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Dec 2, 2017
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Secret #1: There are 3 types of customers, and you must learn how to speak to each of them.
If you want to create a high-converting sales page, you need to know who you’re talking to – and exactly how to talk to them.

I’ll prove it.
There are 3 types of people who may buy what you sell. They are called: The Informed, The Afflicted, And The Oblivious.
What’s the difference between these three people?
The Informed are people who are “highly” aware of you, your product, and their problems. They know about several other products that solve their problem, and they need to know which one to buy and why.
The Afflicted are aware that they have a problem in their life, and they want to solve it right now. They’re just not sure how.
The Oblivious are people who may have a problem in their life, but they don’t even see it as a problem. They see it as “life.” So they aren’t looking for a fix right now because they don’t know something is broken.

Secret #2: A Sales Page that Converts helps your customer make a decision… comfortably… without fear..

When people spend money, it’s painful. Seriously. It’s proven by science. When people spend money, the pain part of their brain gets activated.
And that’s why, when you’re selling your product or service, your goal is to minimize that pain as much as possible.
The problem is, most people make it MORE painful by accident.
As an example, every time I go to a web designer’s page, I see their “Contact us for a quote page.”
When you ask people their budget, you may have good intentions, but how does it make people feel?
Yes, you want to see how much they want to spend to see if a) you can help them and b) to try and create a custom package that fits within their budget.
But to the customer it looks like this: “Oh, great. They want to know my budget so they can see the absolute most I’m willing to spend… and then charge me that!”
And believe me. That’s exactly what they think.
Secret #3: A Sales Page that Converts is a conversation

I can’t stress this enough. People think sales pages are all about hype and bombastic claims.
But the truth is, a sales page is just a conversation with someone who’s thinking about buying your product or service… without you actually having that conversation…
In my experience, most people rely on one-on-one conversations to generate their sales…
Maybe they do one-on-one discovery calls. Or maybe they interact with people over email. But the problem is: NONE OF THIS SCALES.
And that’s why when I started Social Triggers, I started with sales pages. I didn’t want to get too comfortable doing something I knew would never allow me to grow my business past a certain point.
Plus, the sales page replaces that tedious one-on-one work.

I mean, think about this page you’re reading right here right now. If you’re reading these words right now, it might even sound like I’m talking to you directly. Is that an accident?
Of course not.
How can you create something like this for YOUR product or service?
The prevailing advice sounds a little like this: “Just create your sales page as if you were talking to one person!”
And on the surface, that’s good advice.
But HOW?
And what if you have many different types of customers? Do you create a different sales page for every type of customer?
Of course not.
But you should learn how the flow of the conversation works, and that’s why I broke everything down into what I call “The 5 Building Blocks of A Sales Page that Converts.”
(This is something that I cover inside Module 3 of Sales Page that Converts).
If you follow each building block, the “conversation” can happen naturally.
And that’s all there is to it.
Now that you know the “secret” behind a sales page that converts, you’re likely wondering…

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