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Jimmy Naraine – Powerful Goal Setting – Step by Step Blueprint

Name Product: Jimmy Naraine  – Powerful Goal Setting – Step by Step Blueprint

Sale Page:_https://www.udemy.com/powerful-goal-setting-step-by-step-blueprint/

Price: $149

Define your vision, achieve massive goals and… enjoy the journey with strategies used by the top 1%

In this course I will reveal one of the secrets of successful people. Namely, they are never sleepwalking through life. Instead, they have a clear vision, set goals and create the right plan of action. You may think that it’s enough to just work hard. However, doing it without a clear vision is like going full speed on a yacht without any navigation system. It doesn’t matter how fast you can go, you may never reach the destination you truly desire. In this guide I will share with you a step by step process for achieving your wildest goals. You get only 1 shot in life, you may as well make it count. I don’t want to bore you with long marketing messages so simply go ahead, watch the trailer & free preview videos and discover why tens of thousands of people trusted in my content. I’m sure that you will enjoy our journey together and I’m very excited to see you on the other side.



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Dr. John Eliot – The Maverick Mindset

Name Product: Dr. John Eliot – The Maverick Mindset

Sale Page: _http://www.ineedmotivation.com/maverickmindset.htm

Price: $89.95

In The Maverick Mindset: The New Science of Exceptional Achievement, reknown elite performance consultant Dr. John Eliot discloses everything he has learned about how the truly special achievers in this world have – and HAVEN’T – gained their exalted heights of accomplishment.

The Maverick Mindset will show you what they do, and how you can make their improper, contrarian customs and practices your own.

You’ll come upon how to:

* Change stress and pressure into a personal advantage. Drastically change how much you get done while being able to do more with less time during the work day – an alteration in thinking you can make instantly.
* Focus like Ted Williams or Tiger Woods. Pick out the important from the unimportant in any given circumstance so you can focus only on information that will give you reap investment rewards
* Think like a squirrel …
* Be the Socrates of your company. Pull yourself out of a hole or abysses in confidence; never have them again with a compact and very potent seven-word philosophy.
* Remold your self-image in a way that will completely metamorphose you.
* And a whole lot more!

The Maverick Mindset will exhibit how over-the-top achievement really occurs and arm you to get there yourself, so that YOU can begin having success on that olympian level as soon as possible, and keep on feeling it for the rest of your life.



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Taylor Rizer – Tiny List Massive Profits

Name Product: Taylor Rizer – Tiny List Massive Profits

Sale Page: _http://zappymarketer.com/products/tiny-list-massive-profits/

Price: $17

Tiny List, Massive Profits is a real-life case study giving you everything you need to easily generate 4-5 figures every time you send an email.

I share with you in FULL how I am able to accomplish these results, broken down step-by-step.

This system works even if you’ve never made money with email marketing before.

Every trick, every resource, every secret… is all explained in step-by-step detail ready for you to copy and profit.

Best of all – I’ve broken it all down into easy fill-in-the-blank and copy-paste templates so that you can plug and play with any offer that you have.

Cut out the guesswork with my proven method.

Here’s A Glimpse of What You’ll See Inside

How to EFFORTLESSLY get a flood of sales every time you send an email – even if you hate “selling”

An “under-the-rader” way to write emails that LOOK like content but are in fact promotions (and exactly what to say to persuade people to buy from your links)

My unique “welcome email” to get your subscribers to like you, trust you, and look FORWARD to hearing from you

8 of the ACTUAL real-world emails that I’ve mailed to my list

The #1 easiest way to squeeze more sales out of an offer (powerful and dangerous stuff!)

A behind-the-scenes look at the actual sales results (you can see behind the scenes exactly how I generated thousands of dollars overnight)

How to “humanize” yourself to make people open emails just because your name is on the “from” line (HUGE TRADE SECRET)

Get my EXACT proven and profit-producing emails (plus their subjects lines)

The shocking truth about why people choose to buy from one affiliate and not another. (Learn this secret and you can double your sales overnight)

Exactly how often to mail your list (pick 1 of 3 options depending on how you answer my quiz)



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Joanna Penn – 21 Ways To Sell More Books Online

Name Product: Joanna Penn – 21 Ways To Sell More Books Online

Sale Page: _http://www.thecreativepenn.com/sellmorefiction/

Price: $21

What you will learn:

21 specific ways you can sell more fiction books using online tools
How to use these tools to sell to an expanding global audience
When advertising can be effective and which sites are good to use
Which tactics need a budget and which are free
How to organize a successful book launch
Steps for rejuvenating your backlist titles
Which tactics need time to build up and which can work right now
How to use relationship marketing and content marketing to promote your book
Whether you really need to blog and social network to sell your fiction
How multi-media can be leveraged to sell your book
The most effective way to use your book’s back matter to sell more books



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Dave Lynch – Goodreads Guru course

Name Product: Dave Lynch – Goodreads Guru course

Sale Page: _http://www.goodreadsguru.com/

Price: $27

You can emulate that success, and do better when you understand exactly how Goodreads works for you

–    to springboard your book titles into search engine results
–    grab reviews from people who love your genre and understand how good your book is
–    build pre-launch buzz within minutes
–    create your own author blog
–    look like a professional, not some amateur desperately tweeting “buy my book” to the millions of Twits doing their best to ignore you
–    finally get taken seriously as an author when people see your professionally optimized Goodreads profile



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Ecover Graphics PRO V2 + V1 + OTO + PLR

Name Product: Ecover Graphics PRO V2 + V1 + OTO + PLR

Sale Page: _http://ecovergraphicspro.com/jv-vol2/

Price: $17 + $37 + $47 + $97

Ecover Graphics Pro is a MASSIVE set of PREMIUM and Professionally designed of kindle or PDF book cover templates. These HIGH-QUALITY eCover templates are designed to help Authors, Product Creators, or Publisher make the best out of any product design and branding, Kindle or PDF Book Covers, and more.

ECOVER GRAPHICS PRO 2.0 is a bundle of 60 premium quality ecover templates covering the top niches out there. It Also come with all the PSD source file and fonts included at a price you won’t find anywhere on the web.

We’re talking about an easy solution to high quality professional book covers that will enable your customers to stop paying expensive fees to graphic designers. Let’s face it, not everybody has graphic design skills! Hiring a graphic designer can be very expensive, and outsourced graphics are plain amteurish . This is why we created ECOVER GRAPHICS PRO, to help people save precious time and a ton of money on book cover designs.



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Ben Settle – Crackerjack Selling Secrets

Name Product: Ben Settle – Crackerjack Selling Secrets

Sale Page: _http://bensettleshow.com/crackerjack/

Price: $37

Persuasion Secrets Of The Richest And Most Successful Sales, Marketing And Negotiation Pros Who Ever Lived

A new eBook has been published called:

“Crackerjack Selling Secrets”

And it reveals 101 easy and ethical ways to sell almost anything, to anyone (online or offline), without struggle, frustration or using any “black hat” nonsense. The tips inside can be used by anyone from Internet marketers and copywriters… to telemarketers, face-to-face sales pros and MLM’ers… to bloggers, speakers, and even “regular Joes” who just want to have better relationships with family and friends.

– However, this eBook is short and to the point.

– So it’s not for people who judge info by page count.



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Derek Allen – Viddy Click

Name Product: Derek Allen – Viddy Click

Sale Page: _http://www.convertedclicks.com/viddy-click/

Price: $18.9

Tennessee Dad Reveals:
How to Make Passive Income From Simple Affiliate Videos On Youtube in Just 2 weeks.
Sell products online using the same techniques as 6-figure video marketers with a simple but revolutionary strategy.

This 21 Page Report And The Three Accompanying Videos Are Designed To Teach You To Sell Products Online Using The Same Simple Techniques As 6-Figure Video Marketers In The Next 2 Weeks.
So what exactly is this going to do for you?

Can a simple course really turn everything around for you?

Yes. Yes it can.

Here’s How In Just 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Finding A Great YOUTUBE Niche – You’re going to learn inside that not every niche is a good fit for this strategy. Mike and I like to focus primarily on just 7 of the best money niches on Youtube. We’ll reveal exactly what those are so you can just dive straight in. You’ll also learn the criteria that a niche market must meet in order to be considered “Youtube Worthy”. Value: $29.95

Step 2 – Get Your $5 Dollar Bills Ready – This is important because you’ll see, step-by-step, how we leverage small $5 dollar bills and Fiverr to have someone else create genuine review videos for you. You’ll never have to be on camera or use your voice. All you have to do is wait for your provider to deliver your video. And this isn’t your standard “search Fiverr for the best provider” concept either. We will show you how to get the perfect candidate for the job to find you instead of you finding them. Huge timesaver here. Value: $19.95

Step 3 – Easy Youtube Traffic – This is big because most people make getting traffic to Youtube videos way too complicated. We are going to keep it simple by showing you two tricks that will allow you to get targeted views for your video almost instantly… And without ever needing to rank in Google or Youtube! Value: $29.95

Step 4 – The Secret Sauce – This little psychological mind hack will practically force your viewers to click your affiliate links. You’ll learn exactly how to get your video viewers off of Youtube and on to your product page within 30 seconds of them watching your video. Value: $49.95

What I think you’ll really like is the fact that you’ll be selling affiliate products through Amazon (or the equivalent). That means you’ll never get stuck promoting some lame information product to your visitors. This opens up an unlimited number of opportunities for you to take this easy method and scale it to the sky!

I’ve never taught how to sell physical products with video before, but judging on people’s responses… I should have been teaching it all along!



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Jerry West – To Kill A Hummingbird

Name Product: Jerry West – To Kill A Hummingbird

Sale Page: _http://killhummingbird.com/

Price: $27

Kill Hummingbird
On-Page Optimization training focused on Hummingbird.



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Chris Beatty – PPC Client Funnel

Name Product: Chris Beatty – PPC Client Funnel

Sale Page: _https://chrisbeatty.clickfunnels.com/ppc-client-funnel

Price: $97

The PPC Client Funnel is my proven lead generation and foot in the door funnel for closing PPC prospects on autopilot!

The sole purpose of this Done For You foot in the door funnel is to get a prospect to PAY YOU SOMETHING for landing page optimization.

You see…. through lots of tests I figured out a way to strategically pull at the “pain points” these businesses are dealing with on a daily basis.

Now, I simply implement this strategy every single time I want to bring in new customers into my business.

And this new “Pay To Play” push makes it feel like shooting fish in a barrel!

I mean, Google is FORCING local businesses to use this service and one thing we know for sure is they are DOING IT WRONG…..

That’s what I call #MoneyInTheBank

So it’s time for you to get a piece of that pie!

Sound Good?

Well…. For a limited time, I’ve decided to give you EVERYTHING!
Here’s what you’ll get access to when you invest in the PPC Client Funnel Today!
Your PPC Client Funnel Includes…

–    Your High Converting “AdWords Best Practices Lead Magnet” –   The lead magnet educates your prospects on how they can make a few simple changes to their AdWords campaigns and get better results! You get full private label rights and can slap your name on it as the author to position yourself as the authority!- $199 Value
–    Your Follow Up Emails – This is a series of 5 emails that educate your leads and promotes your Video Sales Letter (read below) just in case they don’t take you up on your offer the first time around! Each email is crafted to pull at all the “pain strings” these businesses are feeling. In sales, the fortune is in the follow up so these are critical!   – $175 Value
–    Your “Landing Page Optimization” Video Sales Letter – This VSL is your “Foot In The Door Offer” to get PPC Clients paying you. It’s all about Landing Page Optimization. Simply put, you’ll offer a done for you solution to set up a highly targeted landing page to convert more of their traffic into LEADS! This is a ONE TIME payment offer designed to get you as many clients as possible. – $325 Value
–    Your Direct Response Sales Letter – For those who want to get a bigger bang for their buck and get better results, this is ABSOLUTE GOLD! It’s a direct response sales letter that can be mailed or emailed to prospects. It educates business owners about why they need to be using an Optimized Landing Page for their AdWords campaigns AND gets them to pick up the phone and CALL YOU! – $325 Value



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