EzMobileSiteGenerator V2 – Developer Version

Name Product: EzMobileSiteGenerator V2, -UnlimitedThemes-BuiltIn Maps,ContactForms,Coupons,Menus,QRCodes,OptinForms

SalePage: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/503347-ezmobilesitegenerator-unlimitedthemes-builtin-maps-contactforms-coupons-menus-qrcodes-optinforms.html

Price: $47

It’s very easy to show you pictures of mobile sites on a salespage …

… and pretend that it’s easy to edit the HTML, build the menus, change the page layouts, and install all the files.

But … the reality is often VERY DIFFERENT.

SO … instead of telling you that it’s EASY …

… why don’t I … SHOW YOU that it’s EASY?

Let me prove it to you … in the next short video …

I’ll build a new mobile site live, with logos, and menu and multiple pages, and an interactive map, and QR codes for every page …

… and then WATCH me display it instantly … LIVE on a mobile phone.


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