Cold Emails for SMMA by Nick Kenens

Aug 13, 2018
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Nick Kenens

From being the weird kid in school who was reading books during the breaks to becoming a Software Engineer in 8 months to becoming an Entrepreneur, building businesses, launching his own events and working with clients.

The journey Nick has gone through as an individual has not been by pure determination and grit, it has come from learning & absorbing the knowledge of books and mentors that have lived their lives before him and were willing to share their insights/failures.

He’s not a big believer in formal education but he is a huge believer in self-education. Almost 80% of millionaires are self-made, and we’re guessing it’s not by following the pre-decided path of formal education.

After first falling in love with learning, he was completely indulged in topics like meta-learning & metacognition, actually understanding how the brain interprets & stores new information was absolutely mind blowing to him.

Rapid skill acquisition, meta-learning & productivity are all the skills he wants to share with the world to allow you to skyrocket your success in whatever endeavor you might embark on.

What’s included in this course?

  • Lifetime access to all 5 Cold Emails for SMMA modules (Over 30+ Lessons) | ($997 Value)
  • Complete Cold Email Templates that get 80%+ open rates and 30%+ reply rates | ($997 Value)
  • Support + Feedback in our private Mastermind Facebook group | ($697 Value)

Total Value: $2691 | Discounted Price: $197 (going to go up to 297 as more modules get added)

Class Curriculum

Module 1: Cold Email Course Introduction & Mindset Going Into The Course
Module 2: The Power of Cold Emails – How & Why They Work
Module 3: Writing The Perfect Cold Email to Get SMMA Clients


Module 4: Where To Find Contact Information for Cold Email Automation at Scale
Module 5: How to Completely Automate Your Cold Email Outreach & Follow Ups Using These Ninja Tools
Email Templates: Our Highest-Converting Cold Email Templates
Funnel Templates: Cold Email Conversion Sales Funnel Templates
Bonus Module: Cold Email Productivity Hacks
Bonus Module: Secret & Advanced Retargeting Strategies
BONUS: Surround Yourself With The Right People & Network
BONUS: One-on-One Help To Scale & Grow Your Business
BONUS WEBCLASS: How To Start and Grow A “Hyper Profitable” Online Advertising Business (3 Secrets)


SALE PAGE | Price: $197

Cold Emails for SMMA by Nick Kenens: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1,4 GB


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