Chet Holmes – The Seven Musts of Marketing

Apr 27, 2013
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Chet Holmes has a way with transforming businesses. Chet has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies, doubling business for many of his clients. Is his book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. Holmes touches on the seven musts of marketing.

1. Advertising
a. It must be distinctive
b. Capture attention with a screaming headline
c. After your headline hooks them, body copy has to keep them reading
d. Include a call to action

2. Direct Mail
a. Use as much color as possible
b. Put messages on the envelope

3. Corporate Literature
a. Brochure main tool
b. Includes important data and core story

4. Public Relations
a. Trade shows
b. Press releases
c. Making the news

5. Personal Contact
a. Simply put this would be sales visits, calls, or any other approach that involves person-to-person marketing.
b. Considered most potent form of marketing.

6. Market Education
a. Includes trades shows and market education
b. The main rules are: Get noticed, Drive Traffic, and Capture Leads!
c. Charity Events
7. Internet
a. Capture leads
b. Build a relationship
c. Interact as much as possible
d. Offer a webinar
e. Convert traffic to sales


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