Derek Johanson – Copy Hour (January – March 2013)

Mar 24, 2013
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Name Product: Derek Johanson – Copy Hour (January – March 2013) Sale Page: Price: $75

The course runs every 3 months or so and the content changes. This is the second time the course happened and it unfolded between January and March 2013.

I took the liberty of uploading a few of the video sales letters relevant to the course. Just in case they disappear 2-3 years from now and whomever wants to follow the course might not find them online anymore.

If you want to save ratio, skip the videos and download them using the links from the emails.

Don’t skip the “CH-28 –” video though. That is Derek’s own video he sent to the list and you will not find it online.

The audio (mp3) file is a Mixergy interview with Charles Duhigg that Derek recommends. The interview itself is behind a paywall and you can’t just download it online. I extracted it from one of the Mixergy collections we have.


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