Copywriting Master Formula by Robert Stover

Apr 8, 2018
Copywriting, speaker
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Copywriting Master Formula by Robert Stover

You’re just a simple click from discovering 12 rarely shared strategies for packing more persuasion, influence and power into your copy and advertising.

From a gentlemen who created a $30 million presentation you’re going to learn how to create instant dissatisfaction and desire in your prospects.

From legendary copywriter, Gary Bencivenga, you’ll discover an “ethos” strategy he didn’t even reveal in his $5000 course – but used to sell it.

From a presenter who was earning $25 million a year you’re going to get a fun way to knock down objections before they are even raised.

This comprehensive eight week course includes Robert Stover’s secret, step-by-step stratagems, formulas, videos and guides for copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs.
– BREAKTHROUGH BONUS: THE SECRET QUESTION THAT OPENS THE DOORS OF CEO’S AND MULTI-MILLIONAIRES – the questionRichard Bandler taught Robert to ask that creates block-buster copy, marketing, promotions and strategies.

BONUS #1 Frank Irving Fletcher swipe files (Contains 744 ads) [PDF] BONUS #2 Don Hobbs $30 million Dollars presentation transcript [PDF]

SALE PAGE | Price: $197

Copywriting Master Formula by Robert Stover: Videos, PDFs | Size: 3.1 GB


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