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[Special Offer] DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0

Name Product: Peter Parks & Andrew Fox – DNA Wealth Blueprint 2.0
COST: $2997
Size: 627 MB + 4.5 GB

11 Month’s Ago… DNA Wealth Blueprint opened it’s doors to the public and changed the way the paid traffic game was played…For a limited time we have opened V 2.0
“How Regular People Learned From A $50 Million Per Year Paid Traffic Genius in 2014 To Generate Between $10,000 – $1 Million* Plus Per Year”

Proven in 120 Niches Including…

–    Speed Up Your PC
–    Penny Stocks
–    Bamboo Flooring
–    Travellers
–    High-end Patio Furniture
–    Quit Smoking
–    Law Practice
–    Real Estate
–    Classic Cars
–    Baby Supplies

What’s you GET:
– All Videos, Ebooks. EVERYTHING I receive will be shared

– DNA Wealth Blueprint 1.0
– Product Launch Training


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PRICE: You can get this course with only $41.96 ($59.95)
(Only VIP member can see the discount code)

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[Special Offer] Mike Koenigs – Publish & Profit

Name Product: Mike Koenigs – Publish & Profit
COST: $1997
Size: 4.8 GB

You Receive…

PUBLISH & PROFIT – a proven “Integrated Hybrid Publishing System” embraced by small business owners, Literary Agents, NY Times Bestselling authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs delivered as proven, easy, 5 step process delivered interactively and online.

+  How to hook your target audience with the right message, and create a winning title and subtitle that compels your audience to BUY YOUR BOOK!
+  Unique software helps you brainstorm and create a sizzling hot book title.

+   Great news! You don’t have to be a writer to be a successful author. You can use our free tools to “perform” your book or repurpose the existing content you already have (note: some of our successful authors create all of their book content in just a few hours).

+  How to get your book into every store, online and offline, so you get maximum exposure for your business, brand, or product.
+  We’ll show you THE best price to sell your books for so you make the most money, sell the most books, and become a #1 best seller.
+  Want to get a big book advance? You’ll get advanced training from TWO Top NY Literary Agents, Celeste Fine and Scott Hoffman who share their top strategies on how to publish and succeed WHILE building a real platform and brand that TOP publishers will compete against each other to give you an advance on your next book.

+ The “GO LIVE secret sauce” you need so you or your clients can go live and hit #1 best seller in as little as a day.
+ 12 ways to PROMOTE your book, build your list, grow your business, and monetize your message with a book.
+ Already have a book? We’ll show you how to rebrand and re-launch your book or to re-launch your content in another format like audio books or podcasts.

+  You’ll discover 12 ways to market and profit from your book and how to build a business and following from your book.
+  You’ll get insider tips on How to Sell Your Books, Products and Services from the Stage…even if you hate speaking.
+  You’ll discover 10 different Ways to Monetize With Your BookΩ including book launches, consulting, re-launches and more.

Plus Bonuses


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PRICE: You can get this course with only $41.96 (30% OFF)
(Only VIP member can see the payment link)

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[Special Offer] Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 2015

Name Product: Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 2015
COST: $1997
Size: 4.5 GB

Product Launch Formula 5.0 is an effective step-by-step training program that will teach you how to launch your product or service successfully. It will describe in perfect detail what you need to do to generate leads and convert these leads into actual sales. The formula includes a video training where you can learn the sequence and methods you need to follow. You also get an access to Q&A sessions with Jeff Walker himself. You also receive boatloads of information including easy-to-follow case studies and transcripts. Basically, it is an online course which includes modules delivered via a sleek interface. The training is delivered mainly through videos. This is to be followed up by calls for further coaching and concluded with questions that you need to answer to determine your marketing story.

The cost of Product Launch Formula 5 may seem reasonable for a home study course, but it might be steep for a lot of people. Should you invest in this program?  The answer to this question would depend on the value of the product to your business. It will also depend on your business’ ability to generate profit. If you feel that the program would help boost your business, then you should consider investing in it. Certainly, PLF is comprehensive enough to offer valuable marketing ideas for any type of product or service launch.

Product Launch Fomrula 5.0 is about to launch and it is one of the most profitable courses that has ever been created! Jeff Walker and his students have generated over 500 million dollars online with his super powerful “Product Launch Formula.”
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[Special Offer] Dave Dee – The Ultimate Marketing Machine

Name Product: Dave Dee – The Ultimate Marketing Machine
COST: $2991
Size: 1.8 GB

YES! I want to take the first step in my 8-week journey with GKIC’s “Ultimate Marketing Machine” to to set on auto-pilot my business’s ability to generate leads and convert them into life-long customers via my own UNIQUE SHOCK-AND-AWE Package…giving me the ACE status (Authority, Credibility and Expertise) I deserve and that will put me head and shoulders above my competition. Here’s what I’m going to receive and experience by signing up now:

Core Package:
–    8 Weekly LIVE Webinars with Dave Dee (and Guest Experts). I’ll experience Eight (8) LIVE Webinar sessions conducted by Dave – where he’ll guide me through the process of creating every piece of my Lead Gen/Lead Conversion/Shock-and-Awe Machine. Dave will provide EXACTLY what I need to know and do.
–    Recordings and Transcripts of each Webinar Session… just in case I can’t make a session, I won’t need to worry – it’ll be available online at my resource center.
–    FAST Implementation Guides provided over the 8 week program that provide specific “Do-This-Now” steps for me take.
–    Templates and Tools… complete [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] templates, tools, and resources that enable me to quickly and easily create every element involved in the lead generation / conversion process – including My Very Own BOOK that I’ve authored… along with easy to use step-by-step templates for a Customized Lead Gen Magnet Report, Lead Gen Postcard, Free Standing Insert, Micro-Salesletter, Checklist, 3-Step Grabber Campaign, Newsletters for an entire year, and much more.
–    Editorial Review Certificates: I’ll get three (3) certificates for Content Reviews/Feedback on whichever components elements of my Ultimate Marketing Machine I want. This way I can be CERTAIN that what I produce meets the bar necessary to generate leads and close the deal.

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HOT Special offer

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Group Buy – Jay Abraham’s Consultant Mastery

Name GB: Jay Abraham – Consultant Mastery “Online Home Study” Program (New advanced training)
COST: $2000
Author: Jay Abraham
Size: 1.1 GB

Listen to 3 FULL days of a Stellar, Once-In-A-Lifetime event conducted by Jay for his unbelievably diverse, high-caliber guests who each paid $5,000 to attend.  Only “World Class” Experts, Consultants, Specialists, Speakers, and Authors were invited…
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[Group Buy] Social Secrets v2.0 – Facebook Ads by Matt Clark, Ezra Firestone, Justin Aquila

Name GB : Social Secrets v2.0 – Facebook Ads by Matt Clark, Ezra Firestone, Justin Aquila

More Information: Sale Page

Price: $1997

Discover the NEW Way to Use Targeted Facebook Ads to Build a Massive List of BUYERS Within Minutes

Social Secrets – What exactly is it?

Social Secrets is brought to you by Matt Clark – these are the guys that created the infamous Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) program. It is a coaching program showing you how to create and execute FB ads – you will use these ads to drive traffic to physical offers like the Amazon marketplace, in order to make a commission/sale. In a nutshell, you are using paid social advertising to create a ROI.

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[Group Buy] Affilo Jetpack 2.0 by Mark Ling

GB Product: Affilo Jetpack 2.0 by Mark Ling + Bonuses

Sale Page:

Price: $1872

Get the system for building “money-making machines” that earn you a huge income on autopilot. (And the best thing is — it’s all done for you!)

This Group Buy consists of:
– COMPONENT #1: 90+ Expertly crafted emails designed to build trust and make sales

– COMPONENT #2: The super-effective “bait” to enticemore subscribers

– COMPONENT #3:A beautiful website — built for you with just a couple of clicks

– COMPONENT #4:The easier way to get quality website content (that the search engines will love)

* You’ll get 11 Niches:

Dating Tips for Women
-Internet Marketing
-Natural Health
-Learn to Sing
-Spirituality/Alternative Beliefs
-Weight Loss
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Ezra Firestone – Channelizer Method GB

Name GB: Ezra Firestone – Channelizer Method
COST: $1997
Sale Page:

Ezra Firestone, a well-known ecommerce guru, has just launched another exciting marketing system aimed to help regular people just like you and me to leverage the power of Amazon and earn thousands of dollars per month working from the comfort of their homes. The Channelizer Method is Ezra’s unique system for building profitable Amazon businesses. In addition to helping you find a category and pick a market, this system allows you to get the right product and set it as a distinct channel on Amazon. You can also use sales funnels to drive outside traffic (from outside sources) into Amazon so that you can boost your sales ranking and rank higher in the Amazon network for specific keywords.

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GB Dan Kennedy – Make Them Buy Now [Brand New Launch]

Name GB: Dan Kennedy – Make Them Buy Now [Brand New Launch]
COST: $1997
Size: 4.1 GB

This a brand new course from Dan Kennedy and it will be a huge launch. Dan Kennedy calls this course “Copywriting Toolkit” and includes everything imaginable to increase sales.
Launch Detail:

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