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Brian Boyd – Light Speed List Building

Name Product: Brian Boyd – Light Speed List Building

Sale Page: http://lightspeedlb.info/jv

Price: $18.50

Brian Boyd here, and I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out the page for my next launch…I’m super excited about this one because it has the potential to EXPLODE as we not only show how we are building our lists for free but we also prove it with a case study! As you know this type of social proof on a forum launch can mean big numbers for everyone involved.
We also all know how important having new leads coming into your business is. “Light Speed List Building” will help your customers add those coveted leads in volume with a 100%+ ROI when they follow our system exactly as laid out.



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Greg Akimovs – Done For You Sales Presentation

Name Product: Greg Akimovs – Done For You Sales Presentation

Sale Page: https://bizzythemes.leadpages.net/dlt-main/

Price: $8.82

High-Converting PowerPoint Presentation (With Optimized Sales Designs & PRO Graphics)

Doesn’t it make sense to get a proven slide show that will professionally showcase your business services so your presentation does the selling for you?
If you could get access a Sales Presentation that walks your client step-by-step through the services you are offering (so all you do is click a button and the presentation sells for you) – would you want to see it?

This Sales Presentation IS TOTALLY UNIQUE.

It has been created by market professionals who have extensive knowledge in the area of high converting web design and conversion testing.
These PROs have successfully completed over 100 web projects with me and have over 10 years in the trenches website building and website services selling experience.
This sales presentation combines content that captures the business owner’s attention and hits all their ‘hot buttons’ to make them WANT TO BUY SERVICES FROM YOU!



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Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett – Making Money with Your Blog

Name Product: Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett – Making Money with Your Blog

Sale Page: https://learnable.com/courses/making-money-with-your-blog-2208

Price: $49

Join Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett as they show you the ways you can start making money from your blog.

Between them, Darren and Chris have built their own full-time incomes directly from blogging, or because they blog, and have helped many people do the same.

In this course, they will put all of that information at your fingertips so that you can choose the approach that works best for you!

What you’ll learn

Ways to make money blogging
DIrect Monetization
Indirect Monetization



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WP InstaTheme Nulled

Name Product: WP InstaTheme Nulled

Sale Page: http://instatheme.com/order/

Price: $37

If you want to Stop Being Held Hostage by Boring, Boiler-Plate Membership Site Templates… That Chain you to Glitchy Shortcodes, Constantly Guessing (Whether Your Page Will Look The Way You Want), And Nervously Waiting For That Preview To Load… Then you’ll love what I’m about to show you

1) A True Visual Editor

No more previews. What you see Is REALLY what you get.

Save HOURS. Design pages that look exactly the way you want them… BEFORE clicking “Publish”.

No more “tab-hoping” to see if your design Is right THIS TIME…

No more hunting down that one little comma that screwed up your WHOLE page!

2) No More “Lego Block” Editors

Want to move your video Just a touch to the left? No problem.
Want to move your headline down exactly where you want It? No problem.

Never let a theme tell you where things should go AGAIN.

3) 1-Step Point & Click (NO more Annoying MULTI-STEP choosers)

If you want something on your page. There Is only 1 STEP to take-DRAG IT!

You aren’t FORCED to go through layer after LAYER, of choices before you can put something on your page!

If you need columns… html code… a Youtube video… an Image…

…you Just dick and drag.

It is just ONE step for ANYTHING you need to create the perfect page.

4) Internet Marketer Friendly
A built-in Attention Bar. If you have a new product you are promoting to existing customers, they can find out about it right here.

Flexible and EASY to set up sidebar.

5) Site-Wide Design Modification
For you braver souls, who want to tackle a tiny bit of code..
Instatheme allows site-wide design customization through CSS.

6) Total Navigation Customization

Not only will creating navigation bars point & click…

…you can customize the look & feel of your navigation bars and tabs.

7) Total Styling Customization
Tons of membership Icons…

High quality background color choosers…

Menu design options…

These are some of the many STYLING functions InstaTheme comes with.



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WSO Page Slide Pro

Name Product: Page Slide Pro

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/909208-wsotd-revolutionary-new-technique-opt-ins-sales-like-crazy-using-your-sites-hidden-hotspot.html

Price: $9,3

RIGHT NOW, you are wasting your website’s most valuable advertising real estate! The most precious bit of advertising space on your site is just sitting empty ~ entirely unused!

And the worst part? You probably didn’t even realize that this hot spot was there to begin with!

Just IMAGINE how much money, how many subscribers, how many potential PAYING customers are passing you by — each day that you continue to ignore this secret advertising area!

Instead of your visitors just ignoring your boring old opt-in forms, text ads and other promotions, they COULD be converting into subscribers and paying customers…

WHAT is this SECRET attention grabbing sweet spot??



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MaxBlogPress WP Plugins Package

Name Product: MaxBlogPress WP Plugins Package

Sale Page: http://www.maxblogpress.com/category/products/

Price: $165

– MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro
“One Line Text Advertisement WordPress Plugin that Allows you Grab Visitors Attention, Increase sales + affiliate earnings and Drive Traffic To Anywhere you want.”

– Max Banner Ads Pro
“Easily Add & Rotate Banners In Your WordPress Blog Anywhere You Like Without Touching Any Codes or Editing Your Themes.”

– MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back
“Turn Your RSS Feed into Automated Marketing Machine, Generating you more Traffic & Revenue and at the same time benefiting from Content Thieves & Scraper Websites.”

– MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet
“Grow your subscribers list by upto 350% each month using the technology in some unconventional and unique way”

– MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate
“Easily Convert Blog Post Keywords Into Money Making Links As Well As Manage & Track Any Number Of Affiliate Links”



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Lisa Gergets – WP Amaz-One Plugin

Name Product: Lisa Gergets – WP Amaz-One Plugin

Sale Page: http://wp-amazone.com/

Price: $57

It’s no secret that there are many people making insane amounts of money by selling products from Amazon, or selling Amazon sites. Heck, I myself make an easy $2K a month part time selling Amazon mini-sites! If you ask almost anyone they will tell you that once you get your site live, and add a little bit of content and traffic that the money pretty much just starts coming in.

This is true for a couple of reasons:

You’re selling physical products – they simply convert better
Amazon is the vendor – people worldwide trust the Amazon brand
The products are in high demand and are readily available
Amazon carries EVERYTHING.

There are numerous other reasons, but those are the big ones…



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Brian Moran – Get 10K Fans Promoted Posts

Name Product: Brian Moran – Get 10K Fans Promoted Posts

Sale Page: http://get10000fans.com/promoted-posts-101

Price: $97

How to Setup A $15 Promoted Post That Rakes In New Customers Right Off Facebook in 15 Minutes…
Leading Facebook Expert Reveals This Little Known ‘Promoted Post Strategy’ That Sends Floods of Traffic to Your Site in Just Minutes!

Dear Friend,

Do you frequently find yourself wishing someone would actually tell you how to use Facebook to grow your email list?

Do you wonder if it’s actually possible to to use Facebook to generate real sales?

Have you ever wondered why everyone says how great Facebook marketing is, but no one seems to be getting any real results?

I Totally Understand.

It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard a million opinions and got a ton of “free advice” (usually worth about what you pay for it) and you’re more confused than ever…

That’s OK. This is what I do, so help is on the way.
It’s Possible to Explode Your Traffic with a $15 Promoted Post, Even If You Have No List or No Fans…



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Maghfur – Samurai Graphics

Name Product: Maghfur – Samurai Graphics

Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/797657-graphics-samurai-brand-new-marketing-graphics-templates-flat-design-style-trend-2013-a.html

Price: $21.4

What Is FLAT Design Style ?

Flat Design is a graphic style that aims to avoid any graphic element providing no significant value to the structure of a template.

This is a minimalist visual approach where the design is smooth. This type of visual design purely avoid any form of abstract “decorative” elements. Gradients, reliefs, volumes, realistic forms are ERASED to make room for simple solids.
Why Using FLAT Design Style ?

Flat design can be seen as the more sophisticated and versatile cousin of minimalism.

This Is A TREND of Graphic Style in 2013

While FLAT style designs look great when made within the restraints of minimalism, they can also handle a lot more complexity.

As you can see today…

Some of BIG companies such as Microsoft, YellowPages, and ClickBank already using Flat design in their website.
So why you don’t apply this Trend to your site?



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Nathan Barry – Designing Web Applications

Name Product: Nathan Barry – Designing Web Applications

Sale Page: http://nathanbarry.com/webapps/

Price: $249

Are you scratching your head wondering why people sign up for your application, but never come back?
It’s not that you set out to create a poorly designed product, but lots of mistakes—big or small—along the way left you with an interface that meets the feature requirements, but is painful to use.

So what now? Hire a designer to fix it for you?

I think you can learn to fix it yourself. Undo those mistakes one at a time to create an experience that your customers won’t notice. Wait… what? Yes, I said an experience they won’t notice. Frustration and confusion get noticed. Completing a task quickly and easily doesn’t.

Great experiences feel effortless. The extra steps are cut out. Designs are clear, buttons are easy to find. The process will go so smoothly that the customers won’t think anything of it.

That’s good.

That means your customers are using your application to get work done without having to think about it. Without feeling confused and frustrated. That’s the kind of product they can recommend to friends and co-workers.

In Designing Web Applications I’ll teach you a process to identify problem points, plan solutions, and add a layer of polish that will make your product shine. No matter what your role is in the application development process, you can apply these ideas to make a great product.



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