Flow Genome Project – Flow Fundamentals 2.0

Nov 25, 2017
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Course outline and our approach A Fully Customized Flow Profile
What to expect
So you know exactly when, where and how you most easily get into Flow, and how that’s developed over the course of your life, so you can get more of it more easily than ever
Flow Trigger Training Missions

Where you get to choose your level of challenge and go out into the world with specific tasks that ramp up your “Flow prone-ness” dramatically
Cutting edge research, theory and models
You’ll learn about the four stage Flow Cycle and the two critical steps that almost everyone gets wrong, about the Flow Time Map-and exactly how to steer yourself out of Past and Future and into the Deep Now, about the crucial research on how your Mindset directly affects your ability to recover from setbacks, and much more from top-ranked institutions like Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, Stanford, DARPA and more!
Rewire Your Nervous System
You’ll learn about the one simple trick to overcome negativity bias and rewire your nervous system with greater resilience and resourcefulness.
Daily Brain Entrainment Exercises
You’ll train on a daily basis with the best attention-awareness entrainment video out there.
Navy SEAL Breathing Techniques
You’ll practice the same respiratory control techniques that the Navy SEALs use to condition their bodies against the fight/flight response and get into Flow faster
Access the 1000x Processing Power of Your Brain
You’ll learn (and use) a simple 12 hour creativity Flow hack to access the 1000X processing power of your intrinsic brain instead of our normal waking state


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