Cory Skyy – Magnetic Lifestyles

Nov 27, 2017
Management, Leadership
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Cory Skyy – Magnetic Lifestyles

It is a pure state of transcendence, combined with an overwhelming feeling of contentment and self-comfort, which allows you to effortlessly connect with and create an insane chemistry between you and the women you want to be with. Once you enter into this state with a woman it literally makes you irresistible to her, just as she becomes irresistible to you.

At this point it is not a question of if you will be together, it is only a matter of when and the both of you will do whatever it takes to be together. The feelings are beyond your control and are 100% mutual, it is a flood of energy flowing through you all at once, it is feelings of passion, lust, excitement, joy, trust, certainty, uncertainty, comfort, love.

It is almost as if you were on pure MDMA or ecstasy; for those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a drug that induces euphoria, a sense of intimacy and diminishes anxiety. Or in laymen terms you enter into the free world. Free from any constraints of the material world and destroys any doubt, fears, insecurities, anxiety, disbelief, lack of, and takes you beyond the range of normal perception. With all of these feelings flowing through your body at once you become 100% comfortable with every facet of you, which leads to you naturally taking the lead as a man in the situation. Because you are in such a comfortable/sexual state it allows a woman to be extremely comfortable with you and let all of her inhibitions down very quickly. It is then then when a woman is able to become vulnerable with you and do things that she would not typically do.

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