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Jun 3, 2013
Big Course
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Name Product: Christian Mickelsen – Big List Secrets Sale Page: Price: $1997 Dear Coach,

I wasn’t BORN with a big email list.

Starbucks didn’t start out with 50 billion locations either. Starbucks started with one location, then 2, 3, 5, etc. and now they have so many of them, they’re everywhere.

All great things come from humble beginnings. Just like you and just like me.
“I Was a Total ‘Nobody’…”

I started out a poor kid, on special lunch programs, embarrassed about my hand me down clothes that were 10 years out of style and my broken glasses that had tape on them to keep them together.

I was teased and bullied in school and later harassed and publicly humiliated at work.

My life was a total mess. I hired my first coach and turned my life around.

I became a coach myself and struggled for years to get clients and make a great living. Until…

One day all of my trial and error paid off and I developed a system for getting clients that works like magic.

“I Developed a System For Getting Clients That Worked Like Magic…”


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