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[SP] Anton Kraly – Dropship Lifestyle 2015

Name Product: Anton Kraly – Dropship Lifestyle 2015
COST: $797
Size: 8.15 GB
Sale page:_

eCommerce, Made Simple
What would you like to do today?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is an online coaching program that has taught over 3,000 students over the past 24 months through our unique web-based training programs, our highly active online forum, and through our live events. Our proven business systems that we teach are constantly helping students leave their old jobs behind because of the revenue they create by selling online, regardless of their prior experience.

What’s Include ?


Drop Ship Lifestyle Premium (SAVE $200)

–    The DSL Coaching Program which includes all 7 core modules
–    Action Focused Q & A Calls with Anton
–    Niche Selection Verification with Anton
–    Two Successful Store Templates that you can copy
–    Lifetime Access to our Private Forum
–    BONUS: DSL Retreat Presentation Recordings, over 6 hours of actionable content
–    BONUS: our step-by-step eCommerce Design video training course
–    BONUS: Anton’s “Insiders” video series with case studies and interviews from our most successful members
–    BONUS: two invitations to our 4-day annual “DSL Retreat” workshop



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[SP] Dan Hollings – AmazoPartnering

Name Product: Dan Hollings – AmazoPartnering
COST: $997
Size: 1.5 GB
Sale page:_

What if YOU could sell millions on Amazon… without ever investing a dime in inventory?

We’ve all heard stories of people raking in riches with Amazon, Right?
White-labeling, FBA and and even drop shipping…
but there’s a CATCH!
It requires lots of money, inventory, and perilous risk taking.

What if there was a better way – – –
without the risks, without need for capital, without any limits?

The math doesn’t lie. Even an average deal like the case study example above can quickly lead to millions. Do this 10 times and you’ll make almost a million in-your-pocket this year and every year that follows.

You get all this…–    14+ professionally recorded training sessions
–    8+ hours of ‘no-fluff’ step-by-step training
–    300+ Downloadable Slides (PDF)
–    Exclusive Interactive 3D Product Launch Timeline
–    BONUS: Exclusive Trello-based Client Call Script, Cheat Sheet and Task Manager. (released on day 31)
–    BONUS: “Working Agreement” (released on day 31)



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[SP] Jeremy & Jason – Automated Income Machine

Name Product: Jeremy & Jason – Automated Income Machine
COST: $997
Size: 9.6 GB
Sale page:_

Here’s What You Get When You Join The Automated Income Machine Course:

–   12 Complete Step-By-Step Modules
How to easily turn your business into an Automated Income Machine! This is where we take you behind the curtain and reveal, step -by-step how to launch your automated income.

–    AIM Private Facebook Mastermind Group
Connect daily with a tight-knit, focused group of entrepreneurs who are also working on launching an automated income machine. We are all in this together. Post questions to the group at any time of the day with confidence, knowing you’ll get a dependable answer from us or other members. This is your source for immediate insight, encouragement and inspiration whenever you need it.

–   Checklists, Fast Action Guides and Templates
You’ll get access to our entire collection of checklists, templates and fast action guides. These priceless tools remove all the guesswork so you get results fast. These are the same tools that we use with our own team to launch Automated Income Machines. We’ve spent months (and in some cases years) perfecting each tool. These tools shortcut your path to higher income. Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll get:
The Hook Cheat Sheet
Instant Product Creation Cheat Sheet
The Conversation Loop Cheat Sheet
21-Point Sales Page Checklist
Headline Templates
Email Templates
Landing Page Templates
And much more…

–   Facebook Ad Campaign Quick Start
The fastest way to pull fast, targeted traffic into your Automated Sales Machine is with inexpensive paid traffic. Our favorite place to multiply our money is Facebook. This quick start guide will show you how to attract traffic and start making a profit overnight.

–   Online Community Directory
The relationships you form in this course will be one of the most valuable assets to your business for years to come. This private online directory makes it easy to get to know your companions on this journey. See who is who, what they are working on, how to get a hold of them and how you can help each other.
Please note that being listed in the directory is optional. You can opt-out if you prefer. But we find most people get a ton of value from networking like this.

–    Automated Income Resource Directory
We’ll give you the inside scoop on every tool we use to launch automated sales systems. You’ll always know the perfect, most effective and cost efficient resource for every need.

Plus You’ll Also Get These Amazing Bonus Modules:

–    BONUS #1 – The Freedom Formula Training (Value: $100.00)
This training uncovers your own personal lifestyle vision that will motivate and drive you to success. This is the rocket fuel that will propel you to a life of freedom, fulfillment and purpose. It also shows you how to have financial freedom starting today.
–    BONUS #2 – The Freedom Business Blueprint (Value: $100.00)
This ground-breaking checklist reveals how to turn your passion and purpose into online income. By the end of this checklist, you will have a map of how to have the greatest impact in the world and make a large income doing it. This is the missing ingredient that no one else teaches, not even best-selling business books.
–    BONUS #3 – Focus Training: A Guide to Clarity, Confidence and Unstoppable Momentum. (Value: $200.00)
We share our top tips for finding and focusing on what matters most, maintaining confidence and keeping momentum as you build your business.



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[SP] The 100k Factory

Name Product: The 100k Factory by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey
COST: $2497
Size: 16.4 GB
Sale page:_

Build Your $100k/Year Money Machine in Days & See Income In As Little As 48 Hours !

What we are going to show you flat out WORKS, and you’ll be walking away with a system that we AND a group of test students have used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars online. This is without doubt the FASTEST way to make money online that we know of.

If you are a newbie, you’ll get everything you need to succeed. If you are already making money, use this training to quickly create ADDITIONAL income streams.

There is nothing else you need. There are no up-sells or anything like that 100k Factory is one complete package.
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[SP] Brendon Burchard – High Performance Academy Master Course 2015

Name Product: Brendon Burchard – High Performance Academy Master Course 2015
COST: $997
Size: 7.9 GB
Sale page:_

High Performance Academy Master’s Course

From Brendon:

“I’m looking forward to teaching you the most advanced strategies and tools available today to help you achieve more and reach your highest levels of performance and potential in life. This step-by-step program is the world’s most comprehesive personal transformation and professional achievement system. Learn all the psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion secrets of the world’s most accomplished people by registering today!

— Brendon Burchard
Founder of High Performance Academy, and Author of THE CHARGE

YES, enroll me in the 5-Week High Performance Academy Online Master’s Course and Coaching Program! I understand that upon registration I will receive access to an online member’s area, where I will receive weekly training videos and resources from Brendon. Videos will be released at the beginning of each week for 5 weeks, followed by a group coaching call with Brendon at the end of each week. The first Module will be sent to me right away, and then every seven days afterwards for five weeks. I understand I can take the training at my own pace because I’ll be able to access the videos and the recordings for LIFE!

BONUS #1: HIGH PERFORMANCE ACADEMY’S DVD CORE COURSE ($997 Value Yours Free!). Yes, I understand I’ll receive High Performance Academy’s The Charge Edition DVD program for FREE. This unbelievable DVD training program has never been publicly released, and was filmed in front of an audience paying $997 to attend!

BONUS #3: The INFLUENCE Course (Value $5,000 yours FREE!). This is an advanced training on sales, negotiation and leadership. It’s never been offered to the public before – you get in first and FREE! The 5-module course will begin once you’ve completed the 5-week High Performance Academy Master’s Course. Don’t worry – it will be in your member’s area and you can access it at your own pace for LIFE!

BONUS #4: The Business Accelerator Crash Course (Value $5,000 FREE!). This training covers the fundamentals and fastest ways to grow a business. Whether you own a business or you work for one, you MUST understand what it takes to make that business grow so that you can be a high-performing contributor to its growth! The 5-module course will begin once you’ve completed the 5-week INFLUENCE Course. Again, don’t worry – it will be in your member’s area and you can access it at your own pace for LIFE! These bonuses make this the most comprehensive personal transformation and professional achievement program ever created!



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[Special Offer] Blackhat Maps 2015

Name Product: Blackhat Maps 2015
COST: $997
Size: 379 MB
Sale page: _

Get Verified Google Business Listings

Get Found On The Map
Local SEO is so much easier & profitable when you can snag a verified business listing on the maps. In local SEO, the maps get the traffic.

Super Easy Process
This method is so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first and odly enough it’s even easier to do for SERVICE based businesses.

Clients Want Phone Calls
Your clients don’t care about rankings or SERP graphs, give them what they know will help their revenue, phone calls!

Last year I released 2 methods at the same time and both of them worked for about 8 months until google started to crack down, now in 2015 I have an entirely new method that you can take advantage of.

Unlike the methods from last year, this method is actually more white hat and less blackhat. It is a little bit more complex but the advantage is that your business listings will active and valid for a much longer time than with previous methods.

The only real restriction of this method is that it’s limited to your geographic area, if you live in California but have a client in Florida then you won’t be able to use this method. I know it sucks but if you can get a verified business listing that’s delivering you hot leads then you’ll have no problem convincing a business owner to pay you a premium for those leads.

But the great thing about this method is that if you completely fail, do everything wrong, forget to hide your ip, use blacklisted phone numbers, and just have the absolute worst luck in setting up a listing, all is not lost.

You see while creating the videos for the course I stumbled upon something completely by accident, you actually get to hear the gears turning in my head as I discover something that I didn’t think about before in regards to adwords.

But the great thing is that it works for all PPC sources (adwords, bing, facebook, youtube, etc) so if it’s something that you’re doing for your clients it’s something that I know you’ll find extremely valuable.

Interested in learning more? Watch the video below to find out more.


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $27.96 ($39.95)

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[Special Offer] Elliot – AdSense Exploit 2.0

Name Product: Elliot – AdSense Exploit 2.0
COST: $5000
Size: 134 MB
Sale page: _

Google Advertising– You don’t need to be a marketing expert to do this
–  Learn how Google Adsense works
–  Learn how to create a personal blog
–  Learn how to advertise to deliver traffic to your blog
–  Learn how to blend that traffic to look natural
–  Learn how to deploy and scale the campaigns

What is this BSO about and what can I offer you?:

Over a 6-month period from 2013 into 2014 I made $250k by deploying a specific method that took advantage of the human review process that Adsense puts on accounts, called the Adsense Exploit. Afterwards I moved onto casino exploiting and turned that industry upside down until December of 2014.

Earlier this year I got back into Adsense but wanted to try things differently this time. In March I came up with a new way of exploiting them, a way that people wouldn’t think is possible. After deploying the method for 2 months now I can safely say it works 100% and as such, I’m comfortable creating a BSO for it.

The method isn’t anything illegal or criminal, just against Adsense ToS. It’s not click-jacking, click farms or altering the ads in any way. You are buying real traffic to your site and this has nothing to do with SEO. Site and Adsense account can be brand new. ROI is between 800-1000% with the 2.0 method. Setup is very easy. You can make money faster and easier than with version 1 as there is less work involved and can be scaled immediately.

The 2.0 method takes advantage of a new found weakness in the Adsense system, allowing you to scale immediately while staying under the radar at the same time.


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $34.96 ($49.95)

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[Special Offer] Simon Black – Sovereign Man Global Offshore and Investment Masterclass

Name Product: Simon Black – Sovereign Man Global Offshore and Investment Masterclass
COST: $795
Size: 4.1 GB
Sale page: _

Reduce Your Exposure To The System, Protect Your Hard-Earned Assets, & Grow Your Bottom Line With These Hidden Gems…
Plus, the biggest announcement we’ve ever made about the best financial strategy imaginable (no one is talking about this)…

Have clear cut, step-by-step and done-for-you solutions so you can:

Store your savings in some of the most well-capitalized banks and strongest currencies around the world (banks that actually pay you as much as a 7% return).

Invest in unique, lucrative opportunities offering a 12.5% return backed by real, liquid assets (the type of stuff you won’t find on Wall Street, or just about anywhere else).

Obtain multiple passports and multiple residencies so that no matter what happens in your home country, your family will be secure.

Buy and store gold in the safest facility (and one of the strongest jurisdictions) in the world.

Structure your business and/or trust overseas to reduce your tax burden and keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

The videos are divided into 5 categories

1. Keynote speakers (J. Rickards, P. Schiff, R. Kiyosaki & T. Price)
2. Investment Opportunities
3. Banking
4. Tax & Legal Structures
5. Residency & Citizenship

Although directed principally at US citizens (especially the Tax & Legal stuff) there is still plenty of info for people from other countries


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $27.96 ($39.95)

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[Special Offer] Mindvalley Academy – The Multiplier Method

Name Product: Mindvalley Academy – The Multiplier Method
COST: $497
Size: 8.1 GB
Sales Page: _

Discover a PROVEN 6-Pillar Business Multiplier Method that will Improve Your Profits 20%… 30%… even 50%, while Consistently Scaling Your Business by 40%-100% Year after Year

Introducing “The Multiplier Method” to build your 6 pillars of business growth and multiply your results.

In The Multiplier Method, you’ll get lifetime access to 24 videos with over 12 hours of strategies, systems and actionable steps that will accelerate your business.

Here’s a sneak peak into each pillar and what you’ll learn.

Pillar 1n – Inner Game

–    How to adopt and maintain a genuinely positive state as you grow your business, without pretense or suppressing negative emotions.
–    Practical steps to develop and nurture the inner game you need to consistently work on achieving positive results on your own — without letting small failures bog you down.
–    An easy process to control your state of mind even when under immense pressure, so you can think clearly and make smart decisions for your business, thus saving yourself from investing unnecessary time, money and resources in the wrong places.
–    Tools that develop your internal arsenal of confidence, resilience and stamina to push through whatever challenge comes your way – and emerge stronger as a business and as a person.

Pillar 2 – Strategy

–    The exact templates of creating and following a business growth strategy. These are the same templates I’ve used to grow grow an 8-figure business by 41% in 6 months. You’ll no longer have to guess or risk trial-and-error strategies.
–    A step-by-step blueprint to developing an effective long-term strategy. You’ll know exactly what to expect tomorrow, next month, and even a decade in advance so your business growth always stays on track without the risk or stress of “winging it”.
–    How to ensure your company culture and team sticks to the long-term strategy as a GPS for your business that is always focused on your end result, right down to every daily task and interaction.

Pillar 3 – Data

–    How to understand statistical data of your business so you (or someone you hire) can monitor your most important conversion rates. This helps you quickly keep your eye on the pulse of your business, so you can fix things before it’s too late.
–    The 5 most important numbers to focus on that will have the biggest impact on increasing revenues, so you’ll never get frustrated or intimidated by a mountain load of data.
–    Exactly how to optimize these 5 key metrics to experience exponential and positive results for explosive business growth within 12 months.

Pillar 4 – Team

–    The same process I use with many successful startups to achieve phenomenal business results with no more than a dozen people on their staff.
–    HOW to hire and exactly WHAT to look for in the hiring process — not simply hiring for the sake of hiring, or hiring just those with the highest qualifications.
–    The importance of timing and WHEN to hire (PLUS: how to attract the top talent you need on your team).
–    WHAT you need to do to create a productive culture for a business and a team that is self-motivated to achieve phenomenal results.
–    PLUS: A behind-the-curtains access to a system of assigning tasks that gives your people the freedom to complete objectives – without pressure or stress – thus keeping up their motivation, loyalty, and enjoyment of working towards results.

Pillar 5 – System Automation
–    How to identify and create a system that automates your business so you can improve and lower your operation costs.
–    How to then create repeatable processes for your business that saves time, reduces worry and stress, and eliminates the need to work overtime.
–    How to leverage automation to predict outcomes before they happen, so you can achieve more in both the present and the future.
–    A complete creative and informational toolbox that every business needs to generate revenue, including:
Templates for sales letters
A step-by-step process for running successful webinars
Dozens of promotional materials
Templates you can replicate to successfully launch products

Pillar 6 – Follow Through
–    Putting everything together into perspective with a clear path to follow that frees you from pressure and stress because you know exactly what you have to accomplish each day,each week, and each month.
–    How to create an implementation plan with manageable steps and specific checkpoints that keep you on track – even when you are “failing”
–    How to use this follow through strategy to also derive important lessons from failure, shedding clarity on exactly where you are now, where you need to go, and how to improve results at your next step.


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $27.96 ($39.95)

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[Special Offer] Kim Walsh-Phillip – FB Sales Funnel 2.0

Name Product: Kim Walsh-Phillip – FB Sales Funnel 2.0
COST: $997
Size:  2.9 GB
Sales Page: _


In this program, you will discover:

The Fast-Path-to-Cash Facebook Blueprint to target the right Facebook audience and direct them to your offer,
website or whatever product you want to promote by spending pennies on the dollar

The simple yet sophisticated Magnet Method,  giving you more qualified fans,
likes, comments and shares that morph into lifelong customers

The Authority Advantage Technique to increase your trust and authority and create raving fans who can’t wait to pay you
top dollar (they may even ask you how they can give you money before you are ready to sell)

The Rocket Launch Road Map with the secret to successful launches and automation,
so you can get an instant win and walk away while your Facebook page keeps working

What the FB Sales Funnels Include:

Getting Started
This module walks you through step-by-step in setting up your Facebook page or optimizing it if you already have one.  You will discover hidden link opportunities right on your Facebook page you can use to drive free sales leads.

Fast-Path-to-Cash Facebook Blueprint
There’s no guess-work here as Kim takes you through step-by-step how she researches her market to reveal all of the likes, hobbies and spending habits of the target markets of her clients.  You will also discover what your competitors are doing and what is getting them results.  In this module, you will discover not only how to research, but how to profit while researching!

The Magnet Method
The Utopia of Facebook is to fill your fan base with premium leads who like, comment and share your posts AND become customers for life.  This module walks you through how to attract your perfect prospects, get them engaged on your page and morph them into top-line customers.

Authority Advantage Technique
There is a real science behind leveraging your Facebook page to attract a premium customer who wants to pay you top dollar.  This technique will show you how to systematically utilize your Facebook page to set yourself up as the Authority and Expert in your niche to get better quality customers who are willing to pay you more.

Facebook Ads
This module covers whatever you can imagine about Facebook advertising starting from different ad types to the best-performing-ad design templates. This module focuses on optimization, analysis, tracking, ad management and building audiences to create highly profitable campaigns as soon as possible with the highest ROI.

The Rocket Launch Road Map
In this module, Kim shows you exactly how to launch and automate your FB Sales Funnel Like a Rock Star and keep it going with just 5 minutes spent on it a day.  In this module, you will discover the launch promotions plan blueprint, step-by-step automation success strategies and productivity tools to get more done in less time.

– Power Editor Profits
– Content Mapping Blueprint


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $34.96 ($49.95)

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