

How To Start A Software Business From Scratch
Here’s What You”ll Discover

After Spending Three Days With These Entrepreneurs

For the first time ever, some of the top entrepreneurs in the world have gathered together to teach you about bootstrapping your own software business.
For three days straight they’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about starting and scaling software businesses. fast.
Each interview will focus on three key areas of business:

1) Starting – How To Get Your First 100 Customers

You’ll learn:

Where do great ideas come from? What questions should you ask to find them?
How do you sell products before they exist to make sure you’re building something people want to buy? Where do your first paying customers come from?
How do you vet, hire and pay developers when you’re just starting?

In each interview, you’ll learn how the entrepreneur found the idea, got the product built and got their first 100 customers.

2) Scaling- Strategies and Tactics To Drive Growth Fast

You’ll learn:

What are the most profitable strategies for growing quickly?
What are the minimal activities that led to maximum results?
How to do sales if you’re not any good at it?

In each interview you’ll learn the most profitable activities these entrepreneurs used for scaling fast.

3) Mindset – The Inner Game of Business

You’ll learn:

What beliefs about business helped these entrepreneurs become so successful?
What were the biggest mistakes these entrepreneurs made along the way?
What were the biggest lessons they learned? If they could start all over again, how would they do it differently?

In each interview, you’ll learn what these entrepreneurs believe about business and what they wished they’d have done differently, knowing what they know now.

Why Should You Attend This Summit?

1) Learn Directly From Some Of The Top Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs In The World

If you’ve wanted to build a successful business but don’t want to go the ‘typical’ route of raising venture capital, this event will teach you how to start from scratch and reach profitability as quickly as possible.
We’ve hand picked some of the top bootstrapped entrepreneurs in the world who have ‘been there and done it.’ You’ll be learning directly from the best of the best. Period.
These entrepreneurs don’t just teach about business. They’ve done it. And their track records show it.

2) It’s Online And FREE

If we would have made this a live event, it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to do. Because we’re hosting this online, we don’t have to pay speaking fees, flights or rent event space.
Since we don’t have those expenses, we’re making this event FREE for you.
You don’t have to pay for flights, hotels or expensive event tickets. You can register right now for free.
And best of all, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can watch each training from your laptop, no matter where you are in the world.

3) There’s Never Been An Better Time In History To Start A Software Business

Until this point in history, there’s never been a better time to start a software business to generate wealth for you and your family and to impact the world.
We are living in a world with unprecedented access to knowledge, mentors and advice to get started. We can find people all over the globe to help us. There are countless tools and resources to guide our journeys, even if you don’t know how to code.
And, best of all, all of this is available for a fraction of what is costed 10 years ago.
If you want to start your own business, there’s no better time than right now. Period.
So register for the Summit today and let’s get started together.



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Kenrick Cleveland – The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis

Name Product: Kenrick Cleveland – The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis

Sale Page:

Price: $397

Discover How To Replace Someone’s Reasoning With Your Own…Without Any Argument, Persuasion Or Compromise

Instantly put someone’s conscious mind to bed…reprogram their views of right and wrong…turn them into your very own puppet on strings…using the most powerful method for speaking to the unconscious mind…

The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis

“Is hypnosis dangerous? It can be. Under certain circumstances, it is dangerous in the extreme. It has even been known to lead to murder. Given the right combination of hypnotist and subject, hypnosis can be a lethal weapon.” George Estabrooks

Pushing Straight Through The Boundaries Of Everything You Thought Was Possible…

The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis includes a full blown advanced hypnosis course. You will receive over 8 hours of video from a previous class I taught on advanced hypnosis. To make sure that you have the latest up to date information at your fingertips, I will be annotating each video…and you will have access to over 10 hours of Coaching calls recordings that will guarantee you will become an expert hypnotist by the end of this section.

And this 8+ hours of video and complete hypnosis training course are just the beginning…an added bonus… that I would normally sell separately for $695.

All Ways Delivers A Hi Level Of Value…

Kenrick always in all ways delivers a hi level of value If you want to learn what takes to be a magican of persuasion, say BY to your old way of doing things and END the insanity. Start TODAY your new begining. You’ll find by the end of the today studying with Kenrick how much of a impact he make with you like me!
Desmond, New Zealand

The real course will teach you how to take full control of someone else’s mind…overtly and covertly…turning them into your hypno-slave.

The program will be an advanced, hands-on coaching course spanning several months. The first 8 weeks will cover Module 1, Advanced Hypnosis training, in which you will receive a new section once a week. This will give you plenty of time to practice and integrate the material before continuing with the next section. Included with Module 1 is access to the four hours and thirty minutes of recorded calls from the precious group, learning session and feedback in the private community.

After you complete Module 1 (Advanced Hypnosis Training), you will receive a new module every other week. The course consists of 6 total modules, plus 1 bonus module and 2 Bonus expert audio interviews.

below are just a few of the amazing discoveries you will make…


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[Special Offer] Travis Cody – Six-Figure Author System

Name Product: Travis Cody – Six-Figure Author System
COST: $997
Size: 331 MB

Sale Page :  _

The Proven Formula to Launching Bestselling Books and Creating Six-Figure Income Streams

The Six-Figure Author System is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to create and launch your own bestselling book… in 6 Weeks or less! It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way. From overcoming the dreaded “blank page” to get started, the best way to deal with writers block, simple publishing secrets for everyone and… how to create a six-figure income stream from a single book.

Watch the video sale: _



[Special Offer] Matt Wolfe – Content Business Machine

Name Product: Matt Wolfe – Content Business Machine
COST: $997
Size: 4.67 GB

Sale Page :  _

Matt Wolfe – The Content Business Machine |

The step-by-step process to build an entire business. Covering list building, product creation, copywriting, content marketing, and more!

Watch the Webinar here: _



[Special Offer] Ruben Perez – Bandit Sign on Wheels Program

Name Product: Ruben Perez – Bandit Sign on Wheels Program
COST: $997
Size: 1.22 GB

Sale Page :  _

Make Your Phone Ring!
This simple marketing strategy exploded Ruben’s investing business!
He now has 70+ vehicles advertising his business, and people lined up BEGGING to advertise HIS business on THEIR car!

Now you can get EVERYTHING you need to EXPLODE your business with Ruben’s lead generating system.

Here’s a quick summary of everything you get with The Bandit Sign on Wheels – Mobile Car Sign Program:

– Step-by step Guide to the Program, complete with Videos, Photos, and Document Templates
– Affiliate Autoresponder Emails for Potential Cars,  Qualified Cars, and Completed Cars
– Contracts and Paperwork
– Window Agreements
– Affiliate Agreements
– Marketing Release Forms
– Sample Installed Stickers
– Sample Letters
– Simple Marketing Tools
– Incoming Call Scripts
– Distressed Seller Autoresponder Emails

You Will Also Learn…
– Where to Get Your Materials
– Where to Get Your Signs
– Where to Place Your Bandit Signs
– How to Determine Your Offer Price
– How to Sell Your Deals Quickly
– How to Find Cash Buyers
– How to Mail-merge Letters
– Step by Step Closing Procedures
– and more…



Project Management Professional 2016 (PMP)

Name Product: Project Management Professional 2016 (PMP)

Sale Page:

Price: $405

The Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute is an advanced level certification that requires not only a written exam from the candidate but also verifiable non-overlapping field experience and continuing education. It is the most significant industry recognized certification for Project Managers worldwide. Project Managers with this certification are in high demand because it validates the excellence of knowledge, experience and ability in Project Management Leadership.


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Local Legion of Leads 2017

Name Product: Local Legion of Leads 2017

Sale Page:

Price: $27



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Motion Mascots V3

Name Product: Motion Mascots V3

Sale Page:

Price: $27
Why Should I Use Animated Characters?
Boost Your Sales & Conversions

Notice a quick boost in conversions & sales after swiping these engaging animated characters
Save A Ton Of Money On Video Guys

Forget about spending horrendeous money on outsourcing the videos. Using templates is smarter!
Create Videos Much Faster & Easier!

No more delays, waiting or endless revisions. Take a full control over your business!
It’s As Simple As Copy & Paste!

No customization required. Just drag & drop your favorite object to your favorite video creator and you’re done! So simple!
Adding Animated Characters In Your Favorite Video Creator It’s So Simple – Just Watch!

Dear Friend,

Do you feel like you’re missing out on the current video trend?

Are your videos not grabbing the attention as they used to?

Looking to make your videos more unique, ENGAGING and make them stand out from the crowd?

With tools like VideoMakerFX, Explaindio, VideoScribe, EasySketchPro and others it became even simpler to create your own videos.

Unfortunately, the issue is still that…
Thousands Of People Use The Same “Me Too” Video Graphics & Templates…

That Result In Lower Conversions & Lower Profits

Is there a way to get the attention from the distracted prospects?

OPTION #1 – Hire a pricey video team that can charge you even up to $300 per minute!

OPTION #2 – Hire a graphic designer to create for you custom whiteboard graphics (prepare to pocket even $5-$20 just for a single graphic element!)

OPTION #3 – Try Fiverr to experience low quality & poor delivery (you get what you paid for)

What if there is a better way?
Just Imagine Being Able To Create All Unique Videos With Brand-New Video Assets…

So You Can Too Transform Your Boring Videos Into Money-Getting Machines!

I created a premium bundle of 150 animated characters that you can use to spice up your videos, improve your conversions and boost up your sales!

These done-for-you animated characters will give you an “extra” edge over your competitors for a FRACTION of the actual cost!



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Mario Brown – Autowebinar Profits

Name Product: Mario Brown – Autowebinar Profits

Sale Page:

Price: $97

Today you Get Immediate Access To
The EXACT Landing Page I Use Every Day To Get Daily $297 – $997 Payments On Auto-Pilot
My Secret Scarcity Strategy Bringing Me A 60% Show Up Rate On My Webinars!
The EXACT Ad I Run Every Day Generating Cheap But Highly Targeted Leads 100% Hands-Off
My Step By Step Funnel Broken Down Delivered To You On A Silver Platter
The Webinar That Is Bringing In The Cash – See My Slides, The Close, EVERYTHING!
My Unique & Top Secret Retargeting Strategy Turning Cold Leads Into Lifetime Fans

IMPORTANT: This is A CASE STUDY meaning everything is REAL WORLD Data I collected from the Video Ads I’ve been running the last 4 weeks for this Case Study.

No theory – No Fluff.

Just 100% Real data driven Results and I’m not holding anything back, you get the FULL Funnel on a silver platter.

Here is the best part – this funnel has led to a 3000% Return Of Investment and you get EVERY STEP of the funnel today as soon as you invest in ‘FB Video Ads Formula’.

You get to see & swipe my Opt-In Page, my exact Thank-You page where I built massive likeability/trust/authority and my exact Webinar Registration Page and all my best performing ads and campaigns.

And here is the best part, I kept everything 100% Newbie Friendly. I’m not a technical guy myself so I need SIMPLE Solutions – in fact I need them so simple that a kid could implement them.

Don’t suffer from overwhelm

(everything is very step by step)
You can start without experience

(my funnel only has 3 steps total)
You don’t need a list

(this will build your list FAST, it’s all about lead generation)

You don’t need a big budget whatsoever

(my campaigns are running for $3)
You don’t have to do it alone

(in every video you look over my shoulder)
You don’t have to start from scratch

(you can leverage my ads, templates & test results)

And here is the great news, I don’t stop there.
In fact, I’m just getting started.
If you act fast you’re getting everything including:
System Overview & Members Only Exclusive Automation Formula
We get straight to the point by delivering you the PROVEN, income generating formula right here in the first module. You’ll be off to a HUGE HEAD START by completing this lesson, you’ll discover why Automated Webinars are critical PLUS how you can Automate your Lead Generation, Sales AND Follow Up Quick & Easy without any hassle, overwhelm or having to know any coding.
Mental Toughness For Laser Focus & Execution
Do find yourself often distracted, overwhelmed and not feeling like taking action. Well trust me I’ve been there and over the last 9 years I’ve come up with a System to help you execute on the highest level, have a laser focus and crush any barriers. No more slacking, this will give you a much needed kick in the but and ensure that you use every strategy in this course to automated your Traffic, your Follow Up and most importantly your Sales!
My Video Ad Broken Down In Detail
Swipe my Ad Copy, My Video Structure and get access to the same Video I’m running generating $997 Sales Every Day and 0,01 cents per view. I break down my simple copy for you plus every frame inside my video so that YOU just swipe my PROVEN system and you never have to create anything from Scratch. This ad is getting me Sales, Likes, Shares, Comments (aka Viral Traffic) and now YOU can use the exact same strategy leveraging my work.
My EXACT Best Converting Landing Page, Thank You Page & Conversion Hack
I show you STEP BY STEP how to create highly converting landing pages AND I reveal to you the EXACT landing pages I used during this case study to get a 60% Show Up Rate on my Webinar with COLD Traffic (that’s unheard of).You’ll ALSO learn how I use congruency marketing to turn cold traffic into hot traffic within hours.
The 400% Return On Investment Webinar Secrets
I’m going to break down my Automated Webinar for you. This is the EXACT Webinar I’m using to bring in a 400% ROI from COLD traffic. My Slides, My setup, My Pitch – You get to see EVERYTHING. If you ever wanted to study and then create your own high converting webinar, here is your chance. It doesn’t get more REAL WORLD than this, you get the Webinar that is bringing in $997 sales on Auto-Pilot.
Facebook Ads Insights & Targeting Secrets (This is Exclusive!)

Well this is where all the gold is, this is where I do something that nobody else will do. I”m going to hand you ALL of my targeting data on a Silver Platter. Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Instagram, which one performed best and gave the the cheapest leads? Frank Kern vs. Ryan Deiss vs. Mike Dillard, which targeting interest performs the best for the lowest cost per lead? Well I’ll hand you my data inside this course. I spent thousands, I had to track and do all of the hard work – You get to leverage it all and get to use my data immediately, starting today
The 3 Phases Of Audience Domination
This is my Proprietary Method to turn Ice Cold Traffic into HOT Traffic – to turn a leads that are costing me $10 into $2 leads QUICK. If you use this strategy you’ll be shocked how fast you’ll be able to slash your advertising cost and how quickly you’ll turn cold traffic into absolute fans that can’t wait to buy from you. I brake down every Phase for you PLUS I’ll also walk you through Facebook’s BRAND NEW Page Engagement features that nobody is talking about yet.



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