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Conversion World 2016

Name Product: Conversion World 2016

Sale Page: _https://www.conversionworld.co/

Price: $499

The online CRO conference you can attend from anywhere in the world

Attending conferences is fun. You learn a lot and you get to meet some great people and expand your network.

However, attending conferences isn’t a cheap affair. You have to pay for travel, accommodation and food. Not to mention, time off work and time to catch up with work. If you have family commitments, it can also be hard to justify the time away.

Even if you do attend conferences locally, you may not get the opportunity to see certain experts speak as they may not cover that area.

Conversion World is a conference to help you with all of that. We have gathered 20+ Conversion Rate Optimization experts in one place where everyone has easy access to – The internet. Over 3 days in April 2016, you will get a chance to listen and interact with the best in the industry and learn how to improve your business or that of your clients through CRO.



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Picture This: The Marketer’s Guide to Visual Content

Name Product: Picture This: The Marketer’s Guide to Visual Content

Sale Page: _http://www.marketingprofs.com/store/product/2216/picture-this-the-marketers-guide-to-visual-content#ixzz48GHvEcJQ

Price: $49

Think of the Oscars selfie that almost broke Twitter, the street portraits on the Humans of New York photoblog, the Instagram takeover of pop culture: Images shape our world and our conversations. (Sometimes—as in the case of teenagers and Snapchat—they are the conversation.)

As storytelling becomes more and more part of marketing, visual content is developing into one of content marketing’s most powerful assets. Brands are becoming more visual. They’re making compelling updates on image-driven networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, and using photos, videos, infographics, and slideshows as storytelling devices to redefine their presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Visual content helps you connect with customers immediately and powerfully.

In this 21-page guide, you’ll discover how visual content is upending the way brands communicate with their customers—and which brands are doing it best.

You will learn:

The types of visual content that cut through the digital noise to showcase your brand’s personality
Tips on telling visual stories that drive emotional reactions
How to build relationships with your most engaged customers
… and more!



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Sam Bakker – How To Sell More With Email Marketing (PDF Only)

Name Product: Sam Bakker – How To Sell More With Email Marketing (PDF Only)

Sale Page: _https://sambakker.clickfunnels.com/launch-page-2

Price: $297

40 Page Step By Step Guide To Making Money With Email

Chapter #1: Core Principals Of Email Marketing:

What Autoresponder You Should Choose
The Best Ways To Generate Subscribers From Scratch
How To Signup So You Get Paid For The Sales You Make

Chapter #2: Setting Yourself Up To Succeed With Email Marketing

Why Some Affiliate Marketers Succeed Where Others Fail
What It’s Going To Take To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer
Understanding The Mindset & Belief System You Need To Develop

Chapter #3: Identifying Your Subscriber

How To Identify Products Your Subscribers Want
How To Get Review Copies Of Products 100% Of The Time
The Importance Of Video Reviews And How To Present Yourself The Right Way (So people like you)

Chapter #4: How To Find Offers Your Subscribers Want

How To Find Out What Your Subscriber Likes (It’s Not What You Think)
A Sneaky Strategy For Getting Into The Mind Of Your Subscribers And What They Want
How To Ensure EVERY Offer You Promote Is Received Well

Chapter #5: How To Construct Your Offers Effectively

How To Effectively Structure An Email (This Is Key)
What I learnt From An Author That Changed The Way I Promote Affiliate Marketing Offers Entirely
How To Decide When And How To Email Your Subscribers (This Is SO IMPORTANT)

Chapter #6: Important Features Of Your Emails

How To Find A Good Angle (This is key)
How To Make Up Where The Offer Drops Off (This Is Really Important)
My 5 Step Litmus Test I Do Before Emailing ANYONE ANYTHING

Chapter #7: How To Write An Effective Email That Encourages Your Subscribers To Buy

Where I Find Bonuses To Use For My Offers
How To Construct An Effective Video Review
How To Create An Effective Bonus Page To Sell A Product

Chapter #8: Effective Methods Of Adding Value

The One Common Word That Kills Your Subscriber List And How To Avoid EVER Using It
The Sale Is Made In The Email – How To Guarantee People ALWAYS Open Your Emails
The Big Dos And Don’ts Of Email Marketing (This Is Key)

Chapter #9: How To Consistently Generate Results From Your Subscriber List

What It Takes To Make Money Email Marketing Long Term
What To Avoid That KILLS Your Subscriber List Faster Than A Hot Knife Through Butter
Why You Don’t Need To Be A Good Marketer To Make 6 Figures In Online Marketing With Email

Chapter #10: How To Scale Your Success Into A 6 Figure Business

How To Keep Money Coming In Week To Week
A Key Method I Taught One Student A Key Method For Generating $2500 A Week He’s Still Using To Make Money With Today
Overmailing VS Undermailing – You HAVE To Understand The Difference.



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Simon Charlton – eBay To Amazon Arbitrage Guide

Name Product: Simon Charlton – eBay To Amazon Arbitrage Guide

Sale Page: _http://provenamazoncourse.com/ebaytoamazon/

Price: $39

If you aren’t using eBay to find profitable inventory for Amazon, you are missing out on the goldmine!

Did you know that there is a largely untapped treasure trove of amazing products available on eBay that you can purchase for very little and sell for a lot? My guide will show you exactly:

Why you MUST use eBay as a source of inventory
How to search for and find the BEST stock on eBay
What categories and products are the MOST lucrative
How to source locally and save a BUNDLE on shipping
How to find amazingly PROFITABLE products for resale that most people would never think of
How to buy the BEST stock again and again from eBay sellers
How to build relationships with ebay sellers and sell their products for them for a percentage of the profits!
If you have a sourcing team, give them this book and tell them to do what it says.



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Finch – Premium Posts 2016 Edition

Name Product: Finch – Premium Posts 2016 Edition

Sale Page: _http://www.finchpremiums.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=FSPP2016&_ga=1.172363361.356468969.1460032701

Price: £50

Topics inside include:

– The Cloaking Economy: Let’s Talk Reality
Why most advice handed out to affiliates is complete and utter bullshit. This is affiliate marketing’s dirty little secret. If you don’t understand the cloaking economy, nobody can help you.

– A Breakdown of Popular Verticals and Traffic Types in 2016
Every popular traffic type and vertical assessed and rated for the year ahead. What are the best opportunities for affiliates in 2016? What verticals and traffic sources are endangered?

– Tips to Conquer Native Advertising in 2016
The industry is pissing its pants with excitement at the prospect of ‘going native’. This post explains what you need to know about native advertising. It’s packed with tips for getting profitable, creative ‘hacks’, and insights in to all of the top Native platforms.

– Tips to Conquer Pop Advertising in 2016
Are you trying and failing to get profitable on pop traffic sources? Here we look at the quirks of each major traffic source, strategies for conquering them, and thoughts on dealing with lead quality issues.

– The Blitzkrieg Approach to Finding Big Money Campaigns
How to make money from affiliate marketing without knowing a damn thing about affiliate marketing – with a little help from low bids, redirect networks, and some reverse engineering.

– Stock Creatives: How to Assemble a Library of Moneymaking Assets
How much time do you waste building landing pages and banners that disappear in to a folder marked ‘To Sort’ never to be seen or heard from again? This philosophy will change how you think about your business ‘assets’.

– How to Get Maximum Value From Paid Traffic with Flow Management
You pay for traffic, so why are you wasting it? Flow Management is the principle of squeaking every last dollar from every single campaign you launch. This post explains why you need to look beyond basic optimisation to get ahead.

– Landing Page 101: The White Hat, Grey Hat, Black Hat, Ass Hat
A dumping ground of landing page ‘hacks’ that have added extra ROI to my campaigns over the years. These tricks range from the white hat to the ass hat. Their mastery is the essence of what it means to be an affiliate marketer. Read this with a bar of soap at hand.

– The Publisher Perspective: Building Assets and Monetising Any Niche
My thoughts on life after affiliate marketing, how to build assets and monetise any niche, publisher placement tips that will increase revenue on any site you own, the explosion of native arbitrage and why our skill set is perfectly set to make a lot of money if we make a few smart investments.

– The Gamification of Affiliate Marketing: Tips For Staying Motivated
How to break the cycle of euphoric highs and crashing lows. This post turns your long-term income targets in to a daily game with clear direction, visible progress and well-defined rewards.

– Affiliate Team Building: Hiring, Firing and The Foundations of Success
How can I build an affiliate marketing team without having to teach some sucker everything I know? This post shows how you can create a functional team by breaking the affiliate skillset in to various easily learnable steps.

– Advanced Competitive Strategy in Affiliate Marketing
A monster post – my final affiliate marketing post – takes a sweeping view of the industry and how you can plot a path through it. We analyse the various philosophies that can lead to success, their traits, their challenges, and what you can do to build a long-term affiliate business.

– Finch’s Updated List of Affiliate Marketing Resources For 2016

That’s 381 pages, 64,599 words of the most up-to-date, cutting edge affiliate marketing insights anybody is going to publish anytime soon.



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Nick Marks – Commission Smasher

Name Product: Nick Marks – Commission Smasher

Sale Page: _http://labspecial.com/whyagenciesstruggle

Price: $27

Here’s Why You Need
To Get This Today.

You don’t have to stress about building complicated websites.
You don’t need to have a list to begin profiting with this method.
No technical skills are needed. if you can point and click your mouse and follow basic instructions, you have everything you need to start making $100+ per day.
A PROVEN 100% FREE converting traffic method is included in this complete system for online success.
There is ZERO Risk of saturation.
This isn’t a “flash in the pan” method that works once and then quits working.
This works today, will work tomorrow, and for months and even years into the future.

If You Follow The Step-By-Step Video Training, Commission Smasher WILL Put Money In Your Pocket.
More proof that this works.
Here’s just one of my clickbank account earnings.. I get checks like these every two weeks!
(Here’s a close up of paychecks from the same account)

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside
Commission Smasher.

The newbie-friendly, 7-step method for quickly making $100+ per day, even if you don’t have any prior experience, a product, or a list.

How to get started today, even if you’ve never made a penny online. (and why THIS method is one of the BEST ways to get started online)



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Traffic & Conversion Summit Notes 2016

Name Product: Traffic & Conversion Summit Notes 2016

Sale Page: _http://trafficandconversionsummitnotes.com/

Price: $67

Traffic & Conversion Notes 2016
Over 100 Pages Of Fluff-Free, Cash Creating Tips, Tricks AND Tactics!

The Future of Traffic: How To Balance Branding and Direct Response

Brand Alchemy: How To Leverage “Owned( Media” To Build Valuable Brands Out of Thin Air.

Building For Scale: Strategies, Tools & Tactics For Ridiculously-Rapid Growth



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Andrew Hunter – PayPal Ice Time

Name Product: Andrew Hunter – PayPal Ice Time

Sale Page: _http://www.pluginresults.com/sp/paypal-ice-time/

Price: $47

Learn The Exact Strategies The Guru’s Use To Ensure Their PayPal Account Remains Active And Ready To Accept Sales At All Times
Dear PayPal User,

I’m sure you have heard the horror stories of many internet marketers having their PayPal accounts “Limited” and even “Suspended”.

Some entrepreneurs lost access to tens of thousands of hard earned dollars – locked up by PayPal for months on end.

If you are anything like me, then I’m sure it sends shivers down your spine just to think that in a moment’s notice all of your existing cash sitting in PayPal could become inaccessible at any time.

And yet many marketers, including the Internet Marketing “Guru’s” continue to use PayPal with great success.

So the question is…
How The Heck Do They Sell So Much Stuff Using PayPal Without Breaking A Sweat And Raising Any Red Flags With PayPal?
Of course with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture from IKEA and tried to assemble it?

You’d be lost without the instructions.

Same thing goes with using PayPal.

It’s PayPal’s rink and it’s their rules.



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IM Rebel – Breakthrough Rebel Profits

Name Product: IM Rebel – Breakthrough Rebel Profits

Sale Page: _http://breakthroughrebelprofits.com/

Price: $19.95 / Month

Are You Tired of Watching Others Make Big Bucks Online While You Make Little or NOTHING?
In an INDUSTRY FIRST, not only are we going to show you how to build the best kind of list anyone can own…We’re ALSO going to MONETIZE that list FOR YOU, so you can make push button profits every single day!

Right now, this very second, you’re likely frustrated. How would we know? You’re looking at YET ANOTHER offer promising YET ANOTHER solution.

You’re frustrated because you’ve BEEN SOLD on product after product but still aren’t seeing results.

By now you thought you would be living the internet marketing dream, but for some reason you can’t seem to “make it” like others can.

We know what it’s like to work hard every day, have sleepless nights trying to get this whole internet business going, and having little or nothing to show for it.

We get it. We’ve been in your shoes. We feel your pain and we completely understand your frustration. Hell, there were plenty of times when EACH OF US was ready to throw in the towel…

But more importantly, we never gave up. And because of that, we developed a formula that is giving us AND OUR STUDENTS success beyond our wildest dreams!

Here’s the thing, there are some specific steps that must occur in order to make money online. And if all of these elements aren’t in place, you probably aren’t going to make any money. Period.



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Ewen Chia – Copy Paste Income

Name Product: Ewen Chia – Copy Paste Income

Sale Page: _http://www.copypasteincome.com/

Price: $37

Can you copy paste?



Just 48 hours from now…

Can you just imagine that?

Money like that being deposited directly into your bank account….while you watch a movie, or go out to the park with the kids?

All because you copy pasted a few lines of text in the morning?


I know what you’re thinking..

No one can possibly make a full time income by copy pasting…

It seems impossible.

It seems like just another ‘guru scam’

So if that’s how you feel…

And you want to leave.

I won’t stop you.

But before you do… let me just show you one thing…

If you don’t believe me. You’ll at least believe this:

Here’s one of the income streams I generated recently with my new copy paste system…maybe you would be okay with an income stream like that pummelling YOUR bank account…

You need to download Adobe Flash Player to watch this video!

…this was created using the exact same system I’m about to share with you…

Here’s the date in the video: September 1st 2014

Here’s why that date matters.

On that date…some of you may know..

I was away speaking at a conference in Johannesburg, South Africa….when this happened…



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