Finding a Remote Job

Oct 16, 2017
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Tired of the commute? Need a more flexible schedule? Or are you simply looking for a new challenge that doesn’t require you to relocate? A remote job might be right for you. Learn the characteristics of a successful remote worker, and the secrets to getting hired in a remote position. Mike Gutman is a director at FlexJobs, a company dedicated to connecting people to flexible work. Here he walks you through the pros and cons of remote work, positioning yourself in your job search to get a remote job, and succeeding once you get it. These job hunting tips are designed to help you land a remote job and stay motivated, productive, and successful over the long haul as you work from home.

Topics include:
Preparing for your remote job hunt
Setting up a productive workspace
Finding remote jobs
Avoiding scams
Crafting a remote resume
Interviewing for a remote job
Negotiating salary
Staying motivated.

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