Dr Richard Cawte – Natural Wealth Course

May 6, 2013
Ebooks & Course
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Name Product: Dr Richard Cawte – Natural Wealth Course Sale Page: http://resonancewithlife.com/natural-wealth-course/ Price: $47

The Natural Wealth Course is a set of simple, easy-to-follow modules incorporating the 12 Laws of the Great Game of Life. Amongst other things, it will help you:

Learn how to relax and not be stressed out in today’s busy world
Discover simple ways to improve your health
Move from fear into faith
Find out the secrets of creating sustainable income streams doing what you enjoy
Develop your intuition and use it as a compass
Use your words like magic wands
Balance your spiritual life with your material one
Appreciate the beauty of being who you are, where you are
Enjoy the fulfilment that comes from being generous
Reap the rewards of showing compassion
Reconnect with your sense of wonder at being alive



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