Eric Louviere – Spin Click (Modules1-5)

May 3, 2017
Big Course
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Here’s How To Earn Up To $10,000 Per Month In
The Next 20-30 Days With Facebook And LinkedIn. Even If You Are Brand New And Have Zero Skills!
Heck, You Could Earn Much More Than 10k Per Month With This. Try 10k Per WEEK!

No selling required (none!)
No need to do strategy calls or sales calls
No need creating your own products or courses
No big advertising budget needed (or any budget at all)
No experience necessary
Note: If you have the ability to read this letter, can construct a real sentence, and you can at least cut and paste. you can do this.

Here’s more of what you get:

Watch the campaigns I’m running
Watch the funnels I’m using
Watch the ads I’m running
Watch the methods I’m using to get clients etc.
Watch how I work the leads
Discover the same tools I’m using
Watch how I’m outsourcing
Discover how I close deals
I’ll teach you all the methods I’m using to run my FB ads business (top to bottom)
Scripts, cheat sheets, templates
Case studies
The conversions formulas I’m using
How I’m hiring and managing people as I scale to millions
The five different funnels I use revealed!
The persuasion formulas I use to convert prospects into clients
How to earn up to 10k per month as an affiliate!


How to get your first client paying you 1k to 2k per month in less than 2 days!
How to bust-out and secure a 10k+ per month income in your very first month! (Step by step)
No need running ads for yourself or your clients.
Simple and to the point, this is as easy as it will ever get for you in business.
Q&A calls, cheat sheets, step by steps, all laid out for you, just follow the directions!
Nothing held back. Look over my shoulder and watch how I do it in front of you!
How to make sure you succeed!
Module one is all you need and is worth the price of admission alone.
Make a mad dash to earn 10k in the next 30 days or less!
Repeat the same system in your second month and shoot for doubling your revenue from 10k to 20k per month!! Don’t stop, keep going higher!


Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads, And More Facebook Ads!
All Facebook Ads, All Day Long!
How to get started, with detailed and carefully crafted tutorial videos on how to go from A to B to C to D and every step to Z!
By a mile, the best Facebook Ads Course on the planet!
Example ads
Ad writing formulas
Secret sauce methods for winning ad campaigns
How to keep it all simple as pie and don’t go complicated to kick off
High end versus low end offers to promote and how to make each work (they are different)
How to boost desire and put the right offer in front of desperate buyers
The definitive method for earning quick cash with Facebook ads.
How to research and pick the right niche markets, and what markets to stay way far away from (time and money wasters, I learned the hard way)
How to create headlines and why this is critical
All about data gathering
What type of freebies to give away that work and the one’s that are useless
The best ads and why they work
The copywriting part of copywriting (formulas, baby!)
Your ideal, dream, perfect clients and how to laser target them!
How to get around bad copywriting skills and what to do from scratch.
The FB pixel
Tracking and split testing
Your dashboard
Tools we use (secret tools!)
Services we use and outsourcers
Video ads rock, this is huge
Creating custom conversions (huge again!)
High end funnels and how to lay them out
Everything you could ever need to earn big with Facebook advertising
Plus, all the updates and changes as they happen. stay on the cutting edge!


How to get clients
How to be picky and only work with these types of clients, where to find them, how to get them!
How to tell in less than 2 minutes if your prospect is a bad apple, and how to NOT TAKE THEM on as a client or accept money from them
5 different ways we get clients! (some are just flat free methods to get clients that work!)
The Video Sneak Attack Method! (oh this is a game-changer!!!!!!!)
The way to be the hunted instead of the hunter!
How to close prospects into high-end buyers who STICK! (And why low end buyers don’t stick)
How to turn your clients on to FB advertising
How to run your agency
How to manage clients
Inside my “Spinner” system which is responsible for producing millions for myself, but also millions for clients and former employees of mine who worked in the system!
How to set up the “Spinner System” for yourself and your business and rake it in like nobody’s business!
The “Spinner system” is worth the price of admission alone!
How to free up your time and live without a schedule!
How to automate your life! (oh and your business)
Why this type of business can sell for millions (I mean sell the company!)
How to intake your new clients and get them set up
How to use business manager to manage your clients easier and effectively
How to scale up and manage the growth properly
Tons more!


How to use LinkedIn and get clients for free
The methods we use and why they work
What not to do (we learned the hard way and still learn methods, this is a new method for us but is working like a charm!)
Sample templates, look over my shoulder, case studies, real world screen shots of prospects reaching out to us, etc.
How this is an unlimited method and the sky is the limit, so don’t worry about competition learning this method (it’s so good you’ll want to keep it quiet!)…

SALE PAGE | Price: $2500

Eric Louviere – Spin Click (Modules1-5): Videos, PDFs | Size: 3 GB


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