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Matt’s Blog Defender 2014

Name Product: Blog Defender 2014

Sale Page: http://blogdefender.com/

Price: $27

Since BlogDefender Was 1st Released in 2012 NONE of Our 2500+ Buyers Got Hacked… But, We Didn’t Stop There…

NEW IN 2014: Faster & Easier Install,
Tighter Server Security, Kick Out Policy,
File Monitoring, Link Tracking, Spam Blocking, Reputation Checking, Security Audits + more…

Exposed: See how hosting companies fail website owners by total lack of transparency about shared & reseller accounts.

Revealed: Our annual hosting report Names Good & Bad Hosts – our JV community names the best & worst hosts.

Secured: Learn to avoid all the major WordPress security holes without using costly plugins or paying monthly fees to “WordPress Security Specialists”.



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Jeremiah Villagomez – Graphics BlackBox 2.0

Name Product: Jeremiah Villagomez – Graphics BlackBox 2.0

Sale Page: http://graphicsblackbox2.com/

Price: $9.95

No More Frustrating Photoshop Late-Night Sessions.
No More Hiring Expensive Graphics Designers.
No More Emptying of Bank Accounts For Your Web Projects.
Finally, Grab Your Graphics Design Solution and Shortcut!
NO MORE headaches, struggles, and frustrations For You!

I’ve created 367 brand new ond original graphics for your websites.

For a total of 20 modules. Everything “done for you” and available within minutes!
It means NO MORE months of learning software and doing trial and error
It means NO MORE weeks or months of delay to your projects.
It means NO MORE waiting time from busy in-demand graphics designer.
It means NO MORE emptying your bank account for your startup business.
It means NO MORE expensive cost with your graphics outsourcing.



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WP Local LeadPage Plugin

Name Product: WP Local LeadPage Plugin

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/926654-wordpress-lead-page-plugin-create-lead-generation-pages-multiple-niches-limited-resell-rights.html

Price: $27

Grow Your Offline Network At Lightning Speed With Clean, Powerful Local Lead Pages!
Would You Like To…

Create Local Lead Pages Quickly With A Quality WordPress Plugin? Create Local Lead Generation Pages With Ease? Customize Local Lead Generation Pages With Just A Few Clicks?

If You Answered Yes To Those Three Questions, You Need The LocalLeadPage Plugin

WordPress is a very powerful platform and has been a favorite of both developers and offline marketers for years, The problem is that there are very few themes out there truly geared towards offline lead generation

Sure, you can take any old generic theme and pay a designer to customize it for your niche and needs. That takes time, it takes money, and the results often leave a lot to be desired. You Need Quality PLUS Efficiency.

What you really need are lead pages designed specifically for your needs that are simple and easy to work with and look great out of the box.



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Neil – Mobi 911 Leads

Name Product: Neil – Mobi 911 Leads

Sale Page: http://www.forumspecialoffers.com/showthread.php?1441-9-Red-Hot-Emergency-Niches-Come-To-Mobile-Creating-595-Paydays-and-1000-mo-Recurring-Income

Price: $97
Mobi 911 Leads is for Mobile and Offline Consultants who want to add the HOT NEW “Emergency” style offers to their mobile product line.
Mobi 911 Leads is unique with…

Never Before Seen Mobile Animations Give You, The ‘Edge” as A Top Earning Mobile Consultant
HTML5 Slider Technology Integrated with Hot SqueezeMobi Graphics for that $1,000 Look!

We use the latest HTML 5 slider technology in our lead pages to offer more than the traditional “flat” landing page with images that automatically advance!

Mobi 911 Leads is 9 “emergency” niches that require an immediate call from the consumer when an emergency strikes.
All the mobile lead pages have a Tap2Call feature so customers can immediately dial the number the emergency services business owner.
The Mobi 911 Lead Package includes 9 “Emergency” Niche Mobile Landing Pages for:

  • Locksmiths
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • DUI Attorneys
  • Car/Auto Repair
  • Pet Clinic
  • Pest Control



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WP Membership Machine

Name Product: WP Membership Machine

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/917453-new-auto-install-tool-creates-complete-fully-functioning-wp-membership-sites-10-minutes.html

Price: $8.65

If You are still spending 2-3 HOURS just setting up the initial membership functionality when building every WordPress membership site you make FROM SCRATCH., you are in luck!..

I’m going to share with you, the tool I developed, that will allow you to…

Install Fully Functioning WP Membership Sites in 10 minutes or less .
Shave hours off your development time by automating the initial configuration
Offer a more personalised service to your clients than your competition
Offer a more convenient service to your clients than your competition
Turn a 2-3 hour, tedious task into about 10 minutes
Walkaway with $150 per hour for your effort

When you create a brand new membership site with WordPress, it takes from 2-3 hours to install WordPress, install and configure the theme, install and configure the plugins, create the membership pages, set up the navigation menu, set up the various member access levels., etc.. etc..
You are about to turn that into about 10 minutes!..



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WPDollar v2.0

Name Product: WPDollar v2.0

Sale Page: http://wpdollar2.com/jv/

Price: $17

Get Ready to:

Increase Clicks To Your Amazon Aff Links Without Lifting A Finger
Generate Thousands Of Pages Of Google Loving Content Automagically On Your “Money” Sites
Remove The Content Guesswork Through Keyword Automation And Targeting
Fire Your Virtual Assistant While GETTING MORE DONE With A Software Based Solution
Automagically “Build” Your Banners, Affiliate Links, And Amazon Stores Without Any Prior Knowledge Of HTML/CSS/PHP Or Any Extra Effort
And Much, Much, More…



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Brian Boyd – Light Speed List Building

Name Product: Brian Boyd – Light Speed List Building

Sale Page: http://lightspeedlb.info/jv

Price: $18.50

Brian Boyd here, and I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out the page for my next launch…I’m super excited about this one because it has the potential to EXPLODE as we not only show how we are building our lists for free but we also prove it with a case study! As you know this type of social proof on a forum launch can mean big numbers for everyone involved.
We also all know how important having new leads coming into your business is. “Light Speed List Building” will help your customers add those coveted leads in volume with a 100%+ ROI when they follow our system exactly as laid out.



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Greg Akimovs – Done For You Sales Presentation

Name Product: Greg Akimovs – Done For You Sales Presentation

Sale Page: https://bizzythemes.leadpages.net/dlt-main/

Price: $8.82

High-Converting PowerPoint Presentation (With Optimized Sales Designs & PRO Graphics)

Doesn’t it make sense to get a proven slide show that will professionally showcase your business services so your presentation does the selling for you?
If you could get access a Sales Presentation that walks your client step-by-step through the services you are offering (so all you do is click a button and the presentation sells for you) – would you want to see it?

This Sales Presentation IS TOTALLY UNIQUE.

It has been created by market professionals who have extensive knowledge in the area of high converting web design and conversion testing.
These PROs have successfully completed over 100 web projects with me and have over 10 years in the trenches website building and website services selling experience.
This sales presentation combines content that captures the business owner’s attention and hits all their ‘hot buttons’ to make them WANT TO BUY SERVICES FROM YOU!



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Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett – Making Money with Your Blog

Name Product: Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett – Making Money with Your Blog

Sale Page: https://learnable.com/courses/making-money-with-your-blog-2208

Price: $49

Join Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett as they show you the ways you can start making money from your blog.

Between them, Darren and Chris have built their own full-time incomes directly from blogging, or because they blog, and have helped many people do the same.

In this course, they will put all of that information at your fingertips so that you can choose the approach that works best for you!

What you’ll learn

Ways to make money blogging
DIrect Monetization
Indirect Monetization



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WP InstaTheme Nulled

Name Product: WP InstaTheme Nulled

Sale Page: http://instatheme.com/order/

Price: $37

If you want to Stop Being Held Hostage by Boring, Boiler-Plate Membership Site Templates… That Chain you to Glitchy Shortcodes, Constantly Guessing (Whether Your Page Will Look The Way You Want), And Nervously Waiting For That Preview To Load… Then you’ll love what I’m about to show you

1) A True Visual Editor

No more previews. What you see Is REALLY what you get.

Save HOURS. Design pages that look exactly the way you want them… BEFORE clicking “Publish”.

No more “tab-hoping” to see if your design Is right THIS TIME…

No more hunting down that one little comma that screwed up your WHOLE page!

2) No More “Lego Block” Editors

Want to move your video Just a touch to the left? No problem.
Want to move your headline down exactly where you want It? No problem.

Never let a theme tell you where things should go AGAIN.

3) 1-Step Point & Click (NO more Annoying MULTI-STEP choosers)

If you want something on your page. There Is only 1 STEP to take-DRAG IT!

You aren’t FORCED to go through layer after LAYER, of choices before you can put something on your page!

If you need columns… html code… a Youtube video… an Image…

…you Just dick and drag.

It is just ONE step for ANYTHING you need to create the perfect page.

4) Internet Marketer Friendly
A built-in Attention Bar. If you have a new product you are promoting to existing customers, they can find out about it right here.

Flexible and EASY to set up sidebar.

5) Site-Wide Design Modification
For you braver souls, who want to tackle a tiny bit of code..
Instatheme allows site-wide design customization through CSS.

6) Total Navigation Customization

Not only will creating navigation bars point & click…

…you can customize the look & feel of your navigation bars and tabs.

7) Total Styling Customization
Tons of membership Icons…

High quality background color choosers…

Menu design options…

These are some of the many STYLING functions InstaTheme comes with.



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