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WordPress Profits Simplified

Name Product: WordPress Profits Simplified

Sale Page: http://wpincomeformula.com/

Price: $49.95

Dear friend,

Shortcuts can be a good thing. Wouldn’t you agree?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a shortcut is simply “a quicker or easier way to do something”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m well aware that sometimes there is no substitute for hard work. I should know. I spent 6 long years in medical school, and became a doctor. That’s me in the top picture on the right, I’m Doctor Amit Pareek.

When it comes to something like becoming a doctor, there aren’t a lot of shortcuts, and that’s probably a good thing! After all, you wouldn’t want to have a doctor who took shortcuts all the way through medical school, right?

After I became a doctor I got a good job, and I was making a decent salary, but it wasn’t the dream lifestyle I had envisioned. My job as a medical practitioner was hectic, and I wanted more freedom. That’s why I started my own business in 2009, and began searching for ways to make money online.

I spent 3 years struggling online, trying to make enough money so that I could leave my job. It was frustrating and very difficult at times. Maybe you can relate?

I also spent a lot of time looking for shortcuts, and I tried all sorts of things like…

Niche websites…
Affiliate marketing…
And other “programs”…

And yeah, I actually made some money from those things, but NOT enough to quit my job.

But I never gave up hope, and finally after 3 years of spinning my wheels, I discovered the missing ingredient for my business. It was right in front of me the whole time, but I was basically ignoring it because I was too busy looking for shortcuts.

All I had to do was pay attention to what all the big companies and successful marketers were really doing. What did they all have in common?

I finally realized that they all have their own PRODUCTS! And that was the missing puzzle piece for my online business.

So I set out to create my own product. It took 5 long months and many thousands of dollars out of my pocket to make it happen.

After I finally launched my own product, I made my first sale 3 days later and after 2 months I was making 3X the money I was getting as a salary from my full-time job. That’s when I quit my job. I remember that day like it was yesterday– I was the happiest person in the world 🙂

After that I began to tweak things, improve them, scale them, and ultimately developed a SYSTEM that I can replicate over and over again. By creating a system, I was able to automate my business, and finally live the life I had always dreamed of.

This is the exact system which has now made me over $1 Million! In fact…

I’ve sold over 53,000 copies of my info products & made over $1.2 Million in last 24 months…
Here is a REAL screen shot showing over
$1 Million of sales in one of my accounts…

My system is working continuously. I’m no longer “spinning my wheels”. It’s not based on a temporary tactic or a passing fad.

Before building my system, I would work hard for several months on a particular program or tactic. For example, I’d spend months building a niche website and getting it ranked in the search engines. Maybe I would start to see some income, if I was lucky. And then things would change and that income would suddenly disappear!

That’s no way to build a long-term sustainable business. You need a system that is CONSISTENT and allows you to grow your business. My system has done exactly that…


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Build WordPress E-Commerce Stores to Sell Digital Downloads

Name Product: Build WordPress E-Commerce Stores to Sell Digital Downloads

Sale Page: https://ecommerceguide.com/guides/sell-digital-goods/

Price: $499

Master building product grids with WordPress, Envira Gallery and Easy Digital Downloads using royalty free photos.

Welcome to Build WordPress E-Commerce Stores to Sell Digital Downloads.

What’s the easiest way to sell digital downloads through WordPress?

I’ll show you how to build eCommerce stores with Easy Digital Downloads.


Learn How to Build Two Responsive Mobile Friendly WordPress E-Commerce Sites From an Experienced WordPress Developer.

Mastering WordPress is finally within your reach – if you take this course.

Come with me on a journey to fast-track your WordPress skills … in only 4 hours!

Hello, I am Susan Cork and welcome to my Course. I am really looking forward to working with you.

In the first section I’ll show you how to dig into the foundation of MAKE, a free, open-source, and incredibly powerful WordPress theme.

Let’s get into what we’ll be covering in this course:

You’ll research on how to find a high converting domain name.
I’ll show you how to register with a hosting company.
I’ll walk you through the process of creating a beautiful WordPress gallery site right from the beginning.
You’ll master creating WordPress page layouts, columns, sliders and responsive lightbox galleries.
You’ll learn how to setup digital downloadable products to sell in your online shop.

In my New EXTRA Bonus Section on How to Convert Your Current Theme to a New Theme, I’ll also show you how to backup and build a New WordPress eCommerce store!


How to Painlessly Convert and Build Your Site with a New WordPress Theme
How to convert your existing MAKE theme to a brand new look with a FREE theme from Easy Digital Downloads
How to effortlessly back up your site using a very popular plugin called BackupBuddy
How to setup a Subdomain
How to easily migrate and deploy your current site
How to design, customize and launch your new WordPress eCommerce store

All the materials provided in this course including text and stunning royalty free photos, are available for you to use in this hands on project based course. All the software and plugins used in the course are free to download and installation will be covered in the course. At the end of this course you will be able to run your own customized eCommerce store with a WordPress gallery and immediately start selling your digital products online.

Content and Overview

I built this course from the ground up for the Do It Yourselfer WordPress beginner. You’re probably new to WordPress who doesn’t know a lightbox from a page builder, or perhaps you’re a more experienced WordPress ninja worker who wants to learn more about selling digital downloads. You’re an entrepreneur or a creative person interested in all things WordPress and who loves to get their hands dirty with sidebar widgets.


I’ll review what you’ll build in the course:

The home page will have a slider, additional columns with photos and text.
You’ll also construct a blog, a gallery, about us and a contact us form.
I’ll also introduce you to Envira Gallery which is the best responsive WordPress gallery on the web.
You’ll create beautiful responsive WordPress galleries with an easy to use interface.
You’ll learn how to customize posts, sidebar widgets, menus and the footer.
To quickly start selling your digital products you’ll download and configure the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.
You’ll setup a Members page.
You can download and learn how to use BackupBuddy to backup and migrate your WordPress site.
You’ll learn about shortcodes and how to setup customized product grids.
You’ll setup two different digital shops to start selling your goods.


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OptimizeMember Success – The Missing Manual Training

Name Product: OptimizeMember Success – The Missing Manual Training

Sale Page: https://www.udemy.com/optimizemember-missing-manual/

Price: $40

Create your profitable membership site – step by step. OptimizePress expert shares best practice and pitfalls to avoid.

OptimizeMember is a fully functioning membership system .Giving you powerful features you need to run a membership site.

The Problem is that there are a lot of options, lots of gotchas and little training. In fact until you have created and launched a membership site you won’t know what you’ve done wrong.


For example most people don’t change the default welcome email at all. As a result it mainly gets sent to customer’s Junk/Spam Mail Folder. If it does arrive the instructions just lead to confuse your new member, generating support emails and headaches for you.

Create It Right First Time…

The OP2 Member Master Course takes you step by step through creating a site the right way. Watch over the shoulder as a real life product site is created. Follow along step by step.


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Audience Press with OTO1

Name Product: Audience Press with OTO1

Sale Page: _http://audiencepress.co/

Price: $37 + $47

Audience Press Is An All In One Tracking and Retargeting Tool That Every Online Business Needs

This Powerful WordPress Plugin combines all your tracking, cloaking, analytics and retargeting needs all from a single dashboard.
Audience Press will reduce the cost and maximise profits from exisiting traffic WITHOUT the monthly fees of existing services!
Audience Press is suitable for Affiliate Marketers, Product Vendors, Bloggers, Social Media Managers, Website Owners, Network Marketers and anyone with an online presence.



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Neil Bosley & Jian Bacallan – SocialVid InstaPortfolio

Name Product: Neil Bosley & Jian Bacallan – SocialVid InstaPortfolio

Sale Page: _http://instaportfolio.com/social/

Price: $18 + $67 + $97

Hi there,

Thank you for making a wise decision and investing in SocialVid InstaPortfolio. Congratulations!

We Know You Are Serious About Your Business and want everything you can get so you can start Making Big $$$ Money FAST and You already have everything you need to create Your InstaPortfolio with the License you have just purchased.!

But just imagine making the process Even FASTER, Even EASIER with Even MORE INCOME POTENTIAL!!!

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$100,000+ Businesses Often Take 2 to 5 Years to Kickstart…Propel YOURS with Just One Click in Only 60 Seconds.

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If you want to do it right it takes.time. Now we’re offering you a shortcut to save your highly valuable time so that businesses can start paying you $50, $100 or $1,000 Per Facebook Video App Today!

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1-Click Import
Setup Pages & Video Demos with 1-Click
12 Done-For-You Pages
Service, Blog, Contact Us, About Us Pages
FB Newsfeed Vids & Apps
FB Vid Apps & FB/YouTube Vid Ad Service Pages
28 DFY InstaPortfolio
28 Popping FB Vid Apps to Demo Facebook Videos

Social Media & Video Are the top Sales Drivers in the $52 Billion Information Market

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Insta-sell $1,000+ SocialVid services to websites & marketers who process millions but have no idea how to integrate video into Facebook Newfeed or as a FB Vid App.

Translation: Using our SocialVid Sales System you can
insta-close Social Video deals for a minimum of $1,000+

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Local Businesses NEED Social Video
All Local Marketers Sell Social OR Video
But NONE Fuse the 2 Together

More detail:



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Edwin Boiten & Mike McKay – Azon Tablet Heaven Pack

Name Product: Edwin Boiten & Mike McKay – Azon Tablet Heaven Pack

Sale Page: _http://azonreviewthemesheaven.com/azontabletsheaven/sales/index.html

Price: $11.4

A Clean & Easy to install Amazon Theme

This theme comes with 12 categories in the Tablets Supplies niche and already filled with over 1200 products which it automatically updates

Tablets Supplies is a niche where last year Billions were spent in the United States alone! That’s why the Tablets Supplies niche is evergreen and practically guarantees to be a success for any Amazon affiliate. Millions of people are looking for products, tips and advice

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting Today…
Module 1: Niche Portal Site $197 Value
Module 2: Training $47 Value

A Total of Over $200 in Real World Value!

That’s right, for the type of website you are getting today, we normally charge at the very least $197 to create the site for a client!
Review website portals sites like this one are the top sellers on Flippa.
Today you will be the proud owner of your own Amazon Tablets Shop Shopping Portal website that will continue to grow in value daily.



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xLander – Startup Landing Page Bootstrap WP Theme

Name Product: xLander – Startup Landing Page Bootstrap WP Theme

Sale Page: _http://themeforest.net/item/xlander-startup-landing-page-bootstrap-wp-theme/10254806

Price: $44

xLander | Bootstrap Responsive Landing WordPress Theme it’s an advanced, unique and powerful premium WordPress theme suited for personal onepage/singlepage websites/blogs, business websites, users who want a very nice portfolio website where they can showcase their work, or for any other purpose website. It’s fully responsive, flexible, clean, with a professional design, Search Engine Optimized and comes with an advanced framework with tons of powerful and flexible theme options in order to make your life easier and build your site very quickly. Also it has included Visual Composer Page Builder which gives you freedom to create awesome web sites with almost any layout you can imagine in only couple of clicks and will save you tons of time working on the site content!



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The WP Summit 2015

Name Product: The WP Summit 2015

Sale Page: _http://thewpsummit.com/

Price: $97

This virtual summit is created just for online entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors, speakers, podcasters, small business owners, consultants, and coaches, who really want to build a powerful online presence!
Today you’ll learn about WordPress fundamentals and WordPress hosting, two very important topics that already decide whether you’re building a powerful website or just an average one.

Dan Norris Building Great WordPress Sites With Even Better Content Marketing

Dan is an entrepreneur, award-winning content marketer, and co-founder of WP Curve. Together with Alex McClafferty he took WP Curve from scratch to $500k / year within 15 months, making WP Curve one of the fastest growing companies for WordPress support on a global scale.
He wrote the small business book 7 Day Startup, and his weekly newsletter goes out to 14k subscribers. And he wrote a post about 7 mandatory plugins.

In this session you’ll learn:
• Why you need to have a content marketing strategy right from the start
• How content marketing can work for you
• What plugins Dan installs on almost all of his WordPress sites
• How the website review process of WP Curve works
• How long you need to test content marketing strategies
• What Dan teaches in his best-selling book 7 Day Startup

Rachel McCollin – What WordPress Beginners Need To Know About WordPress

Rachel McCollin is a WordPress expert, organizing WordCamps in Birmingham, and has written three books on WordPress – the fourth book being in progress right now.
She’s writing for major WordPress and web-development related platforms like Smashing Magazine, WPTutsPlus, or Opera.

In this session you’ll learn:
• What kind of websites you can use WordPress for
• Why using WordPress is like a diet sometimes
• How you can manage content creation the smart way
• How basic responsive web design works
• How you can manage multiple WordPress installations easily

Jason Cohen – WordPress Hosting Demystified

Jason is the founder of WP Engine, the world’s largest WordPress focused web hosting company. He’s a serial entrepreneur and founded 4 startups, two of which were sold with millions in profit. He’s also a mentor for startups at Capital Factory.
WP Engine is a sponsor of the WP Summit, because they believe this event can contribute on a global scale to the WordPress community.
Connect with Jason: Website | WP Engine | Twitter

In this session you’ll learn:
• Why some WordPress hosts are expensive and others cheap
• Which WordPress hosting is perfect for your website
• How you can use WordPress smarter every day
• What really makes WordPress sites and online businesses thrive
• Why plugins & themes are holding too many WP users back

Alex Harris – Create A Website Design That Boosts Your Conversion Rates

Alex Harris is a web designer for over 14 years, and he’s focusing on conversion-optimized design. That means he builds websites that convert traffic into leads or customers. Given that he ran 5,000+ A/B tests for his clients, he has amazing expertise in this field – and a lot to share during his interview.

In this session you’ll learn:
• What design best practices you need to know about
• How design influences your conversion rates
• What common design mistakes kill your conversion rates
• How you can easily tweak your website design yourself

Mark Asquith – Learn How To Bootstrap Beautiful WordPress Sites

Mark runs an award-winning UK agency for design and website design called DMSQD. He also runs the Excellence Expected podcast, where his interview help you overcome the daily challenges of being an entrepreneur.

In this session you’ll learn:
• What makes good website design
• How you can bootstrap a beautiful website
• What to look out for when choosing a WP theme
• Why WP themes need to be connected to your brand

Tomaz Zaman – What You Need To Know About Working With WP Freelancers

Tomaz Zaman is the founder of Codeable.io, one of the biggest outsourcing platforms for WordPress projects. They have pretty tight quality standards and only hire skilled developers, to tackle the issues you’ll face when hiring a WP freelancer on oDesk or elance.

In this session you’ll learn:
• Why Tomaz founded codeable
• How codeable works differently from oDesk or elance
• How you can transfer their work ethic to hiring a freelancer on any platform
• How you make sure your WP project stays on track



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Matt Wolfe & Bradley Will – The 6 Figure Blogging Blueprint

Name Product: Matt Wolfe & Bradley Will – The 6 Figure Blogging Blueprint

Sale Page: _http://learntoblog.com/

Price: $37/Month

How A 63-Year-Old With Zero ‘Techie’ Skills Copied This Simple, Step-By-Step System To Bank $675 In Only 24 Hours.
And How ANYONE (Even If You Don’t Have A Clue Where To Start And Have Never Made A Single Cent Online) Can Unleash The Power Of WordPress To Build Great-Looking Websites Proven To Bring In Boatloads Of Cash And Generate More Customers Than Ever Before – 100% Guaranteed!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside

How to dominate any niche market with insanely profitable WordPress websites that are up and running in only 2-3 hours, generate masses of autopilot traffic and never require further promotion…

How to create membership websites and turn just a handful of low-ticket sales into real, 5 figure a month business that continues to grow – on complete autopilot – month after month…

All the methods used by the Internet’s biggest super affiliates to rank #1 on Google and drive tens of thousands of visitors to any website 100% FREE…

How to take everything you’ll learn inside LearnToBlog Premium to sell WordPress websites to local business owners and easily charge $1,000-$2,000 PER CLIENT…

Expert tips from a six-figure copywriter on how to create sales pages that sell your products like crazy and turn more visitors into paying customers than ever before…

If you act quickly, you’ll also gain access to an exclusive range of plugins designed to extend the capabilities of WordPress even further and cut down your work dramatically…



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WordPress – Optimize Your Website to Make Money Online

Name Product: WordPress – Optimize Your Website to Make Money Online

Sale Page: _https://www.udemy.com/make-money-from-your-wordpress-blog

Price: $297

Learn the methods , tools and strategies to optimize your WordPress to make a good revenue ( at least $1000 per month ) from your WordPress blog .

Master the Most Important Tactics to Get a Great Income From Your Website .

Install WordPress ( Automatically & Manually )
Build Your Website From A-Z .( Domain Name & Hosting )
Build Your WordPress ( Plugins & Themes & Settings )
Optimize WordPress For Search Engine ( SEO )
Control the Ads in Your Website
Sell Your OWN Products & Services
Build Good Long Term Relationship with Your Clients

Powerful Step by Step Guide to Get Your Desired Life

Learning the basics of how to use WordPress gives you a good opportunity to grow your online or offline business .

WordPress is supported all around the internet , all companies , banks , search engines , auto responders , and even persons who provide individual services also support WordPress , and it is the easiest platform you can use , because you do not need any programming skills like building html websites .

WordPress is flexible and with tiny work you can optimize your website to be suitable for all kinds of devices like computers or portables and mobile devices , also there are a lot of themes that you can use to give your website the best appearance you want , and the best important thing is the thousands of thousands of useful plugins for everything you want

By learning how to build and optimize WordPress websites , you can start your online business or you can sell your knowledge in the hungry market , and in both cases your life will change forever



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