Excel for Marketers

Aug 26, 2017
Big Course
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Live Course:
A two-week live training program showing how to use Excel and Google Sheets to find actionable marketing insights.
Everyone thinks they know Excel, but this dismissive assumption may be costing you a lot of growth opportunities and wholly avoidable headaches.

Throughout this in-depth course, you will learn to:
Import data from multiple sources into Excel or Sheets.
Discover the best way to tie this data together and make it useful.
Understand when to use pivot tables and the different lookup types (vlookup, hlookup, and index/match).
Understand basic spreadsheet troubleshooting skills.
Learn how to use many of the data-manipulation commands in Excel/Sheets.
Learn how to apply formulas and work with data to pull insights.
Analyze data and answer business questions using spreadsheets.

SALE PAGE | Price: $199

Excel for Marketers: Videos, PDFs | Size: 2 GB


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