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SEO 2016 – Better Search Engine Rankings with Safe SEO

Name Product: Tiamo De Vettori – Fearless Speaker Academy

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Price: $497

How to Master Your Message, Be an Inspiration on Stage, Make an Impact, & Take Home a
Multi-6-Figure Income…

If You Have a Message and a Deeper Purpose Inside You To…

Speak on live event stages (keynotes, seminars, workshops)
Lead your own highly lucrative workshops
Speak on virtual stages (webinars, teleseminars, telesummits)

This Program is Designed to Show You Step-By-Step How To…

Dissolve ANY and ALL fears, doubts, and insecurities of speaking on live stages, webinars, and video…forever!
Crush your keynote using my speech template so you have a powerful and ready-made speech that will rock your audience!
Get crystal clear on your audience, your message, and your mission…and finally END niche indecision forever!
Access instant confidence and thought freedom every time you speak!
Know WHO to contact, WHAT to say, and HOW to get booked for 5-figure speeches! There are way more speaking gigs than speakers to fill them. It’s your time to seize the moment!
Go from free speaking gigs to PAID speaking gigs and make a multi-6-figure income!
Experience the fulfillment and joy from speaking your voice, living your purpose, and making a huge impact!
Have time abundance, lifestyle freedom, and feel alive and invigorated doing what you love!

I’m Handing Over My Speaker Success Blueprint To You!
Inside this program you will discover…

MODULE 1: How to create your legendary keynote that people will never forget & companies will keep hiring you back for every year! (This is how one company booked me over 30 TIMES for their live events!)
MODULE 2: How to master The Fearless Speaker Mindset!
MODULE 3: How to create your Stand Out Story and master your message!
MODULE 4: How to connect with your audience, win their hearts, and lead your tribe!
MODULE 5: How to get booked and get paid!
MODULE 6: How to crush it on The Master Stage (that’s YOUR stage)!
MODULE 7: How to make Passive Speaker Income!



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[Special Offer] David Jenyns – Authority Content Workshop

Name Product: David Jenyns – Authority Content Workshop
COST: $395
Size: 10.77 GB
Sale page:

Old *SEO* is costing you time and money…
Discover What It Takes To Increase Your Traffic, Attract Your Ideal Prospects & Win With The Modern SEO.

What I’m about to say on this website might tick off a lot of SEOs but I can’t stand the pedlars who push outdated SEO tactics that will do more harm than good. Bad SEO can hurt you and, unless you update your methods, you’ll never get found online

Stick with me and I’ll reveal the system we use for ourselves and top clients at Melbourne SEO & Video. I want to show you how to create power and influence in your market place 99% of business owners will never know. Using a method I call “Authority Content” you too can re-position yourself to be magnetically attractive to your customers and prospects.

And ‘no’, this isn’t about some new *tactic* – it’s about fundamental principles. Principles I (and my best clients) have been following for the last 10+ years. Please note: this isn’t some instant magical pill though. Yes results can begin swiftly but not without work. I figure if you’re going to need to do some work – I want you working on the right things!
Be a fly on the wall at this closed door workshop.

Be a fly on the wall at this closed door workshop.

Introducing… The Authority Content.

This process is the evolution of my “SEO Method 1, 2 & 3” and “King Maker Method” but it goes much deeper. What makes it so special is how much time has been put into it – to optimise it, test it and prove it. This is perhaps some of my best work!

Recorded live at a one day workshop run only for my team and best clients. This is your chance to be a fly on the wall for the event many flew half way around the world, and paid big bucks, to attend. It’s all part of this brand new membership site!

Let’s go over what you’ll get with The Authority Content Membership:
– 17+ Hrs Workshop Recordings

The complete, uncut recordings are available in streaming, download & MP3 formats.
– 22Slides, Workbook & Transcripts

Download the PDFs and you’ll have the blueprint you need to follow the authority content method.
– 7SEO Method 2 and 3 Training

These treasures are complete courses in themselves and provide the perfect grounding material.

But what’s in the course? Here are a few of the topics covered:

Session #1.
–    Where the internet is headed and how you can stay one step ahead.
–    Why being #1 in your market is not only more profitable but also easier, simpler and less stressful.
–    What Authority Content is and how to use it to your advantage.
–    How to systematically use the 3 Ps framework to crush your competition.
–    The single best activity your can do in your business to clone yourself.

Session #2.
–    How to mind read your prospects to create content that compels them to buy.
–    The quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to generate content.
–    A strategic way to align yourself with the “players” in your industry and have them promote you to their best clients.
–    The who, what and where of running workshops that bankroll themselves and massive authority.

Session #3.
–    How to create information products that presell, and encourage consumption, of your products / services.
–    The key ingredients of a great products and my best repurposing secrets.
–    How to build irresistible offers that compel people to buy instantly.
–    The 5 step launch process that ensures you’re cash-flow positive from the start.

Session #4.
–    How to increase your search engine traffic quick smart and reduce your budget!
–    The 8 step content syndication system that diversifies your traffic sources!
–    What most SEOs never get about online marketing and why they’re missing the boat.
–    How to quickly spot winning content and leverage it for maximum visibility.
–    Our unique step-by-step process for promoting websites and building authority.

Session #5.
–    Discover real world case studies, giving you ideas you can swipe and deploy into your business.
–    What stops most people from reaching success and how you can be in the top 1%.
–    The 3 biggest hurdles you must overcome to maintain authority in any niche.

Special Guests:
Tim Reid: Shares his marketing secrets on building a helpful business.
Pete Williams: Offers a real world case study and “in the trenches” framework to follow.
Ed Dale: Predicts future online trends and how you can best position yourself for profit.
Steve Ovens: Showcases his new software to help automate authority content creation.



Dripcore Action Maps from DripApps – Kickstart Your SEO Business

Name Product: Dripcore Action Maps from DripApps – Kickstart Your SEO Business

Sale Page: _

Price: $47



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WEB 3.0 Site Builder with OTO

Name Product: WEB 3.0 Site Builder with OTO

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Price: $17 + $37

Create stunning web 3.0 web sites that instantly capture site visitors and guide them through a complete funnel…right to a BUY NOW button or Contact Form!

WEB 3.0 format is used by leading internet companies including Paypal, GoDaddy, Flikcr and Clickbank to name a few. WEB3 Site Builder creates stunning WEB 3.0 sites that look like a million dollars! No HTML coding required and NO technical skills …it’s as simple as filling in the blanks!
WEB 3.0 is perfect for ANY business…
* Product launches *
* presentation /brochure sites *
* local businesses – business owners LOVE WEB 3.0! *
* ANY sites which need the ‘WOW! Factor *



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SEO & PPC April 2016 Collection

Name Product: SEO & PPC April 2016 Collection

Sale Page:

Price: N/A



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Full SEO for Website Owners – Boost your Traffic Now

Name Product: Full SEO for Website Owners – Boost your Traffic Now

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Price: $20

In this course I teach how to hack SEO, starting from beginners level to advanced. So it’s super relevant for blog owners, business owners and freelancers.

The goal of this course is training the basics of SEO in order to boost your ranking with both onpage and offpage strategies, keywords users are searching on Google, data report, and audit your own site for technical SEO optimization aspects.

If you don’t have web coding experience and you are using WordPress or Joomla it’s ok! I’m teaching how to optimize your website using plugins and extensions like yoast and more.



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Bradley Benner – IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0

Name Product: Bradley Benner – IFTTT SEO Academy 2.0

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Price: $47/Month



What would you accomplish if you could put your content syndication on Autopilot and rank content and videos while you sleep?

You want a way to get ahead of the competition in a long lasting and scalable way.

With IFTTT 2.0 you’ll be able to spend less time working on you and your client’s SEO while reaping the benefits of safe and long lasting backlink strategies that work while you sleep.

Many in the SEO world know how difficult and time consuming backlink generation and content syndication can be. You are going to learn exactly how you can save hours and hours of your time, generate more more revenue, and take advantage of a strategy that will safely rank your content and videos all over the place!

Companies have paid us hundreds, and thousands, of dollars to have these types of content boosting systems built for them – and you’ll be able to know exactly how they are made and replicate the process in no time.

Additionally, you’ll be in the company of other ambitious SEO’s, marketers, and content syndicators, in an exclusive (and private) community, sharing tips and tricks to help you get even more out of your IFTTT networks.



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Jimmy Kelley – SEO Traffic Hospital

Name Product: Jimmy Kelley – SEO Traffic Hospital

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Price: $1497

Watch A Domain Get Penalized and How It Incurs A Penalty

We’ll take brand new domains and show you exactly what it takes to incur a penalty.
Yes! We are going to “Google Penalize” a real domain and Fix It For You, Right In Front of Your Eyes. (Wow!)
Step-By-Step Process for SEO Recovery

We are going to reveal Algorithmic Filters vs Manual step-by-step actions to heal your penalized domain.
Which Penalty Is Nailing You? Find Out!

We will show You How To Determine if its Manual, Algorithmic and/or “Something Else”. (Too many people jump to conclusions!)
Identifying and Fixing Panda

Identifying Panda – A foolproof way to be certain that you have been hit by Google Panda!
Step-by-Step Exactly How To Fix Panda! Watch while we go through one or more of the class participants’ sites and identify the problems that need to be fixed!
Identifying and Fixing Penguin

Identifying Penguin – Understanding the signs of a Penguin hit and how it differs from Panda – and EXACTLY how to tell the difference.
Step-by-Step Exactly How To Fix Penguin- watch while we go through one or more of the class participants’ sites and identify the problems that need to be fixed.
Page Layout Algorithms

Page Layout Algorithm Factors – Give Google What it Wants!
Ongoing Algorithm Updates

Panda and the latest findings: Learn more about what Panda and beyond is really all about!
Penguin: Learn what to look for with the filter, identify and recover without a re-inclusion request (in most cases).

We Will Show You How To Remove and Prevent Your Penalty

SEO penalty recovery need not be shrouded in mystery. Anyone can learn to do it, but there is some serious training required.



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SEO by Yoast Academy

Name Product: SEO by Yoast Academy

Sale Page: _

Price: $249

Do you want to develop your own SEO strategy and be able to optimize your own website? This online Basic SEO training will teach you the fundamentals of SEO and will give you lots of practical tips so you can immediately start and improve your own website!
What will you receive?

–    Access to the 5 modules of the Yoast Basic SEO training
–    Two eBooks (PDFs of Optimize your WordPress site and Content SEO)
–    A Yoast Basic SEO Certificate
–    Access to the training video’s of the Yoast SEO plugin

What do you learn in the Basic SEO training?

The training consist of 5 modules, covering the most important aspects of holistic SEO.

1. Introduction to SEO
It starts with the very basics: how do search engines work? The first module of the Basic SEO training will give you a proper understanding of search engines crawl the web and how web pages are ranked. This knowledge will help you understand the topics of the following modules.

2. Keyword Research & Site Structure
Keyword research is a very important part of your SEO strategy. This module teaches you how to execute your own keyword research. Besides that we’ll explain the importance of a good site structure and provide tips to enhance the structure of your own site.

3. Technical SEO
As this course doesn’t focus on coding we won’t dive in too deep in the technical side of SEO. However, some technical knowledge is indispensable when it comes to SEO. We’ll focus on the principles of crawlability and findability. Also, we’ll talk about the importance of site speed and teach you how to improve that.

4. SEO copywriting
If you want to rank you’ll need high quality content. What defines high quality content? The fourth module of the Basic SEO training teaches you how to write attractive copy, so your visitors will love to read your posts and page content.

5. Usability & Conversion
Learn why UX and Conversion are important for SEO. We’ll teach you the basics of Usability, and give you the tools to start with your own conversion research and A/B testing.



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Bradley Benner – Semantic Mastery Masterclass (Update Feb 2016)

Name Product: Bradley Benner – Semantic Mastery Masterclass (Update Feb 2016)

Sale Page: _

Price: $97

Is your Online Business stuck in a rut?

Whether you are just starting an SEO business or are a seasoned marketing vet, your work can be far simpler with better results.

By results, I mean profits.

It just takes the right knowledge and practices to get your business on track. Although it may sound like fantasy, the web can work for you instead of against you.

That’s why Semantic Mastery began – to help entrepreneurs like you learn the skills they need to succeed.

We are a team of SEO professionals who have been in the trenches and have learned the hard way how to gain online exposure and climb the ranks of Google and other search engines.

Over time, we’ve developed a simpler way to achieve those goals, and we can teach you how to be successful, too.

If any of these situations apply to you, Semantic Mastery can help:

You’ve just began an online business and are confused about how to bring visitors to your website. Perhaps you’re even spending more time trying to figure out the ins and outs of SEO than you are trying to build your business or provide good service to the clients you already have.
Maybe you have some SEO background and have an established online presence, but your business seems to have plateaued. Although you’re making some money, the growth has stopped and you feel hopelessly stuck.
You may even be successful with your marketing business but have that sneaking feeling that there’s a better way to run it. All of your time is monopolized trying to keep your business growing, and you feel like you’re neglecting your family, friends, and even your own needs.

We Have The Solution to These Problems!

What’s more, we’re offering the answers to your woes in a powerhouse bundle, consisting of the IFTTT SEO Academy and Semantic Mastery MasterCLASS.

Although that sounds like a mouthful, it’s really quite simple.

With just these two educational tools, you can learn everything you need to pull your online business out of its rut, see your profits rise, and save countless hours of work.

The IFTTT SEO Academy provides you with the building blocks to succeed, teaching you step by step how to establish and grow your SEO and content marketing business through powerful syndication networks.

You’ll learn how to rank YouTube videos and blog content without the hassle of putting in 14 to 16 hour work days



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