David Goldsmith – How to Create Explosive Association Growth

Jul 20, 2013
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Name Product: David Goldsmith – How to Create Explosive Association Growth Sale Page: http://davidgoldsmith.com/products.htm Price: $67 + $497

“Master THE Most Powerful Secrets
of Association Growth, That Will Expand
Membership , Increase Retention,
And Put You In Control!”

That’s right, experience explosive growth by learning how to create it in areas that are often the most challenging for associations: membership growth and volunteer recruitment.

David Goldsmith, one of the world’s premiere Business futurists and leadership-management strategists, tells you why associations struggle to find and/or keep membership.

He explains why the premise “if you offer networking and education, members will stay,” is a myth and shows how associations can deliver on their members’ investment. He also shows you how not to rely on the altruism of volunteers and reveals the secret to discovering what volunteers really want in return for their time.



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