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Ramit Sethi Interviews Jay Abraham (1mp4, 1mp3, 1 pdf)

Name Product: Ramit Sethi Interviews Jay Abraham (1mp4, 1mp3, 1 pdf)

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Price: $267
Today, I want to introduce you to one of my most influential mentors: Jay Abraham. His insights have changed my life. If you’ve ever wondered who I study and learn from, here’s your answer:

*His book made me over $100,000 in one month
*He helped double my business in one year
*I applied his advice to my personal life and had amazing experiences in just a few months

Years ago, after I bought his book, Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got, I heard he was launching a program for small-business owners, so I applied to be in it. He checked my references, read my application, and eventually I got accepted. It was a ~$25,000 program – plus I had to fly from NYC to LA every month for 15 months just to get 45 minutes of his time.

And I would do it again for 10x the price.

Have you ever joined something (or even bought something) that was so good, price became a mere triviality? Maybe you joined a dodgeball club where you made 5 new friends…or moved to an apartment where you wake up every morning and love where you live…or even bought an amazing leather coat that fits you like a glove.

That’s when you realize that for the right experience, money doesn’t matter.

Think about our lives: It’s so rare that we get the chance to surround ourselves with someone who can make such a big impact. When was the last time someone gave you advice that actually changed your life (and will keep impacting you for the next 40 years?)

Now you see why I would have paid anything.

Along with 20 other small-business owners, we joined Jay once a month for 15 months. And I got the chance to learn why people flew from around the world to find a community of other people who want to improve themselves.

I think every one of us feels stagnant in a certain part of life. It could be your fitness, or your clothes, or your finances or job. Whatever it is, if we could find a group of people who have EXACTLY the same goals, can hold us accountable, and will challenge us to do more…we’d join it in a heartbeat.

And unlike a lot of people who patronize young people, I know that we’re WILLING to put in the time and work twice as hard as other people. We just want to know that it will pay off.

So what do you do when you have the ambition and the drive and you want MORE (not to listen to horrible advice about cutting back on every joy in life and waiting until you’re 65 to take a vacation)?

Answer: You find someone who’s done it and learn from them by scraping every piece of meat off the bone that they have to offer.

So how did I double my business? I learned many valuable strategies and tactics from Jay, but the most important things weren’t “secrets.” Instead, the real keys to growth that Jay opened up for me were:

> Having a friendly but firm leader who was there to support me – but call me out when I wasn’t living up to my own standards. (When was the last time you had someone like this for you?)
> A supportive community. (How many of us have friends who challenge us to be better?)
> Being held accountable. (Each month, I’d have to report what I committed to the previous month, what I accomplished, and sometimes explain why I DIDN’T do what I said I would do – in front of everyone.)

This experience was so transformative that I used these building blocks to create a similar opportunity for IWT students “Ramit’s BrainTrust.” This program brings together 2,000+ IWT’s top students to discuss self-development, hold each other accountable, and even organize dozens of in-person meetups around the world every single month.

Plus, I invite a special guest to the group each month to share their wisdom and experience.

So, I’m honored to welcome Jay Abraham as Brain Trust guest.

And I’ve put together a very special excerpt of my interview with Jay. In the full interview, you’ll learn:

*Powerful strategies to grow your business or get promoted faster than you thought possible (this is how I doubled my business in a year)
*Why people are begging to be led – and how you can be their leader
*The exact words to use so your coworkers, friends, and family stop taking you for granted – and deeply appreciate your special talents



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[Special Offer] Till Boadella – Advanced Drop Shipping Class

Advanced Drop Shipping Class

Name Product: Till Boadella – Advanced Drop Shipping Class
COST: $697
Size: 7.1 GB

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Till Boadella – Advanced Drop Shipping Class | Who Else Wants To Build An Easy, Fun And Lucrative Drop Shipping Bussiness In 30 Days ?  

Advanced Drop Shipping Class 4




Python and Network Automation: Build 5 Python Apps

Name Product: Python and Network Automation: Build 5 Python Apps

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Price: $100

Learn Python From Scratch! Go from zero programming to building great network apps with Python. Full Python Apps Inside! Do you want to become a Python Developer without having to spend a lot of money on books and boring theoretical courses? Are you a network professional who wants to start automating network tasks? Or maybe you’re seeking a raise or even a career change? Join over 1,500 successful students who have decided to learn Python, upgrade their networking skills and boost their careers using this 100% hands-on course!

During this course you will learn Python concepts which are relevant to your networking job and build some amazing tools:

Python App#1: Subnet calculator.
Python App#2: Configuring multiple devices concurrently via SSH and Telnet.
Python App#3: DHCP client simulator for testing a DHCP server.
Python App#4: Collecting information from routers and storing it in a MySQL database.
Python App#5: OSPF network discovery via SNMP. Building the OSPF topology.

Sounds unbelievable given your current programming experience? Well, it’s true! How?

First, you will learn and practice every Python key concept, which is explained in one or more video lectures, followed by a short quiz. Each video is filled with relevant examples, in a learn-by-doing fashion and the quizzes will help you consolidate the main ideas behind each Python topic.

After laying the foundation (and also exploring some advanced Python topics), you will dive right into the real-life networking scenarios and apply your knowledge to build 5 great network tools.

“There is no major prerequisite and the material is hand-on from the go. Besides new lectures are being uploaded in response to suggestions and discussions.” by Zafar Iqbal

Equipped with working files, network topologies and Python code samples (in .pdf and .py formats), you will be able to work alongside me on each lecture and each application. I will provide a virtual machine with all the Python modules already installed and also the full code for each application, so you can save time and start coding and testing on the spot.

We will use emulated routers in GNS3 to test our Python apps in a network environment, so you can see the actual results of running your code.

I encourage you to learn Python, an amazingly beginner-friendly programming language and take your (networking) job to a higher level of automation.

What are the requirements?

You should have a great desire to learn programming and do it in a hands-on fashion, without having to watch countless lectures filled with slides and theory.
You should already be familiar with networking concepts like: Routing, SSH, Telnet, SNMP.
I will provide a fully configured virtual machine with all the necessary software (Python modules, MySQL, IDE). This way you can save time and start writing code as soon as possible.
I am going to use only free software throughout the course: Python 2.7, Linux, GNS3.
All you need is a decent PC/Laptop (2GHz CPU, 4GB RAM). You will get the rest from me.


01 – Getting Started
01 – Course introduction
02 – Introduction to Python
03 – Necessary software
04 – List of necessary applications.pdf
05 – Python interpreter
06 – Python scripts
07 – Python argument passing
08 – User input
09 – dir and help
3.1 – .txt
02 – Data Types
10 – Variables
11 – Python keywords.pdf
12 – Data Types
13 – Strings
14 – String methods
14.1 – String methods – Link.txt
15 – String operators and formatting
16 – String slices
17 – Numbers and math operators
18 – Booleans and logical operators
18.1 – Data Types – Link.txt
19 – Lists introduction
20 – List methods
21 – List slices
22 – Sets introduction
23 – Set methods
23.1 – Sets – Links.txt
24 – Tuples introduction
25 – Tuple methods
26 – Dictionaries introduction
27 – Dictionary methods
27.1 – Dictionaries – Link.txt
28 – Conversions between data types
03 – Control Flow
29 – If Elif Else conditionals
29.1 – Control Flow – Link.txt
30 – For For-Else loops
30.1 – For Loops – Link.txt
31 – While While-Else loops
31.1 – While Loops – Link.txt
32 – If For While nesting
33 – Break Continue Pass
34 – Exceptions
35 – Try Except Else Finally
35.1 – Exceptions – Link.txt
04 – Functions
36 – Functions
37 – Arguments
37.1 – Types of arguments – Link.txt
38 – Namespaces
39 – Modules and importing
39.1 – if name EqualsEquals main – Link.txt
05 – File operations
40 – File opening and reading
41 – File writing and appending
42 – File closing The with method
42.1 – Files – Link.txt
43 – File access modes table.pdf
06 – Regular Expressions
44 – The re.match and methods
45 – The re.findall and re.sub methods
45.1 – The re module – Link.txt
46 – Regular expressions sheet.pdf
07 – Classes Object-Oriented Programming Basics
47 – Classes and Objects
48 – Classes and Inheritance
48.1 – Classes – Link.txt
08 – Bonus Python Tools
49 – List Set Dictionary comprehensions
50 – Lambda functions
51 – Map Filter Reduce
52 – Threading basics
53 – Some advice on coding
53.1 – Linux Permissions – Link.txt
53.2 – PEP8 – Link.txt
09 – Setting up the working environment
54 – Link to the necessary resources.pdf
55 – GNS3 Setup
56 – Linking VirtualBox to the GNS3 network
10 – Python Networking 141.33 MB
57 – Python networking with Telnet
58 – Python networking with SSH
58.1 – Telnet And SSH Config .txt
59 – Python networking with SNMP
59.1 – SNMP.pdf
60 – Python networking with Scapy. Creating your own packets.
60.1 – Scapy – Link.txt
61 – Code snippet .pdf Plus .py – Telnet.pdf
61.1 – Telnet Template .py
62 – Code snippet .pdf Plus .py – SSH.pdf
62.1 – SSH
63 – Code snippet .pdf Plus .py – SNMP.pdf
63.1 – SNMP
11 – Python and MySQL
64 – Setting up the MySQL database
64.1 – My SQL Commands .txt
65 – Python interacting with MySQL
65.1 – My SQL Linux Remote Access .txt
12 – Application 1 – Basic subnet calculator
66 – Short introduction
67 – What are we going to build
67.1 – Subnet Calc README .txt
68 – Planning the application
69 – Application 1 – Part 1
70 – Application 1 – Part 2
71 – Application 1 – Part 3
72 – Application 1 – Part 4
73 – Testing the application
73.1 – Online Subnet Calculator – Link.txt
74 – Entire application code .pdf Plus .py .pdf
74.1 – Subnet Calc Final .py
13 – Application 2 – SSH Telnet network configuration
75 – What are we going to build
76 – Planning the application
77 – Application 2 – Part 1
78 – Application 2 – Part 2
78.1 – Linux Ping – Link.txt
79 – Application 2 – Part 3
80 – Application 2 – Part 4
81 – Testing the application
82 – Entire SSH application code .pdf Plus .py .pdf
82.1 – SSH Config
83 – Entire Telnet application code .pdf Plus .py .pdf
83.1 – Telnet Config Final .py
14 – Application 3 – DHCP client simulator
84 – What are we going to build
85 – Planning the application
86 – Application 3 – Part 1
86.1 – DHCP Sim README.txt
87 – Application 3 – Part 2
88 – Application 3 – Part 3
89 – Application 3 – Part 4
90 – Testing the application
91 – Entire application code .pdf Plus .py .pdf
91.1 – DHCP Sim
15 – Application 4 – Network parameters extraction
100 – Entire application code .pdf Plus .py .pdf
100.1 – Net Mon SQL Final .py
92 – What are we going to build
93 – Planning the application
94 – Application 4 – Part 1
95 – Application 4 – Part 2
96 – Application 4 – Part 3
97 – Application 4 – Part 4
98 – Application 4 – Part 5
99 – Testing the application
16 – Application 5 – OSPF network discovery via SNMP
101 – What are we going to build
102 – Planning the application
103 – Application 5 – Part 1
104 – Application 5 – Part 2
105 – Application 5 – Part 3
106 – Application 5 – Part 4
107 – Application 5 – Part 5
108 – Application 5 – Part 6
108.1 – The networkx module – Link.txt
109 – Testing the application
109.1 – OSPF SNMP README.txt
110 – Entire application code .pdf Plus .py .pdf
110.1 – OSPF SNMP
17 – Conclusions
111 – Final words

Continue to update…



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Make More, Work Less! Time Management Productivity Skills

Name Product: Make More, Work Less! Time Management Productivity Skills

Sale Page: _

Price: $99

About This Class

You might love this Skillshare course if you want to honestly see what it takes to be more productive, manage your time more effectively, and discover what works for me to get more done with less time and effort. As a student in this course, you will get an answer to every question you ask and be encouraged to test out every tip I give you that works for me. See both my successes and failures in living a productive life and take this opportunity to really discover what kind of productivity and time management habits you have!

When you take this course and try doing some of what I do each day, you can unlock your maximum potential. You will be amazed before you are halfway through your journey of getting to know yourself and discovering all of your productivity habits as a student in this course. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see your discussion question posted in the course in a few minutes!


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The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced

Name Product: The Complete Google AdWords Course: Beginner to Advanced

Sale Page: _

Price: $199

About This Class

Use this course to see how I generated $314,793.29 in sales with $6,661.28 in ad spend and how you can do the same! Start with any level of knowledge about Google AdWords prior to beginning this course and watch live as I walk you through creating my own advertising campaigns for conversions starting from nothing! See live as I go through the process of making my own successful ads and walk with me as you do the same things I do in your Google AdWords account!


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[Special Offer] Justin Devonshire – Six Figure Speaker Academy

Six Figure Speaker Academy

Name Product: Justin Devonshire – Six Figure Speaker Academy
COST: $997
Size: 1.29 GB

Sale Page :  _

Justin Devonshire – Six Figure Speaker Academy | Have You Dreamed of Being a Speaker ?
What if you could fill your events, start selling high-ticket services & become the go-to leader of your field?

What if you could your income to create over 6-figures from your expertise…
…way faster than you thought possible?
What if you could keep scaling your income but actually work LESS?
And what if you could make more money, work less time whilst simultaneously doing something fulfilling and making a massive impact in people’s lives?
“A training course designed SPECIFICALLY for coaches, consultants, trainers & experts who are committed to sharing their wisdom with thousands of people…while earning the money they deserve for transforming lives…”

Is this program for you?

Answer the following questions before reading on…

–    Your dream is to speak about your topic… but you dont know where to start?
–    You speak often but never sell any packages
–    (maybe or 2 by chance)?
–    Are you frustrated & embarrassed that only a handful of people show up to your events – after months of HARD promoting?
–    You want to make more sales – but you have no ‘product’ to sell (plus you hate the thought of being a pushy seller on stage)
–    Or do you WISH to become a speaker – but you don’t know how to present yourself or structure a talk that delivers value and creates new clients?

How Much Money Can You Really Make From Live Events?



[Special Offer] Russ Raj – Fiction Master Course

Fiction Master Course

Name Product: Russ Raj – Fiction Master Course
COST: $497
Size: 1.06 GB

Sale Page :  _

Do you crave freedom? Do you never want to work a 9 to 5 job? Do you want to live the digital nomad lifestyle?
Learn My COMPLETE Step by Step Proven System on How I Consistenly Make $10,000+/Month Publishing Fiction Books Online. 

What’s Included in Fiction Master Course?

Module 1: Picking a Winning Niche & Creating Real Value

  • How to pick a Winning Niche
  • Book Creation (Standalones vs. Series)
  • Another Style of Publishing Fiction Books (My Favorite)
  • Effectively Creating Box Sets
  • Themes, Plots, Story Elements
  • How to Hire the Best Writers

Module 2 – How to Create the Best Fiction Books  

  • Picking a Pen Name
  • Picking Effective Titles
  • Covers that Sell and Where to Outsource
  • Choosing Keywords for Wide Visibility
  • Choosing the Perfect Categories

Module 3 – List Building | How to Acquire Your Raving Fans

  • Building an Email List
  • Best Email Marketing Services and List Setup
  • Obtaining a Professional Email Address
  • Easily building Landing Pages that Convert

Module 4 – Author Presence | Becoming an Authority

  • Setting up Author Central
  • Going Where the Readers Hangout
  • Facebook Page Setup & Facebook Content StrategyMeme Examples and FB Pages App

Module 5 – Automate Your Email List (Crash Course)

  • What is an Autoresponder, How to Set it up.
  • Complete Autoresponder Crash Course!

Module 6 – Building Your Own Street Team for Free Reviews

  • Finding Readers to Leave Reviews & Reaching out to Subscribers
  • Building your own Street Team for Free Reviews

Module 7 – My Bestselling Launch Strategy!  

  • Various Pricing Strategies
  • My Bestseller Launch Strategy!

Module 8 – Maintaining Your Books for Long-term Success

  • Maintaining Your Books for Long-term Success


  • Facebook Ads Intro
  • Facebook Ads Beginner
  • Facebook Ads Intermediate
  • Facebook Ads Advanced

BONUS – Easy to Follow Module Summaries and Notes 

BONUS – My templates for Various Publishing Tasks 

BONUS – Example Files 

CASE STUDY: Launched book to #752 Paid Rank for $0 




[Special Offer] Cathryn & Allen – Self Mastery Academy


Name Product: Cathryn & Allen – Self Mastery Academy
COST: $397
Size: 2.52 GB

Sale Page :  _

Cathryn & Allen – Self Mastery Academy | Become the Master of Your Own Life, Time & Goals.
Escape the Overwhelm  • Beat Procrastination, Boost Productivity  • 10X Your Focus
1 – The productivity and focus essentials extracted from hundreds of top performers and entrepreneurs that we successfully applied to our own business and lives.
2 – Strategic goal setting; starting from yearly to quarterly, weekly, and finally to daily goals that will keep you on track to ensure that no day goes wasted.
3 – The power of setting stretch goals and how to creatively stretch your own realm of what’s possible and achievable, in a way that’s realistic and inspiring
4 – Effective ways to avoid energy drain and improve daily performance and productivity without the burnout and exhaustion
5 – Creative ways to leverage your time and resources to get the most out of the limited hours in your day. This is the secret weapon of the successful.
6 – How to beat the perpetuating cycle of procrastination and guilt, and actually go to bed feeling accomplished and inspired for the next day ahead
7 – How to gain back the limited attention that you have been wasting on all the wrong things, keeping you from accomplishing your goals
8 – How to build a time machine; the systems and automations that have helped scale and grow our business, applicable and relevant for improving all scales of operation, and even to your daily life.
9 – How to track your overall performance, and measure your growth (for you or your business) so you know exactly what’s bringing results and what needs to be tweaked.
10 – How to maintain the highest level of performance consistently, and reach your peak of well being through incremental changes in your routine



Alibaba – How to Make Huge Profits Importing Products from China

Name Product: Alibaba – How to Make Huge Profits Importing Products from China

Sale Page: _

Price: $90
In this course, you will learn all about Alibaba, how to find great products, negotiate with the manufacturers, and sell these products locally in your area for a higher price.

This guide will help you to identify the “winner products” by comparing the products and price with

I hope to see you inside the course.

Also, here is the Complete Collection of my Best Sellers Skillshare Courses, you can enroll in all the courses you want!


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How To Land Web Design & SEO Clients Using Video Audits

Name Product: How To Land Web Design & SEO Clients Using Video Audits

Sale Page: _

Price: $199
About This Class

In this course I break down a simple way to build trust with local businesses by creating helpful videos.

This is an awesome way to get your foot in the door by showing a prospect some helpful information about their website and internet presence. I typically consider this a mini “audit” so to speak where you can film a short screen capture video around 5-10 minutes in length.

All the tools used are free and this method works really well if done correctly.

This course breaks down exactly:

How to find prospects for this method
What I put in my video audits
How to use free tools like Moz Local and mobile site testing
What screen capture programs you can use
How to follow up with your prospects
What to sell your prospects


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