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Jan 21, 2014
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Name Product: CPA Traffic Flood Sale Page: Price: $27

The obvious niche to promote in Plenty of Fish is dating. HOWEVER, there is a common misconception that the dating niche is the only niche you can promote on Plenty of Fish. This could not be any further from the truth. In fact, some of the most successful and profitable CPA campaigns on Plenty of Fish are outside of the dating niche!

I have teamed up with fellow CPA marketing expert Naveen K to deliver CPA Traffic Flood. CPA Traffic Flood reveals exactly how to use Plenty of Fish to drive highly targeted and converting traffic to your CPA offers in a variety of niches.

We take you step by step through an easy to implement process that you can start using today! Since beginners tend to do better with Plenty of Fish, I have all the confidence in the world that you can start churning out profitable campaigns in no time.

Some of what is revealed in CPA Traffic Flood includes:

How to take full advantage of the 145+ million visitors Plenty of Fish receives per day
The 3 crucial components of setting up your campaign (get this wrong and your campaigns are toast!)
The secret to smart ad biding
The 6 essential targeting options (there are dozens of options but these 6 are the most important)
A case study from a live winning campaign!
How to create high converting ads with easy and proven copy! Sneaky ad secrets to boost your CTR to elite levels!
The 4 dead simple landing page creation strategies proven to produce winning campaigns

CPA Traffic Flood is a step by step video course that will teach you everything you need to know to become profitable with Plenty of Fish and CPA offers. It covers everything from choosing your niche, bidding strategies, creating ads, optimizing, and much more. We are re-leasing this product with the intention of helping any beginning CPA marketer use Plenty of Fish to launch a successful CPA marketing campaign and even for any expert to expand their CPA campaigns to a wider audience.

Here is more of what CPA Traffic Flood offers:

Quick and powerful campaign optimization tips to fine tune and maximize profits!
The 3 key statistics you need to pay close attention to with EVERY campaign!
How to ethically spy on your competitors to take advantage of what is working right now (this can boost your earnings by up to 40%)
How to successfully run non-US campaigns! These have much less competition and dirt cheap traffic to create some of the easiest winning campaigns.
How to find the hottest converting offers to promote How to get into any CPA network!
The 7 power niches you can crush with Plenty of Fish!

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