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Ayo Adeniji – UTube Bible

Name Product: Ayo Adeniji – UTube Bible

Sale Page: _

Price: $37

What Your Customers Will Be Getting:
A Step by Step Check List This makes it easy to follow the ideas that are shown in the product
About Two hours of step-by-step Video & PDF guides
This includes a 3 step approach to maximising understanding and maximising YouTube so that you can start making money “No experience or technical knowledge needed”
We cover everything from finding content to monetising content on YouTube.
The Utube Bible Case Studies. The Utube Bible includes case studies of how easy it is to rank a video on Youtube and Google and how to use that to start making money via affiliate and CPA marketing.

Special Bonuses
The Video Profits Viral Marketing Unleashed
The Secret ClickBank Strategy CPA Profits Blueprint
In closing, I’d like to thank you AGAIN for choosing to promote this product. We will also appreciate your feedback at the end of the promotion.



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Turbo Site Builder 2016 PLR

Name Product: Turbo Site Builder 2016 PLR

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Price: $67 + $37

TOP 5 Reasons Why You Can Run Into Troubles When
Developing Your Own Software Business!

Developing software is way more complicated than creating an info product. In a nutshell the average Joes won’t be able to do it. Coders think and communicate differently. Without any technical skills and experience, there’s going to be a lot uncertainties involved.

Wrong software ideas. Consider this: on average only 2 out of 100 software ideas are profitable ones. The others will never make you a dime. So that means you’re faced with a 98% failure rate and without any experience in selling software, chances are you might be waiting years before you start making real money.

It requires a lot of money and most likely you’ll need a minimum of a few thousand dollars to develop simple software. And if you decide to hire one of the best coders, that may cost you 5-6 figures easily.

It takes a lot of time and effort. The coding process is lengthy and by the time you’re about to launch the software, it might be outdated to the current market needs. Are you willing to take the risk?

Legal Consequences. Most coders have the very bad habits of copying source codes from other similar software. That can put your business at risk and be sued for copyright infringement. We’ve seen people going bankrupt because of these.

And so many more…

Now you might be asking yourself this question:

“Is it really worth the trouble then?”

The answer is a BIG ‘YES!’

You can take a shortcut to success…

This Software Can Be Your Next Potential Best Seller:



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Ken Sar – Video Article PLR Membership

Name Product: Ken Sar – Video Article PLR Membership

Sale Page: _

Price: $10.95

Attention Marketing Consultants Who Want To Grow Their Business and End Your Struggle With Top Quality Content…

Let’s face it. Most consultants don’t achieve the success they crave because of two main reasons. Time and having to do things we don’t like to do. We now have less time than ever to do even the things we like and enjoy much less the things we hate!

One of the most important things you can do to build trust and credibility for your marketing consulting business is to create quality content for your website, YouTube channel and podcast channel. But not just any content. You need content that educates and pre-sells your prospective customer. This paves the way for them to know, like and trust you before you even get a change to speak to them live. By the way, if you don’t use podcasts yet what we’re going to show will give you a tremendous boost in building a huge podcast database quickly!

What you need is a done-for-you solution that is not only practical and will actually help your business but one that you can count on to be of the absolute best quality possible.
Top-Quality Video, Audio and Text Articles

Here is your chance to literally – stand out above your competition, become the go-to expert in your market and increase your market reach – practically overnight! And do it with an article package like no-other.

I know this is hard for you to believe. I mean, to be able to be the expert your prospects can trust in such little time… and do it with such little effort… not to mention prospects will be calling you instead of you hustling the streets to get them.

I understand these promises appear hard to fulfill at first glance… That is until you know the advantages…



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Neil Bosley & Jian Bacallan – SocialVid InstaPortfolio

Name Product: Neil Bosley & Jian Bacallan – SocialVid InstaPortfolio

Sale Page: _

Price: $18 + $67 + $97

Hi there,

Thank you for making a wise decision and investing in SocialVid InstaPortfolio. Congratulations!

We Know You Are Serious About Your Business and want everything you can get so you can start Making Big $$$ Money FAST and You already have everything you need to create Your InstaPortfolio with the License you have just purchased.!

But just imagine making the process Even FASTER, Even EASIER with Even MORE INCOME POTENTIAL!!!

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$100,000+ Businesses Often Take 2 to 5 Years to Kickstart…Propel YOURS with Just One Click in Only 60 Seconds.

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If you want to do it right it takes.time. Now we’re offering you a shortcut to save your highly valuable time so that businesses can start paying you $50, $100 or $1,000 Per Facebook Video App Today!

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1-Click Import
Setup Pages & Video Demos with 1-Click
12 Done-For-You Pages
Service, Blog, Contact Us, About Us Pages
FB Newsfeed Vids & Apps
FB Vid Apps & FB/YouTube Vid Ad Service Pages
28 DFY InstaPortfolio
28 Popping FB Vid Apps to Demo Facebook Videos

Social Media & Video Are the top Sales Drivers in the $52 Billion Information Market

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Insta-sell $1,000+ SocialVid services to websites & marketers who process millions but have no idea how to integrate video into Facebook Newfeed or as a FB Vid App.

Translation: Using our SocialVid Sales System you can
insta-close Social Video deals for a minimum of $1,000+

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Local Businesses NEED Social Video
All Local Marketers Sell Social OR Video
But NONE Fuse the 2 Together

More detail:



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Funnel Stak

Name Product: Funnel Stak

Sale Page: _

Price: $27

FunnelStak is our step-by-step funnel blueprint that we have used on dozens of launches, consistently bringing in 6 and 7 figure paydays.

This formula works for all different types of offers, including SaaS, Mid-High Ticket, Product Launch/Low Ticket Offers, Physical Goods, Coaching/Consulting.

Funnel Triggers:

All human beings essentially have the same mental triggers that drive actions. The secret is knowing WHEN to use them. Learn about these triggers and how to apply them in actual sequences you will use in your marketing.
Finding Qualified Contractors:

Finding qualified, trustworthy contractors is a painful process. Learn where to find contractors, what to ask, and what to look for when trying to scale your production teams.

Trigger Map:

Access an actual trigger map (a series of trigger sequences) we use in almost all of our product promotions.
Pre-Built Funnel Templates:

Gain Access to REAL funnel templates we have created for numerous types of products. Tweak them to fit your business and start putting them to work for you.

Funnel Implementation:

Automation of your Sales Funnel is crucial. We will take you step-by-step on how to automate your funnels and follow up sequences using one of the most powerful automation tools on the market today.
Launch Case Study Roundup:

In this module, we open up the doors to 9 of our most successful product launches and show you exactly how and why we built our funnels to maximize our sales.

Retention Hacks:

Learn the secret of converting potential refunds into happy customers and save up to 70% of revenue that would have otherwise gone out the door!
Fill in the Blank Swipe Files:

Use the ACTUAL email swipe files we use in our own marketing. These ‘fill-in-the-blank’ templates are designed for you to simply add your product information, while utilizing the market tested copy that we’ve had massive success with.



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BINGY – The Ultimate Bing Ranking Loophole + OTO 1

Name Product: BINGY – The Ultimate Bing Ranking Loophole + OTO 1

Sale Page: _

Price: $17 + $37

Do you get trouble with promoting your product on the Internet? How you solve it? These are the questions which I want to ask modern online marketers.

The development of technology makes online market boom with unbelievable rate in recent years. Each day, there are millions of marketing contents are posted and there are millions of rivals are waiting for removing you out of their dust. Therefore, keep existing is really hart responsibility.

BINGY is a method developed, tested and used by ‘Me’ Mark Bishop with a view to dominating search engines for my keywords and entire niches.

The method behind BINGY allows anyone to rank a brand new site as well as existing websites on page #1 of Bing and Yahoo for specific keywords in days.

The most importantly BINGY is a course based on results which anyone can verify for themselves by simply logging into Bing.

5 detailed video
Full PDF transcribers and MP3
A PDF version of the ranking formula

People are often find it difficult to see actual value in a product which is why we decided to offer a downsell to Bingy.

With downsell package of Bingy, you will be received the entire formula in a LITE version. After purchasing, you will have chance to own the PDF version as well as the notes, updates, service provider links, as well as the case study and proof.

Oto 1:

Google is the king of the Internet. Understanding this trend, Bingy provide you Bingy2 package (Google Edition) including six videos, main PDF, Product creation PDF (Lead magnets), 4 PDF transcribes & MP3s, Notes + Links to service providers Plus of course the all-important case study and ranking proof.



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Make Extra Money Each Month by Creating Animated Videos

Name Product: Make Extra Money Each Month by Creating Animated Videos

Sale Page: _

Price: $27



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Azon Affiliate Fitness Nutrition Riches V2.0

Name Product: Azon Affiliate Fitness Nutrition Riches V2.0

Sale Page: _

Price: $10.47

As you know Amazon is one of the easiest ways to make commissions. Once you make your first $1 you’ll be hooked and there’s nothing more exciting than watching your passive income grow each month thanks to adding quality content to your affiliate sites and building new affiliate sites with the same quality content.
With this Amazon PLR pack you’ll have that great content, dazzling website graphics and everything you need to make money online

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside the AA Fitness Supplement Riches v2.0
*   Introductory PDF
*   50 High quality Amazon Fitness Nutrition Niche Mp4 video reviews
*   Detailed 3-Niche Keyword Data
*   Detailed 3-Niche Exact Match Domain Data
*   Professionally designed website graphics including header, footer and banner ads
*   Amazon product list
*   Over 1000 Niche Related PLR articles
*   Multiple Niche Related PLR ebooks/reports
*   Hundreds of Additional Niche LSI KWs
*   And so much, much more!



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Kayte Lee & June Ashley – Whiteboard Video Packs Deluxe

Name Product: Kayte Lee & June Ashley – Whiteboard Video Packs Deluxe

Sale Page: _

Price: $67

New Customers Only: Upgrade And SUPERSIZE
Your Bundle With Whiteboard Video Packs Deluxe

Here’s What You Get With This Expansion Deal

Deluxe Video Pack 1
438 More Whiteboard SVG Graphics
( 23 Extra Modules )
+180 Character SVGs
+160 Elements SVGs
+98 Marketing SVGs

Deluxe Video Pack 2
More Vector Animated Background Loops
1920×1080 MP4 Formats

Deluxe Video Pack 3
More Vector Animated Elements
With Premium Splashy Effects. 1920×1080 MP4, MOV Alpha Formats

Deluxe Video Pack 4
More Vector Animated Transition Effects
With Premium Styles. 1920×1080 MP4, MOV Alpha Formats

Deluxe Video Pack 5
Local Business Owners Whiteboard Videos
1280×720. MP4 Format

Deluxe Video Pack 6
500 More Royalty Free Music Tracks
MP3 Format

Deluxe Video Pack 7
Motion Graphics Video Elements
1920×1080. MP4 Format

Deluxe Video Pack 8
Vector Cartoon Characters
PNG, PSD, AI Editable Formats

Deluxe Video Pack 9
1000s of Premium Stock Photos
1GB of High Quality JPG Images
With The Developers License To This Entire Package, You Can:

Use on as many of your projects as you wish
Can be used to create videos for your clients
Keep 100% of the profits for the videos you create with Whiteboard Video Packs



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Andy Fletcher – Video Traffic X

Name Product: Andy Fletcher – Video Traffic X

Sale Page: _

Price: $97

“The First & Only Video Creation Service That is 100% Traffic Focused”

Back in 2007, all you’d to do to rank was slap up some content, add your keywords… and BOOM! You are Ranking On Page One

These days, ranking is not so easy.

Your subscribers know they need to use video clip to rank.

But making those video clips has been too complicated, too time consuming…

(… and if they are using Fiverr, it is costing them $35 per video clip and they STILL have to wait a week to get a single video clip back!)

Video Traffic X fixes all these problems in the push of a button.

VTX makes highly relevant videos full of 100% unique content in a single click.

There is no catch. There is not even a “learning curve” to master, and nothing complicated to do. There is no waiting around (the vids take a matter of min’s to make), and they are saving an insane amount of cash every time they use Video Traffic X to produce video clips.

That is why the probability of lock in is so high…

Once people start using Video Traffic X to rank, they will not want to stop using it…

And they certainly will not be leaving the service any time soon… which means long term commissions for you.



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