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The WP Summit 2015

Name Product: The WP Summit 2015

Sale Page: _http://thewpsummit.com/

Price: $97

This virtual summit is created just for online entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors, speakers, podcasters, small business owners, consultants, and coaches, who really want to build a powerful online presence!
Today you’ll learn about WordPress fundamentals and WordPress hosting, two very important topics that already decide whether you’re building a powerful website or just an average one.

Dan Norris Building Great WordPress Sites With Even Better Content Marketing

Dan is an entrepreneur, award-winning content marketer, and co-founder of WP Curve. Together with Alex McClafferty he took WP Curve from scratch to $500k / year within 15 months, making WP Curve one of the fastest growing companies for WordPress support on a global scale.
He wrote the small business book 7 Day Startup, and his weekly newsletter goes out to 14k subscribers. And he wrote a post about 7 mandatory plugins.

In this session you’ll learn:
• Why you need to have a content marketing strategy right from the start
• How content marketing can work for you
• What plugins Dan installs on almost all of his WordPress sites
• How the website review process of WP Curve works
• How long you need to test content marketing strategies
• What Dan teaches in his best-selling book 7 Day Startup

Rachel McCollin – What WordPress Beginners Need To Know About WordPress

Rachel McCollin is a WordPress expert, organizing WordCamps in Birmingham, and has written three books on WordPress – the fourth book being in progress right now.
She’s writing for major WordPress and web-development related platforms like Smashing Magazine, WPTutsPlus, or Opera.

In this session you’ll learn:
• What kind of websites you can use WordPress for
• Why using WordPress is like a diet sometimes
• How you can manage content creation the smart way
• How basic responsive web design works
• How you can manage multiple WordPress installations easily

Jason Cohen – WordPress Hosting Demystified

Jason is the founder of WP Engine, the world’s largest WordPress focused web hosting company. He’s a serial entrepreneur and founded 4 startups, two of which were sold with millions in profit. He’s also a mentor for startups at Capital Factory.
WP Engine is a sponsor of the WP Summit, because they believe this event can contribute on a global scale to the WordPress community.
Connect with Jason: Website | WP Engine | Twitter

In this session you’ll learn:
• Why some WordPress hosts are expensive and others cheap
• Which WordPress hosting is perfect for your website
• How you can use WordPress smarter every day
• What really makes WordPress sites and online businesses thrive
• Why plugins & themes are holding too many WP users back

Alex Harris – Create A Website Design That Boosts Your Conversion Rates

Alex Harris is a web designer for over 14 years, and he’s focusing on conversion-optimized design. That means he builds websites that convert traffic into leads or customers. Given that he ran 5,000+ A/B tests for his clients, he has amazing expertise in this field – and a lot to share during his interview.

In this session you’ll learn:
• What design best practices you need to know about
• How design influences your conversion rates
• What common design mistakes kill your conversion rates
• How you can easily tweak your website design yourself

Mark Asquith – Learn How To Bootstrap Beautiful WordPress Sites

Mark runs an award-winning UK agency for design and website design called DMSQD. He also runs the Excellence Expected podcast, where his interview help you overcome the daily challenges of being an entrepreneur.

In this session you’ll learn:
• What makes good website design
• How you can bootstrap a beautiful website
• What to look out for when choosing a WP theme
• Why WP themes need to be connected to your brand

Tomaz Zaman – What You Need To Know About Working With WP Freelancers

Tomaz Zaman is the founder of Codeable.io, one of the biggest outsourcing platforms for WordPress projects. They have pretty tight quality standards and only hire skilled developers, to tackle the issues you’ll face when hiring a WP freelancer on oDesk or elance.

In this session you’ll learn:
• Why Tomaz founded codeable
• How codeable works differently from oDesk or elance
• How you can transfer their work ethic to hiring a freelancer on any platform
• How you make sure your WP project stays on track



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Matt Wolfe & Bradley Will – The 6 Figure Blogging Blueprint

Name Product: Matt Wolfe & Bradley Will – The 6 Figure Blogging Blueprint

Sale Page: _http://learntoblog.com/

Price: $37/Month

How A 63-Year-Old With Zero ‘Techie’ Skills Copied This Simple, Step-By-Step System To Bank $675 In Only 24 Hours.
And How ANYONE (Even If You Don’t Have A Clue Where To Start And Have Never Made A Single Cent Online) Can Unleash The Power Of WordPress To Build Great-Looking Websites Proven To Bring In Boatloads Of Cash And Generate More Customers Than Ever Before – 100% Guaranteed!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside

How to dominate any niche market with insanely profitable WordPress websites that are up and running in only 2-3 hours, generate masses of autopilot traffic and never require further promotion…

How to create membership websites and turn just a handful of low-ticket sales into real, 5 figure a month business that continues to grow – on complete autopilot – month after month…

All the methods used by the Internet’s biggest super affiliates to rank #1 on Google and drive tens of thousands of visitors to any website 100% FREE…

How to take everything you’ll learn inside LearnToBlog Premium to sell WordPress websites to local business owners and easily charge $1,000-$2,000 PER CLIENT…

Expert tips from a six-figure copywriter on how to create sales pages that sell your products like crazy and turn more visitors into paying customers than ever before…

If you act quickly, you’ll also gain access to an exclusive range of plugins designed to extend the capabilities of WordPress even further and cut down your work dramatically…



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WordPress – Optimize Your Website to Make Money Online

Name Product: WordPress – Optimize Your Website to Make Money Online

Sale Page: _https://www.udemy.com/make-money-from-your-wordpress-blog

Price: $297

Learn the methods , tools and strategies to optimize your WordPress to make a good revenue ( at least $1000 per month ) from your WordPress blog .

Master the Most Important Tactics to Get a Great Income From Your Website .

Install WordPress ( Automatically & Manually )
Build Your Website From A-Z .( Domain Name & Hosting )
Build Your WordPress ( Plugins & Themes & Settings )
Optimize WordPress For Search Engine ( SEO )
Control the Ads in Your Website
Sell Your OWN Products & Services
Build Good Long Term Relationship with Your Clients

Powerful Step by Step Guide to Get Your Desired Life

Learning the basics of how to use WordPress gives you a good opportunity to grow your online or offline business .

WordPress is supported all around the internet , all companies , banks , search engines , auto responders , and even persons who provide individual services also support WordPress , and it is the easiest platform you can use , because you do not need any programming skills like building html websites .

WordPress is flexible and with tiny work you can optimize your website to be suitable for all kinds of devices like computers or portables and mobile devices , also there are a lot of themes that you can use to give your website the best appearance you want , and the best important thing is the thousands of thousands of useful plugins for everything you want

By learning how to build and optimize WordPress websites , you can start your online business or you can sell your knowledge in the hungry market , and in both cases your life will change forever



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Headlinr Ultimate

Name Product: Headlinr Ultimate

Sale Page: _http://headlinr.com/live/

Price: $27

Headlinr is your virtual “copywriting
slave” that works tirelessly to get more
clicks and traffic with headlines that
people can’t ignore.

Big companies are paying thousands to hire copywriters to create headlines the hard way.

. but you don’t have to!

The Headlinr team is quietly spying on the most effective headlines being used each day, and storing them inside an ever-growing database.

. allowing you to instantly steal and insert these popular, proven headline ideas in any content you’re working on.

. and finally start enjoying the opens, clicks, optins and sales that your content deserves.

As you can see.
Headlinr puts powerful, proven headlines
and endless traffic within your reach!

Choose from over 315 proven headline combinations for any niche, offer, topic or type of content
Use on blog posts, Facebook ads, Google PPC ads, press releases, forum posts, email subject lines and so much more!
Perfect for getting inspiration, instant content ideas and massive shortcuts to new topics that are proven to be popular in your niche.
No cloud based software or memory hogging downloads. Headlinr is a simple, stable plugin that runs in Chrome or Firefox making it easier than ever to swipe and insert killer headlines into your content, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!
Log in once, permanently available, no hidden fees or ongoing subscriptions

Headlinr can be used for any type of content you can imagine, including.



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Complete SEO Rank #1 on Google + WordPress + Adsense Earning

Name Product: Complete SEO Rank #1 on Google + WordPress + Adsense Earning

Sale Page: _https://www.udemy.com/multiply-earning-with-adsense-seo-wordpress-and-blogger/

Price: $199

This my course “SEO Training = Google Traffic Secrets + Earning From Adsense ” covers the Major Four Sections in my Course

Complete SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Complete Use of WordPress
Getting and Using Google Adsense Account (Secretes)
Blogging and why you do it

In this I am sharing my whole experience of 3 years in the field of Blogging, Website management in WordPress and Search Engine Optimization and Earning From Google Adsense. This course will make a push to you that you will Ultimate Increase your blogging and Earning Potential. You use blogger or word press but SEO is necessary. Because when you have traffic then you have sales for your business. I have used these methods in my past years and I am able to get Thousands of visitor for my personal blogs. That is the point for the success. After buying this course you will feel how it is worthy.



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Kickstart Vault – 80 WordPress Plugins With PLR

Name Product: Kickstart Vault – 80 WordPress Plugins With PLR

Sale Page: http://kickstartvault.com/

Price: $588

Massive Collection of Ready-to-Sell, High-Demand Software Products
Includes Source Files, the Product and a Done-For-You Sales Page.
Created by the Digital Kickstart Team – For You to Sell & Keep 100% of the Profits!

About The KickStartVault Team

With over 20 years of combined experience and 8-figures in software sales online, we have a proven track record of creating the most in-demand, high quality software programs in the industry.  Our knowledge of the marketplace needs has catapulted our software creation to a level much higher than our competitors.

With KickstartVault, you will get the products developed, designed, and created by our in-house team… and You get to Keep 100% of the Profits!



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Alex Becker – SEO Zen

Name Product: Alex Becker – SEO Zen

Sale Page: https://archive.today/HOzKg

Price: $97

Siloing is a very powerful SEO technique. Your silo site is laid out in specific organizational structure that helps search engines discover the themes of your website.

It redistributes link juice from external URLs throughout your site because all of the pages on your sites are interlinked. This means when one of your pages gets a link, it passes link juice to the other pages on your site.

The linking structure of a silo also provides powerful homepage links to the other pages on your site.

The effects of interlinked pages getting both homepage and external link distribution means that silo sites rank extremely fast for their keywords. In fact, rank much faster than you’d expect with fewer links than you’d expect too with a silo site.



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Dave Kaminski – WordPress Secrets for Marketers

Name Product: Dave Kaminski – WordPress Secrets for Marketers

Sale Page: http://webvideouniversity.com/wps/

Price: $99

If You Use WordPress To Run Your Web Site
(or plan to) You Need To Read This…

75 million web sites use WordPress. 22% of all domains registered in the United States use WordPress. Top sites like TechCrunch, The New York Times and Best Buy run on WordPress. The popularity of WordPress is not hard to understand…it’s free, easy to use and just about any type of business can be run using WordPress..

But with this popularity come some headaches. For example, sites using WordPress routinely come under Malware and Brute Force attacks. Not even the little guys are immune…I know, it’s happened to me. In fact WordPress sites get targeted so much, that WordPress released 20 updates to their software alone in 2014.

And if you do any type of Internet Marketing, you have another set of headaches on top of that. Mainly, what stuff you should use with WordPress to make your sales pages, landing pages or blog look and work how you want. The stuff you need to sell things, get paid and keep your digital products safe. What you should use for SEO, list building and more. There’s always a ton of hype surrounding this stuff…and a WordPress product will sound so good…but when you go to use it, you often wind up disappointed and with even more problems.

That’s why I decided to create a new course called “WordPress Secrets for Marketers”. The truth is it doesn’t really contain “secrets”, so to speak. Rather it gives you…



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WP Masterpiece by Sherman Fredericksen

Name Product: WP Masterpiece by Sherman Fredericksen

Sale Page: http://wp-masterpiece.com/

Price: $12.99

Instantly Create ‘Visually Stunning’ Animated (Image) Effects on ALL Your Word Press Sites With Only a Few Simple Clicks of Your Mouse…
Transform YOUR Current Boring Word Press Driven Sites into Modern Day Visual WONDERS… RIGHT NOW!
Visually get a (LIVE PREVIEW) for Any and All Designs You Create… this is a Fantastic Convenience and Allows for Maximum Effectiveness!
Create and Use Unlimited WP-Masterpiece Styles! -THERE ARE NO LIMITS EVER! Hundreds of Built in Animations… Click One Button and You Are Done!
Integrate as many combinations as you like in your designs.. It is drop dead simple!

Save & Re-Edit ANY of YOUR created short-codes with ease; for ANY of YOUR future uses..

Instantly Search Out ANY Image You Need, With the Built In Amazing Image Finder!… Choose From Over a Million Royalty Free Images!

Integrates With All WordPress Themes & Plugins…

“Discover the True Value of Having a Visually Stunning Website!”



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Gala GoMarket – Supermarket vs. Simple Store Theme

Name Product: Gala GoMarket – Supermarket vs. Simple Store Theme

Sale Page: http://themeforest.net/item/gala-gomarket-supermarket-vs-simple-store-theme/4643519

Price: $89

Gala Go Market refers to special theme for market place, supermarket online. Whenever you customers are, they can experience your super rich, and impressive product range. An extremely neat and clean layout avoids unexpected distraction as well as messy look.

Wow, what you see on the left side of the home page is vertical mega menu which is much more comfortable to follow, watch and keep track within the website. Beautiful visual effect of slideshow, and promotion static block will space up your website to promote hottest deal. Tab effect shows others product in categories, yet keep it really well-organized. Product widgets, and extra footer make it more informative and also easier to know your greatest offers.

Compatibility with Magento: Community edition 1.7.x, (,,,



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