Frank Kern & Ryan Deiss – Funnel Certification Program

Feb 23, 2018
Management, Leadership
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What you will learn:
We will personally lead you through a 6 week interactive class where we take a deep dive into the inner workings of our proprietary funnel process, certify you as an optimization expert, and show you how to get clients as an optimization consultant.

Week 1:
Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet
Week 2:
Deploying and Optimizing Trip Wires
Week 3:
Core Offer Strategies
Week 4:
Profit Maximizers
Week 5:
Return Path
Week 6:
Getting Clients/ Consulting.

SALE PAGE | Price: $497

Frank Kern & Ryan Deiss – Funnel Certification Program: Videos, PDFs | Size: 29.5 GB


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