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[Special Offer] Daniel Caudill – Merch By Amazon Advanced Strategies

Name Product: Daniel Caudill – Merch By Amazon Advanced Strategies
COST: $597
Size: 2.0 GB
Sale page: _

Merch By Amazon Advanced Strategies For Accelerated Success
Discover the insider secrets of a six-figure Merch By Amazon seller! | taught by Daniel Caudill & Dave Espino

Do you think you might be able to dramatically accelerate your sales and success with Daniel’s advanced Merch by Amazon strategies? You’d better believe it!

Want to learn the insider secrets of a Merch By Amazon superstar success story?
Want to take your Merch By Amazon business to a whole new level?
Want to accelerate your success with Merch By Amazon to make as much as six-figures, quickly and easily?

Then this is the course for you!

In this power-packed course, you will discover Daniel Caudill’s secrets to success with Merch by Amazon AND you will also get one of Daniel’s advanced coaching sessions, which has been recorded by Daniel, just for you!

(The advanced coaching session alone regularly sells for as much as $900+, but you get a special expanded version of his coaching right here for MUCH less!)

That’s right, you get Daniel’s best secrets, right here, for a fraction of that amount – and, in a recorded video course that you can refer to over and over again.

In the CORE CONTENT of this course, you’ll discover:

Beginning with the correct mindset / strategy for quickly accelerating sales
How to run trademark searches before you design, to keep your Merch account protected
How to use the best keywords in your Merch by Amazon titles and descriptions
Daniel’s top 4 strategies for creating winning t-shirt design ideas that will sell like hotcakes
How to avoid competing with other Merch sellers (and the massive benefits you enjoy when you do this)
A walkthrough of Daniel’s special outsourcer spreadsheet – how to keep your designs (and designers) organized. (Special outsourcing spreadsheet is ALSO included in this course)
How to use the best bullet points and descriptions in your Merch By Amazon listings to get the most sales
How to create shirt design ideas (outside of Merch) that have little or no competition from other Merch sellers
How to compensate family and friends who give you profitable t-shirt design ideas. (special Spreadsheet included)
Daniel teaches you the elements of “The Perfect T-Shirt Design” for making the most profits from Merch by Amazon
How to create your own t-shirt lines so that you can quickly ramp up sales
What is the “sweet spot” to compete in when it comes to Amazon product rankings?
FOUR powerful ways to boost your average weekly sales ratio
And plenty of additional Merch by Amazon tips and tricks along the way!

These are the strategies that have launched Daniel’s business into the six-figure range and that have Daniel on track to earn over $20,000 monthly from Merch by Amazon!



[Special Offer] Owen Hemath – Video Masters Academy

Name Product: Owen Hemath – Video Masters Academy
COST: $447
Size: 9.02 GB
Sale page: _

My Best Video Marketing Tactics In an Online Course Made Specifically for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

The Academy is a LIVE course where you’ll learn the fundamentals of successful online video for business

–    Live Video Streaming – Learn how to produce a live video show on Facebook or other live video platform.
–    Editing Shortcuts – Use workflows to mass produce videos internally or use my templates to hire videographers & editors.
–    Video Production – Learn how to quickly make videos for business that look great but don’t cost a lot of money.
–    Scripting Strategy – Learn how long to make your videos should be and know exactly what to say each time.
–    Grow Your Subscribers – Build an audience on YouTube and other video platforms. Increase your influence with channel growth blueprints.
–    Ranks Videos on Google – How to get your videos on the first page of search within only a few days.
–    Facebook Video Ads – Push your videos out to a targeted audience and convert them on landing pages while you sleep.
–    YouTube Marketing – How to make money with a daily vlog or tutorials uploaded daily on the worlds largest platforms.
–    Video Lead Generation – Grow your list by 1000s with my collaboration and joint venture tactics. *Email templates included!
–    Video Sales Funnels – Create a lead magnet, opt in page, and website properties that will revolutionize your business.



[Special Offer] Frank Kern – Client Acquisition System 2016

Name Product: Frank Kern – Client Acquisition System 2016
COST: $3997
Size: 3.4 GB
Sale page: _

Client Acquisition System

Identify Your Most Valuable Contribution

Consitenttly Attract Those Clients. Convert Them to Sale. Customize Your Business To Suit Your Lifestyle.

…ONLY Doing Your Highest Value, Most Rewarding Work.

During this class, you’ll learn: 

–    How to determine your ideal number of clients by reverse engineering your income targets and lifestyle goals.
–    Exactly how much to charge per client in order to have the perfect practice.
–    Your most valuable work that produces the most revenue.
–    Which prospects are likely to pay you the most …with the least resistance.
–    How to use Omnipresence to magnetically attract those prospects to you.
–    How to convert your ideal prospects into highly interested leads using the Low Hanging Fruit, Midlevel, and Cold Campaigns.
–    How to convert leads into clients using the collaborative close, interview-takeaway, and discovery day methods.


What’s you get?
(Check Youtube video above for detail)



[Special Offer] Danavir Sarria – Emails That Convert + Sales Letter Blueprint

Name Product: Danavir Sarria – Emails That Convert + Sales Letter Blueprint
COST: $199 + $199
Size: 371 MB + 180 MB
Sale page: _

# Course 1: Danavir Sarria – Emails That Convert ($199)

If you want the power to make more sales almost every time you send an email to your list, then this is the system for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside:

Module #1:
– Why “selling the click” is a myth and what you really need to do if you want to make sales with email
– The #1 way to differentiate your emails from your competition (Best of all, no matter how hard your competitors try, they’ll never be able to copy you)
– How to build your brand for FREE (It uses the same principles big companies like Toyota use to build trust, but without needing the multi-million dollar marketing budget they have)
– The best way to write emails your list will want to open, click, and buy from almost every single day
– And more!

Module #2:
– The EXACT email copywriting template I developed after writing over 1,000 emails in the most competitive markets in the world
– Discover how to write unique email subject lines that stand out like a sore thumb in even the most crowded of inboxes using the “Tabloid Method”
– How to use the “reverse cliffhanger” principle to practically guarantee your entire email gets read
– How to write stories that your list will love to read while selling them at the same exact time

– And more!

Module #3:
– The exact 7-step thought process I use to write every single email (Doing it this way helps me writing emails easier, faster, and more effective than ever)
– How to make ANY email topic work by doing this one thing (It’s step #2 and it’s the secret to the Email That Converts system)
– The “Flow to pivot” sequence that makes every email you seem more valuable without having to teach anything new
– The first thing I actually write to practically guarantee my email comes out right the first time I write it
– And more!

Module #4:
– The 4 qualities of a killer email topic that will sell your products like hotcakes
– Exactly how to “filter” your ideas on the spot so you 100% confident about every email you write
– The original idea generation method I use to come up with killer email ideas for years!
– The “look around” method to coming up with email ideas when you can’t think of anything to write about to save your life!
– And more!

Module #5:
– The 14 email copywriting templates I used the most in my 7 years as a “hired gun” for 6 & 7 figure business owners
– Discover the exact email template that practically comes with thousands of “done-for-you” stories you can use in your emails whenever you want
– Discover the email template that allows you to hard-sell your prospects without feeling like a hard-sell at all (Hint: It’s about the tease!)
– The ONLY 100% education based email template I use (It’s so good, I use it for almost every launch)
– And more!

P.S. This course is for business owners and freelance copywriters who are sending emails to an email list they own. This is NOT for cold emails.

Sale page: _

# Course 2: Danavir Sarria – Sales Letter Blueprint ($199)

Inside, you’ll discover:
– Exactly how to use the same persuasion technique infomercial products use to generate millions in revenue…even in some of the most competitive markets in the world!
– How to write a lead that will keep your best customers glued to your sales letter!
– The 3-step persuasion framework that will make writing your sales letter and profiting from it ridiculously simple!
– How to apply this 2,300 year old persuasion technique that will “de-skeptify” your ads so even the most skeptical of skeptics will think twice before trying to leave your sales letter!
– The EXACT bullet point templates I use to write bullets that will drive your customer up the wall out of curiosity until they buy!
– The 3 types of CTA’s you need on EVERY sales letter you write (If you’re using only 1 of the 3 like most people, you’re losing out on 66% of your sales letter’s “closing” power!)
– And way, way more!

Sale page: _



[Special Offer] Dirk Zeller – Team Mastery

Name Product: Dirk Zeller – Team Mastery
COST: $497 ===> You Just Pay $39.95
Size: 3.59 GB
Sale page: _

“How one Agent’s team went from 300 to 1,000+ transactions, and how you can get access to the exact same tools he used…”
Learn, step-by-step, the secrets for how an average Agent went from being stuck to now running
the #1 Team in Keller Williams, and the #12 Team in the U.S. for Closed Transactions (in 2013)
In Team Mastery™, you’ll learn:
1.     Steps, Questions, and Systems for how to clarify and establish a rock-solid foundation for your business. Use these to set yourself up for success decades into the future.
2.     A complete Champion Prospecting System™ (voicemail scripts, crucial rules for follow-up calls and opening statements, much more) that will significantly increase your leads, appointments, and ultimately your sales.
3.     How to convert your inbound leads at the highest possible level using the QuadraTrack™ system – powerful, multi-track scripts for any step in the sales process. Your Agents will never get thrown off track or caught off guard with a prospect. They’ll be able to achieve consistent results you can count on.
4.     The Four Core Success Plans that every member of your team needs to construct to increase their production and quality of life dramatically. Create an Activity Management Plan and follow the 5-5-5 System of Success to ensure that your team members are consistently growing your business.
5.     A complete system for training Buyer’s Agents to achieve Champion-Level Productivity (performance standards, key rules, lead follow-up systems to maximize conversion, etc.). I’ve seen hundreds of Agents experience production drops when adding Buyer’s Agents – until they started using this system.
6.     8 Stages of Organizational Growth that you must do in the right order if you want to achieve true wealth in your business. Getting these right will ensure that your net profit is on the rise every year.
7.     How to use DISC to match the right people to the right positions to minimize conflicts & maximize your profitability. Being a great company takes great people, and these tools will turn your business into well-oiled machine with the perfect mix of Agents.
8.     How to create a Champion Business Plan™ (Triple Track™ Monitoring System, handouts, forms – a complete system). You’ll know exactly how many contacts, leads, and appointments you need to make (for each member of your team) so you can meet your production goals.
9.     The secrets to using Facebook, Social Media, Branding, and Traditional/Internet Marketing to grow your business in the 21st century.
10.     How to create a full Business Dashboard (forms, charts, worksheets, handouts – a complete system) to monitor your actions, results, and revenue. If you start using just this one particular system, you are almost guaranteed to achieve a significant profit increase.
11.     Interview questions, ads, and crucial steps/systems to make absolutely sure that you will hire the right people to make your team thrive. Using these can potentially save you thousands of hours from hiring the wrong people.
…and much more. This just scratches the surface – we’ll be going in-depth through each of these topics and more.



[Special Offer] Jon Mac – The Millionaire Challenge

Name Product: Jon Mac – The Millionaire Challenge
COST: $2497 ===> You Just Pay $41.96
Size: 2.3 GB
Sale page: _

“My Weird Niche Store That’s Currently Making Me $34,019 PER DAY!
And How To Find Profit Products In Less Than 10 Minutes!”
Click to read more detail:




[Special Offer] Lion Zeal – Scientific Rankings 2016

Name Product: Lion Zeal – Scientific Rankings 2016
COST: $997
Size: 3.3 GB +
Sale page: _

Scientific Rankings is a 9 module course breaking down every part of ranking.

Module 1. Rankings Overview
Module 2. Keyword Research
Module 3. Setting Up Your Website
Module 4. OnPage SEO
Module 5. Map Pack Rankings
Module 6. PBN Mastery
Module 7. Link Diversification
Module 8. Penalty Recovery
Module 9. The Game Plan

This is broken down into numerous screenshare/keynote videos for each topic, taking you through the step-by-step details of what to do.

So for onpage as an example, there are 16 different videos explaining separate parts.

Basically, it’s everything I know about ranking.

And it works for affiliate sites, client sites, R&R sites, and just about anything else.

+ Plus bonus Lion Zeal – Immersion Course ($997)



[Special Offer] Mark Ling & John Rhodes – Learn Build Earn 2016

Name Product: Mark Ling & John Rhodes – Learn Build Earn 2016
COST: $2497
Size: 7 GB +
Sale page: _




[Special Offer] Ezra Firestone – eCommerce Marketing Mastery 2016

Name Product: Ezra Firestone – eCommerce Marketing Mastery 2016
COST: $497
Size: 750 MB
Sale page: _

Ecommerce Marketing Masterclass & Certification program.

This program will teach you absolutely everything you need to optimize any ecommerce store to generate more sales & profit.

You’ll know how to optimize an ecommerce website, how to generate ecommerce traffic, how to write ecommerce emails, and much more.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • How to build excitement while reducing buyer’s remorse and refund rates with a solid pre-arrival email sequence
  • How to structure your shopping cart & checkout pages to minimize cart abandonment and maximize revenue
  • The 12 most critical features to look for when choosing a help desk that will help ensure you are giving your customers a positive & memorable experience
  • Our top 5 tips for writing highly profitable ecommerce emails (hint: use images to sell the click)
  • The 8 components of our “Core Store Architecture,” and why every ecommerce business NEEDS to have these 8 things on their website
  • The #1 mistake to AVOID when writing product descriptions, and the top 7 product description best practices that will help make your products more compelling & desirable to visitors
  • How the proper use of a single ecommerce widget can create an immediate 12-25% increase in your average order value
  • Exactly what to put on your “About Us” page to foster trust and start building a strong connection with your visitors
  • How to increase sales with the strategic use of product videos (hint: shoppers who view a product video are 174% more likely to purchase)
  • The 11 specific things you should put in your website header, and why you should employ a “double header” to ensure a seamless user experience
  • What the “Firestone Footer” is, and how to use this credibility-boosting format to encourage visitors to consume the message of your brand
  • How to structure your category pages to maximize your conversion rates (hint: this layout is different for category pages with few products vs. those with many products)
  • Why product description pages are the #1 most important pages on your website, and the 12 winning elements you must include on EVERY product page to maximize conversions
  • The 9 features your reviews widget needs to have, and the #1 best reviews widget we recommend to all ecommerce businesses
  • What a “discount ladder” is, and how to use this properly in your email sequences to maximize sales & revenue…while keeping your average order value as high as possible
  • The 3 specific videos you need to create, along with what to say in them and where to put them on your website
  • What “smart automation” is, how to use it, and why this is an essential feature for ecommerce stores
  • How to create a highly effective cart abandonment email sequence that convinces cart abandoners to return and complete their purchase
  • The 3 critical elements you need to create a compelling brand persona and story that resonates with today’s shoppers
  • What a “win-back campaign” is, and how to use them to increase return visits & repeat purchases
  • How to create package inserts that increase product consumption and encourage better customer satisfaction
  • Why it’s absolutely critical to have a prominent search bar in your website, and how to analyze your website search data to improve your product offerings (did you know that 30% of ecommerce revenue comes from the 5% of visitors who use your search bar?)
  • Which ecommerce platform you should be using, and how to decide when (and if) it’s a good idea to re-platform
  • The exact structure of a winning ecommerce homepage, plus 7 homepage best practices you should follow to encourage visitors to stay on your site (hint: homepages rich with content win in today’s ecommerce landscape)
  • The secret of our 4-step content amplification process that builds a strong relationship with your community and gets people coming back to your website on a regular basis
  • How to collect & leverage conversion assets (like customer pictures, video reviews, and other forms of social proof) you can use to increase conversion rates on your website

The opportunity in ecommerce is huge and getting bigger everyday.

But with big profit potential…comes big competition.

No one can afford to figure this stuff out by trial and error.

To succeed in this market, you need a repeatable, consistent, and effective SYSTEM to drive ecommerce profits.

One that works over and over, across all industries. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for the Ecommerce Masterclass.



[Special Offer] Kenrick Cleveland – Magical Objection Mastery 3.0

Name Product: Kenrick Cleveland – Magical Objection Mastery 3.0
COST: $543
Size: 1.5 GB
Sale page: _

“How To Instantly Increase Your Sales, Your
Closing Percentage And Your Confidence By
Discovering How to Overcome Objections With Ease…

M.O.M 3.0 ($687.97 value) – 6 professionally recorded modules covering all 24 doorways into the minds of others (plus additional skills and strategies), 6 State of the art learnings sessions (first time ever offered for this program), Objection Master List Manual and full transcripts of each modules.

Advanced M.OM 3.0. ($297 Value) – Takes M.O.M. to a whole new new level where you will discover advanced strategies for squashing the toughest of objections – which will include pre-framing, using parts and other strategies that have not been taught in previous M.O.M programs. Brand new learning sessions will also be included to help you integrate the material easier and faster.

Coaching Program + Private Group Access ($300+ value) – 2 hands on LIVE coaching calls with me where I will answer all your questions on this ground breaking material. You will also have complete access to previous coaching calls. When you take advantage of this free addition, you are guaranteed success with our material.

M.O.M Wars Group (PRICELESS) – Ready to show what you are made of and test your skills against other M.O.M 3.0 members? Call the dogs of war and get ready to battle inside the M.O.M Wars group…that’s if…you are brave enough.


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